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things that are of the Dominican

Republic today I wanted to talk about

the developing country versus a third

world country and one of the things that

really perplexes me into a certain

extent hurts me and bothers me to a

certain extent is how I see and hear

minis particularly on YouTube referring

to the Dominican Republic as a third

world country now I'm not going to get

into an economic definition of and of

the differences between the verbage

third world versus developing country

there are those that favor the use of

either one or the other in describing

calm countries and this particular

YouTube youtuber if you will me I prefer

to categorize or use the Dominican

Republic RSS a use the word developing

country when referring to the Dominican

Republic and not third world and my

reasons are very simple and again I am

NOT an economist many of you may

challenge me on this and that is fine

you may have your own opinion but I

think in all reality the Dominican

Republic is developing country and here

are some of the reasons why by the way

check out some of my other videos where

I talk about the Dominican Republic and

the Dominican Republic economy I think

some of those videos will readily

support what I'm saying here today

number one the Dominican Republic is the

most developed country in my opinion in

the Caribbean and this is from from what

I've seen from what I've heard from what

I've read from what I've studied from

conversations with with other people it

is one of the most developed countries

in the care

being the other thing is as I said many

times in other videos and I'll continue

to say it as long as it is true the

Dominican Republic the Dominican

Republic's economy excuse me continues

to grow each year at a rate of five to

six seven percent and so that's that's

very good inflation is comparable lower

than many of the other countries in the

region if you look and if you've been to

the Dominican Republic there throughout

the Dominican Republic you will find

that they do have a decent

transportation system albeit there are

some some issues and some problems with

the transportation system the roads etc

the airport's the buses that go from

city to city are pretty decent and get

the job done their infrastructure

although improving and needing some

improvement is still not that bad

technology is good most people have the

latest gadgets in the Dominican Republic

whether it's a cell phone or access to

Wi-Fi cell phone networks or coverage if

you will televisions a lot of gadgets

they do have a lot of gadgets computers

many of them have computers in the

Dominican Republic and so there is

technology and technological gadgets in

the hands of many people in the

Dominican Republic the third-world term

as many have said and I agree with this

is outdated when referring to some

countries that people had once

considered third-world the Dominican

Republic is not a third-world country

because I feel that if you look at the

amount of investment that is going in

again I refer to the videos that I've

talked about that there is a lot of

foreign investment coming into the

Dominican Republic good bad or

indifferent it is happening it is a home

to several or many multinational

corporations that are investing in the

Dominican Republic the Dominican

Republic does have some very nice

universities in the in the country


is not truly accessible perhaps to all

the people of the Dominican Republic but

there are good universities the

healthcare system is decent although

there are again many problems that are

needy and health care is always a

problem in the Dominican Republic I've

talked about this but it is better when

compared to other countries that have

done much less and are doing much less

or in a worse situation than is in the

Dominican Republic and so with these few

things this is why I've chosen to

categorize the Dominican Republic as a

developing country for me it sounds more


it sounds more it sounds more

progressive if you will they're making

development they are developing they're

making progress as a saying of their

third world country and that's it and

that's that's the the the the sense that

you get when you listen to some other

these other youtubers who are describing

the Dominican Republic who are making

comparisons to the Dominican Republic to

to other countries if you will and what

I am simply saying is and I hope that

you will take into consideration you

don't have to agree with me but just

take into consideration that the

Dominican Republic is not a third world

country but rather a developing country

that's my opinion

from me to you Dominican rendez-vous