The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) - Deleted Scenes

three and a half from here to the bridge

in three and a half minutes without

spilling any of those bottles that's the

bet you can't do it yeah I could do in

three minutes

oh you cocky sumbitch Tim bucks says you

can 25 says I can't

would you get 25 bucks turkey shoot okay

deal but just for the hell of it why

don't we add in the old old book to

boohoo the old phone book huh cousin I

can do this with my eyes closed

oh really open or closed don't matter to



let me move on to jealous right why

start now


that is four feet up

I think I might wanna son

hey I think I see can pick it up in the

wrong hands

stop know if you want to give up on this

seriously boat that's where does sound

like someone's boiler seatbelt on when

did you turn into such a [ __ ]


what the hell is mr. Miller doing with

all this crap anyway maybe he's getting

the bridge ready before the rally really

doesn't go anywhere near here damn your

eye break Billy Prickett record I got to

be doing it teamed up car hey champ you

ain't done nothing yet

yeah have four in a row all right end

I'll make it five

mr. Miller mr. Miller you say pay his

mortgage that's strange

you can use a low exercise him gzo start

look tighter than daisies oh yeah I bet

you a cold beer I can beat you the

Boar's nest it's 5 miles is this little

man you go away for four years and the

crops really do come in you are prettier

than a Hazzard County sunset what can I

get you mr. Prickett well for starters

you can call me Billy hi boys Daisy will

you ask us why it's a bad time to be in

the moonshine business but I know we

established an anus look Daisy now

really The Boss Hogg's cracking down on


oh god I've had a nickel for every time

I heard that

holy hell Luke there he is right there

mama drinkin

you should buy them flowers and a box of

chocolates yes Peter briquette

well kaboom soon well seems just like

old times

well Allie beware that hazards David son

what can I say you made me an offer I

couldn't refuse

let's get out of this rubble loose you

talk about

oh okay now you know you know what you

think I need an expert opinion there

it's lemony little something special for

the ladies you know in order to succeed

these days you got to diversify

you know what I mean whoa Shakalaka

what do we owe this honor

we could just skip the hi how are you if

you don't mind I'm here on official

police business

Rosco you wouldn't know official police

business if it fell out your bra at

least I'm wearing one I'd be a little

more inclined to mind my P's and Q's if

I was you Miss Daisy

I'm here to issue a search warrant

search warrant what are you searching

for moonshine oh come on Rosco I know

you're a little weak upstairs but we

told you a hundred times we're not


what's the beat for me oh yeah of course

you are but I'm gonna take a little look

around anyway yeah Cletus check the barn

if you're looking for its left yourself

esteem you ain't gonna find it in there

hey Rosco once you do the taxpayers a

real service and go clean out old Boss

Hogg [ __ ] house well well well what the

hell is it

like that cute man taking his pick for a




hey chip this is Dale ya huge spaceship

just landed a little green man

everywhere man they're trying to put

things up my buck help me help me oh man

I'm just kidding seriously anybody

called for a tow truck a what a tow

truck man there's one right here by the

road hey how you doing hey chip this is

Dale don't worry about that truck my bad

it was just a couple of teenagers

humping huffing I gotta see that be

right there security guard away hey chip

hey don't worry about these kids they

just los ain't humping I repeat there's

no humping going on here


call if you see any of them be careful

there aren't in dangerous

all right deputy thank you now Jesse I

know you're dangerous but honey if

you're armed I'm dying to see where

you're hiding the gun

where's the goddamn keys where are you

going I gotta go into town see what's

going on I just gotta catch you well

we're gonna save the farm we just can't

sit around here drinking coffee and

eating Polly and blueberry muffins now

maybe I should go we can't involve you

in this any more than we already have

well I don't want you storming into town

without some kind of a plan you know if

I can get into town without being

recognized I know somebody who can tell

us everything well I might just have a

couple of ideas how you can do that I'm

Pauline I didn't mean to cast aspersions

on your muffins think you got some of

the finest muffins around Jessie I might

just have to warm some up for you

two please Oh could you just wait till I


you know one you might be just riding

the wrong horse

you could have had me so you want me to

go up to the courthouse then yes Chico I

check it on Todd you gotta go you gotta


take care it is and it's out if we don't

get that courthouse by no there'll be no


well we still got time for playing beat

