Is Chilwell INJURED After Withdrawing From England Team? | Have Kante & Lampard Had A BUST-UP?!

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now there's been a couple of

developments today and um

it's been a little bit worrying for

chelsea fans we woke up this morning and

we saw this news and i thought oh my god

i swear to you i saw this news and i

thought nah this this can't be happening

this can't be happening

why why does this always happen to us

why what is it with chelsea what are we

cursed um

and then more developments came out

throughout the day and we've realized

what's happened so i'm going to give you

the lowdown

at 11 a.m chelsea on their twitter put


ben chillwell has withdrawn from the

england squad now if you're not aware

england still have one more game to play

against denmark in the nations league

but it came out that ben shiel had

withdrawn from the squad so

immediately there were worry worry


worries from everybody thinking oh no

he's injured again he's injured again

and even the statement from

england um is saying that yes he's gone

back to chelsea because of an

underlying foot problem and i saw that

and thought my goodness he's injured

again i can't believe this

i can't believe it he's injured again


matt law matt law to the rescue matt

lord to tell us exactly what's going on

matt law put this told ben chilwell's

return to chelsea

is precautionary he'll be assessed ahead

of the weekend

and the game against southampton so

there we are

he's been brought back to chelsea in the

same way that ziesh had been brought

back to chelsea

it's a precaution it's uh even though

chirwell didn't play for england but

it's a matter of him going on

international duty

and then coming back with a game to

spare that he won't feature in for


like likewise zs won't play for morocco

but um

it will mean that he is protected and he

will be available

for saturday against southampton and

that's all we are concerned about yeah i

don't care

if players are getting withdrawn i don't

care right are they fit for saturday

that's all i'm concerned about and um

it's nice that chelsea has seemed to

take this into big consideration and

frank lampard as well

or whoever at the club has been helping

to make these decisions

or to consult with these federations

like we consulted with the moroccan

football federation

we've consulted with the fa and we've

made sure that they've agreed to sending

these players back even though their

teams still have games to play or one

more game to play

and that's really nice it's nice that

there's been some sort of formal


and then she was back at chelsea just

like hakeem's yesh is back at chelsea

and now

now like mendy is fit for southampton

i'm expecting everyone else to be fit

for southampton

when i do the preview on friday for the

chelsea vs southampton game you guys are

going to see

my start at 11 and you are going to love

it that's all i'm going to say i know

you guys are going to absolutely love it

that's without question

um but very nice to see that ben shower

isn't injured

i repeat ben chiwell is not injured he's

been brought back to chelsea as a

precaution so we can all rest assured


i can feel your tension i can see you

panicking you can relax you can you know

have a drink i know this is just this is

just h2o by the way there's nothing in

here strong

um but you can have a drink kick back


you know um chill well is okay now

matt law has come out with another thing

yeah matt law's on the madness today

he's hitting them out in the park left

right and center but there was a rumor

there was a stupid rumor that came out


and it was reports from france but

what the crazy thing is is sky

sports spoke about this sky sports out

of everyone

mentioned this and i'm thinking why

why why are you doing so on a story

that isn't even confirmed on a story

that is more than likely fabricated

it had come out yesterday that n'golo


and frank lampard had fallen out they've

fallen out

um because kante wanted an excuse

from him to go to a wedding

and frank lampard said no and they've

had a bust up

and because of that kante wants to leave

chelsea and go to real madrid i mean

look whoever's made that up yeah fair

play to you

because your fabricated story has gone


yeah so fair play you've got what you

want you got newspapers talking about it

you got sky sports themselves talking

about it

but this is from matt law very well

connected from chelsea and he's not the

only one many other journalists

connected with chelsea have come out to

refute these claims and to say

everything that you have heard is

absolute rubbish

this is from matt law reports out of


of a problem between frank lampard and

n'golo kante

over a wedding are excuse my french

total you know what you can say that i

don't want to get them monetized

um remember it was lampard who granted

kante a compassionate leave when he was

worried about

covid no issue between manager and


thank you very much matt law for

confirming that thank you very much for

swiping these ridiculous rumors out of

the ballpark because

again he said it himself when kante uh

when the team were ordered

to come back to cobham after the the

covid thing and after lockdown and all

the players training from home

what happened kente was hesitant kante

told chelsea i'm not so sure

i don't want to come back just yet i'm

feeling a little bit edgy

i don't want to come back and risk

anything and what did lampard do

no problem take your time

so you think if kante wants to attend a


or something that lampard is going to

make a big deal out of it no

kante and it's kante it's kante

the nicest guy in football it's in golo

kante you really think he's going to try

and get out of training

the most professional player you can

possibly come across someone who takes

his job so seriously

so seriously to the point that according

to his teammates at chelsea

he is the worst dressed player on the

team he doesn't care about fashion

he doesn't care about what he looks like

he doesn't care about any of that i mean

he drives a mini cooper for goodness

sakes i think it was a mini cooper but

he drives a mini cooper

he's not about all you know are going to

places and doing a madness no he's a

very serious very modest very humble guy

he's all about family and his work

that's it

you think he's going to try and skip out

a training to go to a flipping wedding

come on and golo kante i mean look

whoever made this story up here if you

are going to fabricate some stories

at least pick your targets wisely yeah

at least go for a balotelli

or i don't know which player kicks up a

fuss which player has a discipline


you know um i'd like diego costa i mean

you know

you you could sergio ramos i mean pick

your targets wisely

pick a player that you know is going to

cause a hassle someone that's going to

disrupt the

the dressing room and golo kante's not

going to do that come on

and this is just stupid it's a clear


to try and cause a little bit of

a problem within the chelsea camp and um

you know just like the past any time

that we seem to become some sort of


there seems to be some sort of an agenda

there seems to be something to try and


uh mayhem in the chelsea camp disharmony

in the chelsea camp

some clashes within the chelsea


it's not gonna work it's not gonna work

you can get lost yeah you and your

stories take it with you

and stick it where the sun don't shine

we are completely fine

it's clearly an absolute bunch of

nonsense that has come out

this is not true do not believe it it's

it's it's false

and golo kante and frank lampard are


as ever and you will see that when he's

playing on saturday against southampton

that's all i'm going to say

um you know because if frank lampard's

got a true problem

like he did with marcos alonso you will

hear about it

and you will see marcos alonso get

dropped the next game

right that is exactly how it works when

things have

actually happened do you remember the

antonio conte diego costa bus stop

what happened people like matt law

themselves him simon johnson nizar

kinsella liam twomey

uh who i'm gonna be on a podcast with

very very soon so watch out for that

i'll keep you guys updated that's just

popped into my head

but when that story came out every

single one of those guys didn't come out

to say no it's not true

they said it's true they explained what

went down they explained what caused the


they explained antonio's side diego side

what's really going on why was there a

bust up they went into the detail and

explained what's going on today matt law

has come out and said this is an

absolute bunch of nonsense don't believe

it it's false

there we are so i'm going to take matt

law's word for it i'm going to take all

the chelsea giant those words for it

because they're honest and they know

what they're doing unlike some of the

other tabloids and some of the other

outlets that seem to just jump onto any

story to grab a headline

it's a little bit silly it's a little

bit amateurish and it's a little bit


please reevaluate yourselves and your

careers thank you very much

good night um and that's what i gotta


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