Five Problems Cause Engine Warning Light on Dashboard

what is causing your car's engine icon

to do appears on a dashboard so here you

can see this is the it's the symbol or

the icon of the car's engine now at the

moment it is a turn off

so previously it turns on on my car when

the car is running at the moment I have

two engine turns off but when the engine

is running everything turns off except

the car engine icon appears right here

now what happened with in my case is

that when I clean the petrol the cap is

close but it's not close all the way in

and that caused the car engine to

appears on the dashboard now after I

realize it's open because after I put in

the petrol that shortly after the icon

appears on the dashboard so I close the

cap but stay the engine icon or the

ancient symbol still appears on the

dashboard so I waited for around three

or four days and slowly that goes away

now that is one of the reason why is

because the petrol tank cap is not

closed properly it could be the sealer

is broken or the cap is broken causing

the air o the oxygen to come into the

tanks mixing with the petrol so try to

check your petrol tank cap and make sure

it is working properly make sure it is

closing properly and see if that fix the

problem another another issues is the

oxygen sensor also with this same car as

well previously it shows the engine icon

we try to clear it and it comes back and

it turns out that the oxygen sensors is

having issues so the mechanic fixed the

oxygen sensor and after that it goes


and it's been gone away for long times

now until I put in the Patriot I forgot

to close capture turns back on so that's

the two reasons why the engines symbols

appears on the dashboard

another things is the catalytic

converters sometimes damaged it need to

be replaced so you can do that

I'll put down in the description so you

can see what's causing the problems you

might also want to check the air flow

sensor again it is another sensor that

can cause the engine symbology appears

on your dashboard so you might want to

see and inspect to see that's faulty if

the faulty focus sensor is there then it

needs to be a check so the spark flux is

also another issues the spy blocking

cools the engine to appear so sometimes

the plugs or the table is it's worn out

so should you wear and tear then house

need to be replaced with the new spark

plugs or the new plug wires so we place

that so the spark plugs the o2 sensor

catalytic converters the petrol caps and

the oxygen sensor make sure you check

them out they should be fixed before the

symbol wood goes away most likely it

could be the petrol tank cap give it a

close inspect the cap CCB's any damage

if the ears we placed at first because

they are the easiest and the cheapest to

to check once you have done that wait

for a few days you see if it goes away

if it doesn't goes away and you feel

that your car doesn't run smoothly this

could be due to the sensor the oxygen

sensor for example it was not working

correctly you can't will not feel so

smooth or my shakes every now and then

then maybe you need to inspect further

and sixth house problem and house are

the reason why you were seeing the agent

icon on your dashboard on your car thank

you for watching this video how it helps

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