Why Was The Eiffel Tower Built?


Eiffel Tower one of the most

recognizable structures in the world a

global landmark a symbol of France but

why was it built organizers of that 1889

World's Fair which commemorated the 100

anniversary of the French Revolution

wanted a centerpiece for World's Fair

but initially centerpiece was only going

to be a temporary structure the

organizers staged an open competition to

design a centerpiece for World's Fair

with over 107 proposals in 1885 Eiffel

presented a paper on his proposal after

discussing the problems on emphasizing

the practical use of the Tower

he finished his tart by single at I

would symbolize not only the art of

modern engineer but also the century of

Industry and science in which we are

living and for which the whale was

purred by the great scientific movement

of the 18th century and by the

revolution of 1789 to which this

monument will be built as an expression

of France's gratitude a budget for the

exhibition was passed as well their

nouns are alternative to the terms of

open competition which was being held

for less than a piece for the exhibition

affectionately made the choice of apples

design a foregone conclusion with all

entries had to include a structure of

300 metres and be a four-sided metal

tower on the sharp DeMars contracts were

finally signed on at 8 for January 1887

to build the tower this was signed by

Eiffel acting in his own capacity rather

than a representative of his company and

granted him 1.5 million towards the cost

of the construction Eiffel was to

receive all income from the commercial

exploitation of the tower during the

exhibition on for the following 20 years

construction started on the foundation

of the tower on that 22 April January

1887 the construction started off

straightforward for the south leg of the

tower but followed over two legs because

they were closer to the river there were

more complicated each slab needed two

piles installed using compressed air

canisters the foundations were completed

by the 30th of June and the erection of

the ironwork begun by December 1887 or

shorter on the legs with scaffolding has

died by March 1888 a critical stage of

joining the four legs at the first level

was completed by the end of March a mere

18 a the start of the construction of

the second stage in August 18 a a

completion of the second level in

December 18 a a construction of the

upper stages in March 1889 and Tarot was

topped out despite the criticism and the

minilab strikes during the construction

of the tower the tower was built in

little over two years but the tower

wasn't ready for the World's Fair we've

worked still being done on particularly

on the lifts and facilities in the tower

and the tower was not open to the public

until nine days after the opening of the

exhibition on the 6th of May

but even with the delays the tower still

became an instant success for the public

with 30,000 visitors making the 1710

steps climb to the top of the tower

before the lifts enter service on 26th

of May and by the end of the exhibition

that had been over 1.8 million visitors

on the original plans Eiffel had a

permit for the tower to stand for 20

years the tower was then to be

dismantled in 1909 with the ownership

reverting back to a city like Paris

where they say it had planned to tear it

down with a London deeming to be too

valuable for such a structure but as a

tower proved to be viable for

communication pivot ease for both

military and other purposes that the

city let it stand after the payment had

expired with the outbreak of the First

World War the tower was transformed into

a merchant radio and telegraph center

with its lease be renewed by another 70

years and the tourists continue to flock

to the structure but by the 1980s thanks

to mismanagement the tower has fallen

into disrepair with the renovations

costing the play eight million which

took place between 1980 and 1983 two

dead the Eiffel Tower is a success for

fir with last year seeing more than 4.5

million people visiting it I think of

that increased since the 1980s the tower

has become a symbol of France