Whats Inside A £100 Wilson Duke NFL American Football?

I am sure from big game hunter sports

floor shop today we're going to take a

look inside footballs in the UK we call

footballs footballs these are the ones

which you end up kicking most of the

game occasionally throw-ins

heading the wall but the majority the

time you use your foot on it that's why

it's called the football in America

American footballs are referred to as

footballs this is the game where you

throw and catch the ball most of the

time and very just a small percentage of

the game is used with your feet kicking

the ball but it's still called a

football well this is the one we're

going to take a look inside of today so

we get rid of the round foot walk and

we're going to concentrate on the

American football this is a ball as used

in the NFL so would be used in the Super

Bowl in the American Football Conference

the AFC and the NFC which is a National

Football Conference now in the past I've

cut it from some footballs I've cut it

so round footballs some basketballs

rugby balls and always in the feed below

the video is why are you wasting your

money why have you cut up the balls

what a waste I could have done with that

ball so today we're going to do it

slightly differently I'm going to try

and peel the ball away and cut open the

distiction that's on the ball so as then

we can hopefully put the ball back

together again and could be used because

this ball is worth in excess of 100

pounds so it's worth taking a look at

the outside of the ball first so this is

a high quality Pro American football

although this one is actually a junior

size and it was sent to us by Wilson

says we could actually talk about the

ball and investigate what it looks like

inside the Juke NFL football was named

in honor of the game's pioneer in legend

and new New York Giants owner his name

was Wellington Mara when Mara was a

young boy walk watching the game from

the stands

rumor has it the Giants players dubbed


the Duke in years later Wilson named

their NFL game ball that you the ball is

manufactured in Ohio every single ball

that's been used in the NFL has been

made there by skilled craftsmen and

women and it still is today now the

construction of the ball is made with

genuine Hall Wien leather now the whole

we own leather company produces the

leather in Chicago and they were the

first company to develop this grade of

leather as used on the official NFL

football it was developed and produced

by Arnold Hawija senior he also played

professional American football for

Chicago and Harvard they developed

something they called tanned in tech

feature which provides excellent grip in

all conditions and can be revived if it

gets really smooth after a time but if

you've got a brush you can brush it hard

and then it raises the surface up and

makes it game now on most panels of the

duke ball there is a trademark Wilson

brand in embossed into the leather

there's one there let you see that W

stands for Wilson and that's within the

leather unique to this ball there's

another one there look you see it in the

center of shop and then must be another

one there look here we go nice touch and

it's a sign of quality from Wilson so

this is a brand-new ball still got the

sticker on but a carefully open this up

it's fully almost fully inflated we'll

see if we can do it without cutting it

and ruining the ball completely so we

pull out the lace and if you stay

watching to the end of the video we come

I will measure it and show you how much


actually used in an NFL walk so that's

the easy part

so I've managed to take these ends how I

filled this one back inside tricky to

get it I can now get a bit of leverage

on this well trying to do is force

because the under the lace at the bottom

is the one

side of wolf see if we can get there we

go that's what's up on there and then

that base goes across to this side

then goes back across to that side yes

there now assume that one comes across

to the top one on here River now does

that go across to there then this goes

across to this side so we're gonna last

two to go here

not really thought this through too well

because the board is fully inflated I'm

not gonna be able to getting back the

bladder back food this holds need need

to go and find a needle to release the

air from the vet from the bladder the

last - like I said only at the end of

the video I'm going to measure the lace

and show you exactly how much lace is

used in the war it's lace almost plastic

in texture that's about five millimeters

wide and maybe one and a half

millimeters thick so I've got a needle

you insert it into the wall see if I can

release the air from the valve from the


it's quite a bit released up let's see

if we can get this plastic which

protects this suppose when the stitching

goes in it's used with not dissimilar to

a screwdriver

it's got slot in there the lace feeds

through and then they pull it through

the holes

I suppose if you've got a sharp

implement like that it would have been

so much easier just to cut it open

already here the email was coming

through this is quite a decent quality

there we go there's the whole of the

bladder come out much trouble to get

that back in now more heavy duty than a

lot of the bladders I've seen from other

balls and it's plasticy rather than a

rubber base which you seem tend to get

on some of the other boards on footballs

and breaking balls and basketballs tend

to have another type of beautiful

bladder so this is the protecting strip

that would sit on top of the bladder and

then releasing

at all would be coming through the ball

damaging planet that's quite interesting

not sitting up on any other board within

all and so try and turn the ball inside

out if we can this is done high pressure

with machines normally okay I'm not

gonna turn it fully inside out because I

don't have the tools to put it back the

way it was I bring this up to the camera

closer you can see the leather lining

that the hallway in leather yes there

it's probably two millimeters thick and

inside that is a softer material liner

soft material lining and it's all

punched hole to punch through obviously

for the lace in to go through and this

is stitched as well as far as I can see

that this is just a cosmetic stitching


a shame I can't actually get it inside I

can't turn it fully inside out I can say

stumbleth with machines high-pressure

hydraulic machines and I think you get

the gist of what the inside of a ball

looks like I didn't promise you at the

end of the video to show you how long

the lacing is and ninety seven

centimeters of lace in used on this ball

just over 38 inches of 38 and a quarter

inches I thought if dia around the meter

so not far off I'm gonna have fun trying

to get this all back together hey I hope

you found that interesting I know I did

I'm not seeing inside an American

football before sorry a football before

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to do now is try and work out how to put

the ball back together again until next

time bye bye