Should the USA Lower the Drinking Age to 18?

here in the United States of America

the day you turn 21 this usually happens

there's a procedure contingent you go to

Vegas and you party hard because you are

legally able to drink alcohol

aside from Saudi Arabia Iran Kuwait and

a few other places where alcohol is

banned the u.s. is one of the only

countries in the world that forces its

citizens to wait until twenty-one years

old to drink in more than a hundred and

fifty countries the legal drinking age

is 18 some are 16 others like Benin

don't even have an age limit and in most

places I've been checking IDs is not

strictly enforced unlike the US where

you will get carded even when your hair

is gray I just don't get it in the u.s.

when you turn 18 you can legally vote

serve your country and get married you

can buy cigarettes weed and even a gun

but you can't drink a beer smoking

cigarettes alone is responsible for the

death of more than four hundred and

eighty thousand Americans every year

while drinking leads to just 88,000 and

why is it illegal to drink outside so

many cultures are built around drinking

outdoors like Italian sipping on wine on

church steps or the French enjoying a

picnic by the Eiffel Tower or the

Germans downing pitchers at a beer

garden even in Thailand on weekends some

streets like calcine road are mobbed

with people drinking and dancing outside

in the US don't even try to drink

outdoors or you will be stuck with a

fine or potentially worse let's look

back again at Europe when you grow up in

a society where alcohol is accepted and

consumed at 18 or younger like the Czech

Republic then they learn their limits at

a younger age and don't feel the need to

get wasted

Europeans grow up around alcohol and are

surrounded by people who don't have a

fascination with it because alcohol is

simply a part of life and as you and I

both know when drinking is done

responsibly it's a great way to

socialize or end a long day at work

alright that's it rant over I just wish

that some day my country would lower the

drinking age to 18 not only would it

make adults more responsible but it

would actually save lives

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