Should 21 be the Legal Drinking Age? | PKA

that's right new topic hey mate yes you

know I start with marca do you think 21

is a good drinking age and why if not

what age would be good I think the best

drinking age would probably be 19

because you don't want 18 year olds I

don't think cuz there's gonna sell it to

all the other high schoolers and granted

some kids turn 19 so it's not the

biggest deal and 21 is just too late

because then it's repressed enough to

where people are just getting out of

control all the time where it's like

this is still forbidden in taboo but

it'll never change because everybody's

so staunch about it like before I was

love legal age I was like I would defend

other people who like drink when you're

18 you shouldn't be able to fight

through your good dream get a beer

whatever the [ __ ] and but once you

turned 21 you don't care anymore cuz

that you're good like you know that

nobody's ever gonna lobby on behalf of

that never nobody's gonna ever say we

need we need more drunk kids inebriated

in this country that's what we need so

19 is ideal I think anyone agree I think

yeah I think 18 19 I mean it doesn't

matter it out of the schools yeah yeah

it makes more sense I didn't I didn't

have my first drink until I was 18 I

graduated a year early and I moved out

and I had my before that I thought I was

straight edge which is why I have a

YouTube channel named sxephil but

everyone I know is started drinking when

they were like 14 15 16 which to me

sounds crazy yeah started at 13 yeah see

I mean that's everyone starts so young

it almost doesn't even matter I didn't

like alcohol though so I just wasn't a

problem like there was alcohol readily

available in the house like I could

easily like take it from the fridge or

the cabinet but I just didn't want it I

didn't like alcohol either I guess I

like being drunk but I think what I

really liked was being bad I just did

bad [ __ ] all the time

you know when I'd read like breaking

curfew sneaking out of the house

drinking like driving we had mopeds and

stuff but we weren't old enough so we

drive those illegally all over town and

stuff I remember the cop pulled me over

one time is like I'm gonna be seeing you

a lot through your truck okay looking

back I suppose my parents

gave me a lot of trust and freedom in

that way cuz I could pretty much what by

the time I when I was 16 I could just do

pretty much wherever I wanted I could I

mean as long as I was back that night

sometime it was okay as long as I didn't

lie like I had to explain myself if I

was gonna not be there the next day but

other than that I could really do

whatever I wanted to there I also was

given a lot of trust but I didn't earn

it at all

they had my head I had Chuck to help out

with my alcohol purchases I have had

some of the silliest times with it for

Phil's help Chuck was this like 40 year

old sort of bum type guy who worked for

my father occasionally and had a real

alcohol and drug problem and was just

kind of a low-life that we associated

with because he was cheap labor on a

farm so he was my alcohol source right

so 16 year old me can go get [ __ ]

shucks and be like hey Chuck you know

you want a ride at the liquor store

hell yeah my F you just put Chuck in the

car and so they were there were all

these occasions when like I said I

didn't want any alcohol but I had

girlfriends who wanted alcohol so I'd

have like three good-looking girls in

the car plus Chuck and so Chuck thought

I was just a pimp

he thought that like every time I was

showing up I was showing up with like a

new group of girlfriends but in reality

they were maybe one girlfriend and and a

couple of her friends or something like

that but I was that was there alcohol

source via Chuck and I just remember

like they always wanted you know

expensive liquors and beers and stuff

but Chuck drank the cheapest of the

cheap so he'd always have his small

bottle of whatever I'd bought him like I

don't know some Red Dog 2020 [ __ ] and

then there would be like a bunch of

Coronas and stuff and I just remember he

was just he was holding them wrong right

he's homeless six-pack buy that soggy

paper handle and they just broke the

whole sixer hit the concrete floor the

liquor store and shattered and I'm

standing there like sixteen years old

next to this 42 year old man who looks

like a bum who - shattered all of our

beer and I'm like and he blamed a

defective handle on the thing and the

guy gave him to us for free

somehow he bullshitted his way out of

getting free beer he's like hey masters

I got ten beers for free can I get one

or two and I'm like no Chuck

our beer you've got yours but every time

we went to the liquor store for some

reason the liquor store guy had to know

that we were facilitating like underage

drinking via our friend Chuck cuz we

were just such a motley crew I got my

alcohol when I was young by breaking

into people's houses and that was older

with fake ID how you rogue nowadays I

just beat a guy up yeah I mean yeah I

think the big reason I stayed away from

booze for the longest time is my mom and

like my slew of stepdads had problems

with it and so I always associated

drinking with crazy people and then and

then I went over friends houses and I

was like oh my god

your parents drink booze and then they

don't like break stuff this is the most

amazing thing on the planet