Does your electricity keep tripping off? Some simple tips to fix it.

hi everyone Halligan didn't go today

through electricity problems and and if

you've got one of these which is an RC

the control board you're quite off to

find for the slightest reason that it

trips out we'll have a quick look at the

lighting circuits first if one of those

trips out what the problem might be and

then we'll look at ring mains and and

what to do if that keeps you tripping

out but we look at light and if you find

a certain room you put the light on it

goes off and the trips out you might

find a bulb it obviously is the main

suspect but if it's not and we have a

quick look at what else is and I've just

found something on my which I did find

it to be and I'm going to show you what

it is so I'll take you to that room now

okay after first checking the lights

which was okay and there was no shorts

there bits which can sometimes be they

the the main light switch and one of the

main suspects more than the light switch

is something like this now if you look

that wire is totally stretched the

weight of this glass hanging lovely all

them into lampshade is poured the wires

and as you can see up there the wires

are pulled again they've actually

tripped mine out at the moment because

it's pulled so tight there but the

weight that the wires have touched

together so this is one to look out for

if you find a light in one of the rooms

is playing about and it keeps tripping

off every time you turn it on and you've

tried the bolt this is a common one and

also those those fittings here the whole

thing up can also shorten in size you

see the discoloration a brown dark brown

color like a burning stain you know or

so that that could be gone more probably

one changing and the same with the light

Rose fitting if you see any brown

discoloration stains there and he looks

a bit bad especially you get a smell

from in a fishy type smell you know that

that will want changing we move on now

to our ring main circuits normally

there's two ring lines going around your

house two separate circuits with the

plug sockets on and what we're going to

look at now if you've got a plug socket

one that keeps going off on a ring main


what to do how easy to check that and

find out what one he's playing up and to

find equipment most most times this is

fairly easy to do and I'll show you our

symbol is okay and checking your blacks

office is a fairly simple affair look

for any discoloration or any other plugs

but nine times out of ten it is an

appliance that is causing the problem

just unplug every appliance on that ring

and then plug them in one at a time

until the trip goes when the trip goes

that is the appliance it is forty chuck

it away and get a new one now I know

sometimes you might get an intermittent

trip and that that could well be a

refrigerator again if you can leave

everything out from wait until it trips

and if you can hear that the motor is

just tripped on on the refrigerator or

even a washing machine if you're using

that and it comes on it goes off you

know that is where the fault lies just a

slightest earthing problem while an

appliance will cause the electricity to

trip so just go around all your plug

sockets and just check every one coming

this stuff in there I have a good look

at them and make sure there's nothing

basically wrong with them if you've got

nothing that is tripping it out that is

evident if but normally most times there

was an appliance causing this problem

and that really is all you got to do

mainly to sort out if there is a major

problem off there obviously that is

beyond the normal remit and you would

have to call an electrician in you can't

win them all but do check all the

elementary things first with any problem

there is usually a fairly simple answer

that doesn't involve calling in

electricians and spending a lot of money

just do a little bit of investigative

surgery yourself and have a look and try

these things and I guarantee

nine times out of ten you will find the

problem okay that's it for me thanks

very much for watching dirt and 33 for

my how to do xand fix things and do

whatever you want to do later they're

there somewhere ok thanks for watching