oh I know cuz he always good for playing

me yep Plan B Lambie

okay let's see everyone's at the

racetrack wait for Billy Prickett to win

that race yeah

just let me ain't gonna leave that

racetrack until he wins

Bobby don't win that race

it's gonna be pretty you and the general

I'd like for me

there's will be all kinds of media out

there and I'm gonna listen to every word

you gotta say as long as you be prettier

than that damn race you can tell them

all about the strip mine all the

question is over win that race where

Geno's running I say I got a pretty good

chance meeting

pretty good really good I like those

odds where me going these low hell phone

Jesse cooter Daisy you enter there's

quite a crowd Jefferson yep oh this for

a little old me all these come from

you know this race is about coming back

and saying thank you saying thank you to

lovely fans like these come here ladies

come here babies come on get started get

honey did you get me a Brock would you

know how I like it let's do it

both not to put any more pressure on you

but those are state cops back there it

ain't just Rosco and eNOS if you don't

win this race ain't got no plan for that

we're going to prison do I look worried

a little another thing is there's just

me and friggin it'd only be tough as

hell but these other boys might make

things a bit difficult well Jesse now

help you out with that hey when you get

around this next bend below for a second

what are you gonna do I ain't got that

figured out yet you just make sure you

win that race and get to the courthouse

on time you think everyone can follow me

well if you win if you don't holding

those guys will that guys that better

win well win lose or draw we're going to

prison you just make sure we go up there

heroes Oh

getting both in case you find yourself

in the middle of the race and you're

eating crickets - you need one little

more versatile in sperm a shoe

yeah you remember Lloyd Sawyer oh man I

always had a thing for that girl



I'd be coming any minute


Cheers you didn't like it

what did you put in this lemon

lost sheep to Shepherd come in Shepherd

lost sheep to to shepherd Hey look what

is it what's your location right behind

the racetrack about a half a mile from

preachers goat pick me up in what you

ain't driving a car are you Luke

you stop that car you get out you walk

away you hear me I'll see you soon

I'm not about to get in a car you're

driving Luke Luke you've just been way

too lenient with those boys Beauregard

do quite old as it were the long list of

moving violations now mister do

violation back to you


but so far too little effect this

emergency hearing is now in session

Roscoe where is everybody well we have

till noon Roscoe is anybody coming I'm


that's it Rosco

court's adjourned give me your goddamn

driver's license hey Rosco we got some

people here might like to object to this

strip mining issue well you're too late

Bo its 1202 Hogg's Standard Time and

y'all just missed a vote right hold it

right there then of course there's that

too well we tried yep came close

no I never even asked you do you win the

race Plan B hey prison you think they'll

let you be my bunkie rick shakely coming

through hey nice driving stranger how

does it feel to take down Billy Prickett

rick shakely handsomer shakily hey you

two pretty damn good win that race Rick

but I really want to talk about is strip

mining how many y'all know what that is


Cole produces trace elements of arsenic

and Mercury this produces sulfuric acid

which is responsible for the formation

of sulfate aerosol and acid rain which

brings me to my next point I want you to

rest them two criminals right there

my pleasure are you really gonna

strip-mine Hazzard mr. Hogg who is this

governor Applewhite what is your role in

this boondoggle Oh as you know I've

always been a great friend to the

environment and I am shocked and

saddened to learn of this but I can

assure you here now that they will never

be strip mining in beautiful Hazzard

County Jim Applewhite is a friend to

Hazzard these boys are criminals

honest to god is that my suit I'd say

these boys are heroes and as governor I

hereby pardon him of any and all

offenses against the great state of

Georgia go Dawgs

that's your handing out them pardons

Eric I pardon him too

hey thank you very much vote early vote

oh yes sir thank you here's the Hazzard

County's real favorite son

oh you too superstar don't y'all get too

comfy though I got some good news and I

got some bad news bad news

y'all got to get up early in the morning

you got to fix a barn

you gotta mow the yard and you got to

replace it with Brooklyn fathers well

what's the good news

oh the good news you me and Pauline are

going up the house sit on the couch pull

up a mirror and watch a little wrestling

people don't look at me well Bobo looks

like you've a big fat winner

you got lucky boy this pissant race in

this pissant town ain't worth nothin you

know you're this town's like a big giant