Should We Lower The Drinking Age?

something like cracking open a bottle of

wine with your family having a meal you

know even if you're underage that's okay

right yeah well not to change the

subject but I think you're opening your

wine wrong hey everyone Laci and trace

for dnews the drinking age is a huge

topic of conversation with the youths

everyone wants to lower it until you

turn 21 and then everybody's like

whatever I can drink now yeah that's

true it is a big debate though

especially once those who are underage

from time to time I'll see those little

graphics on Facebook like so I can fight

my country's Wars but I can't have a

glass of beer which I must admit they

have a point it's true I hear that too

there may be some data though behind the

seemingly arbitrary age of 21 a new

study from Boston University School of

Public Health says the 21 year old

drinking age is actually saving lives

compiling research from 1988 to 2011

their paper shows a drop in heavy

drinking among college students by 7%

and a drop in drunk driving crashes

resulting in 900 fewer deaths each year

however researchers at Duke remind us

that drunken driving has actually

decreased across all age groups not just

those under the minimum legal drinking

age after prohibition ended states are

free to pick their own drinking age

choosing from between 18 to 21 years old

fast forward to the 1970s and 30 states

lowered the drinking age to match the

twenty sixth amendments lowering of the

voting age down to eighteen though

shortly thereafter there was a sudden

rise in drunk driving fatalities studies

attributed this to the new younger

drunken population so in 1984 Congress

was like you know what I'm gonna cut

highway funding by 10 percent to any

state with a drinking age that's under

21 so by 1988 all 50 hiked up their ages

but the question still remains

why is 21 the magic number it seems kind

of arbitrary

it's a traditional holdover actually

from the Old English common law system

under the old system 21 was considered

the age of adulthood but now we've

muddied those waters by having some ages

important that are 18 and some that are

21 and now we know that the brain

doesn't even fully develop until 25 but

no one's pressing for that age I mean

even though studies from the University

of California say 25 would be the best

for the minimum legal drinking age

yet 25 no thanks other food or booze for

SOT dr. David Hansen of the State

University of New York at pasta argues

that putting the drinking age at 21

chefs fatalities to an older age group

but it doesn't actually reduce them plus

a study at Arizona State them with the

drinking age rose from 19 to 21 there

was no effect on alcohol consumption not

to mention other countries like Cuba and

Sweden and Poland with no drinking age

at all or some as low as 14 or 16 to buy

beer at the store and you can drink all

you want if you're at home with your

families but though they can drink it

sooner that doesn't necessarily

establish a moderated relationship with

alcohol as some would believe according

to the World Health Organization the

United States actually drinks the least

per capita in the developed world we

drink the alcohol equivalent of 470

pints of beer per year on average

British they drink 1100 pints per year

and the Russians sucked down over 1,300

pints plus 90 liters of vodka no joke

science peeps but it's not just about

the volume that's relevant here it's the

alcohol abuse we binge drink a lot in

the u.s. many believe it's a kind of

forbidden fruit effect perhaps if we

introduced it sooner or teenagers would

learn to be more responsible about it

yeah but then we'd have to decide what

to do when alcohol appears in high

schools it's such a massive issue though

the Boston University study is just one

of many looking at the effects of the

drinking age on our society and with so

many people in so many different

situations we really don't have a good

comprehensive study that's come to light

yet yeah well personally I think 21 is

an ok age in general but I feel like it

should be a little lower for teens and

with their parents or if you're just

gonna be at your house you know yeah

yeah I think it should be 19 that way we

keep it out of the schools but if you're

voting or drafted or anything like that

you don't have to wait that long

in order to imbibe like the rest of us I

do agree with you though that parents

should definitely get some say oh great

yeah so what do you think this is as

much policy decision as it is a

scientific one tell us your thoughts

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