Why Is the Dome of the Rock So Important?

why is the Dome of the rock so important

the Dome of the rock Monument

commissioned in 685 AD by Islamic

leaders after the Muslim takeover stands

upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem a

site that is considered holy by three

religions Christianity Judaism and Islam

each of whom they claim to the area and

consider it rightly theirs

the golden dome protects the foundation

stone where numerous religious events

are believed to have occurred

the cavern beneath the rock is known as

the Well of Souls the dome and rock sit

atop a hill known as the Temple Mount

so why do these three faiths consider

the Dome of the rock so significant for

Christians the foundation stone is

believed to be the rock upon which Adam

made his first sacrifice to God as well

as her sons Cain enabled and possibly

even Noah after the flood more

importantly the mount is the site of the

last Jewish temple destroyed by the

Romans in 70 AD according to prophecy

the temple will be rebuilt the site

restored to the Jewish nation will

finally accept Jesus as our Savior Jesus

will then return and rule the earth


produce the foundation stone is the rock

from which the entire earth expanded and

formed and today's consider the center

of the earth and the place that Jews

faced during prayers the rock is

venerated by the Jewish people as the

very stone with a Jewish patriarch

Abraham prepared to offer his son Isaac

as a sacrifice to God

some Jewish traditions look to the well

of souls as a location of the ancient

temples holy of Holy's with a high

priest would commune with God


for Muslims the Dome of the rock is

looked to as the place where the angel

Ezra field will sound his trumpet and

resurrection day at the end of the world

most significantly Muslims Revere the

foundation stone as the place from which

Muhammad was taken after mysterious

night journey where accompanied by the

angel Gabriel the Prophet was

transported by the flying steed Barack

to the Mount and then after praying with

Abraham Moses and Jesus ascended into

heaven to receive instructions from



the Dome of the rock has been rebuilt

several times over the centuries it is

one of the most well known structures on

earth attracting thousands of tourists

and pilgrims

the claim to the Dome of the rock has

been contested for 1300 years its final

fate is anybody's guess