Is Jesus God ? | How to explain the divinity of Jesus Christ


jesus of nazareth was clearly

a very influential figure and still is

even two thousand years later

most of us have at least heard of him

and you can normally tell the difference

between the three great monotheistic

religions by what they have to say about

jesus historians will tell you he was

extremely well thought of by many but

would add that he was also very divisive

he wasn't afraid of ruffling a few

feathers in order to get his message


one of the most searching revealing

questions jesus asked his followers is


who do you say i am and that remains a


question today since jesus was alive on

earth he's had some mixed reviews

some say he was just a guy who had a

good outlook on life and so he became a

popular teacher

others say jesus was an enlightened


others say jesus was an advanced

religious teacher and still others would


a prophet but one of the central claims

of bible-based christianity is that

jesus was both fully human

and fully divine in other words jesus


god in the flesh for example

in the gospel of john we read these

opening words about jesus identity

in the beginning was the word and the

word was with god and the word

was god he was with god in the beginning

through him all things were made without

him nothing was made that has been made

the word became flesh and made his

dwelling among us

the word is jesus and the word was god

jesus was god among us

alternatively of course if jesus was

not god in the flesh then the message of

the bible is fatally flawed

and any hope we have of forgiveness and

reconciliation with god

or resurrection to eternal life in

heaven is simply wishful

thinking but this video is intended to

quickly take you through

seven easy to remember reasons to

believe that jesus is god

and then i'll conclude with a short

reminder as to why all this matters

and why it's relevant to each and every

one of us

so if you've watched my other videos

you'll know by now that i do like my


as i find them really helpful to

remember things and to help us remember

that jesus christ was god in the flesh

i want us to remember the mnemonic crabs


crabs fm


c stands for jesus claims jesus claimed

to be god some skeptics

and often muslims may ask you but where

does jesus actually say

i am god worship me

it sounds like a reasonable question

doesn't it until you start to think more

carefully about it

ask yourself this when does the queen go

anywhere and say

i am the queen treat me with due respect

i've heard her speak many times over my

lifetime but i've never heard her say

these words

does this mean that she's not the queen

instead we know she is the queen because

of the sorts of things she says

sure but we also know by what she does

what people say about her about what

authority she has

the same could be true with jesus and we

should consider some of the things jesus


what other said about him and what

authority he had

in a moment but you'll see that this all

points towards

identifying the truth that jesus is god

in the same way as you'd be able to

identify the queen

so don't get put off or intimidated by

anyone who brings up the demand to see

where jesus says

i am god worship me it's a terrible


and would probably only come from

someone who really has no interest in

finding the truth in the first place

you might as well respond by asking to

be shown where jesus says

i am not god do not worship me is

equally valid

but equally flawed we can see that jesus

is god by what he said

what he did what as it said about him

and by the authority he had

as we shall see but i'm not going to

leave this first evidence before we


that jesus did in fact claim to be god

and that ultimately it was this claim

which got him killed in the gospel of

john chapter 10 verses 30 to 33 we'd


jesus saying i and the father

are one again his jewish opponents

picked up stones to stone him

but jesus said to them i have shown you

many good works from the father

for which of these do you stone me we

are not stoning you for any good works

they replied

but for blasphemy because you a mere man

claim to be god if we consider the

context of what's going on here

we can see all the evidence that we need

those around jesus knew exactly

what he meant jesus was claiming to be


not just by what he did but also by the

things he said

is what got him killed now there are

other things which jesus said which

sound like he is making a claim to be

god too

such as in john 8 58 where jesus said


abraham was i am

given that he said this to the jewish

leaders who knew that in exodus 3 of the

hebrew scriptures god describes himself

as being the great

i am this seems clearly to be jesus

revealing to them his divine

identity but even in the unlikely

scenario of them having no knowledge of

this name for god

for jesus to say he existed before

abraham did 2000 years earlier

was in itself a claim to pre-existence

which when added to the other things he

said and did only make sense

if jesus was claiming to be god in the




i guess the question we need to ask is

whether jesus was lying

knowingly making false claims about

himself or was jesus delusional

thinking he was god but really he was

one sandwich short of a picnic

or was he telling the truth this is the

choice facing each and every one of us

even today

jesus is asking of you and me

who do you say i am

jesus was either a bad man telling lies

which god himself and thousands of

others horrifically killed and which

continues even today

or he was a madman which makes you

wonder how he managed to be so

influential let alone the miracles he


or jesus really was god as he claimed to


which fits all other aspects of the

narrative and history

you decide who is jesus

he was either mad bad or he really was

who he claimed

to be he claimed to be god

letter r stands for the resurrection

jesus predicted his own trial torture

death and resurrection its manner

and its timing doesn't that in itself

tell you something about

his divine nature and he proved all his

claims to be true

through his resurrection appearances and

one reason we know these are factual is

simply because of the way those first

followers were transformed

from poorly educated timid fearful men

and women in hiding

into the most prolific bold confident

evangelical witnesses and preachers that

the world has ever seen

that would never have happened over a

mere man

whose story ended with a humiliating


over 500 eyewitnesses saw the

resurrected jesus at the same time and

there's no such thing as a mass


and they were more willing to die the

most excruciating

deaths rather than deny what they had


firsthand think about that

would you be willing to be tortured to


for something that you knew was a lie

of course not but these people had seen

the resurrected jesus and they could not

deny that

it wasn't as a second-hand account it

was an eyewitness account

if the resurrection had not happened

then jesus would probably

be long forgotten by now i wouldn't be

making this video

but the tomb was empty the body was

nowhere to be found the resurrection

appearances happened

his followers were transformed and jesus


came true he really did have authority

over time and space and life and even


who else could this be but god himself

just as he claimed to be


the letter a reminds us that jesus


worship jews above anyone else would

know that you only worship

god it's the first of the ten

commandments in exodus 20

and to worship anyone or anything other

than god alone

is idolatry and blessed for me this is

extremely important to all jews

jesus was a jew as were his disciples

and yet jesus accepted

worship and all jews know that you

worship god

and god alone in fact the apostle named


went so far as to call jesus my lord and

my god

and no one batted nylid the other

disciples didn't cringe and say

now thomas that's going a bit far jesus

didn't stop him or correct him

like a good rabbi would in other words

if jesus was merely a prophet or a good

man or a religious teacher

then he wouldn't have accepted worship

but because he did accept worship it's

another claim

to divinity


the letter b reminds us that jesus was

born of a virgin

again there is so much depth of meaning

which we could talk about here

and if you want reasons to believe in

the virgin birth of jesus and take a

look at

another of my videos but i want to keep


simple and just highlight three things

about the virgin birth

firstly this is exactly the sort of

birth we'd expect jesus to have

if he was indeed god in human form we

wouldn't expect a normal birth through

the natural male female coming together

we would expect something different

something miraculous

something which says right from the

conception that this is no ordinary


secondly this was a fulfillment of

prophecy written by isaiah 700 years


where he said therefore the lord himself

will give you a sign

the virgin will conceive and give birth

to a son jesus was the fulfillment of

jewish prophecy again something which we

might expect if he were more than merely


and then thirdly we read in the same

prophecy that jesus was called emmanuel

which means

god with us and the gospel author

matthew reminds us of this when he


all this took place to fulfill what the

lord had said through the prophet

the virgin will conceive and give birth

to a son and they will call him

emmanuel which means god with us

they will call him that is they were

called jesus

emmanuel god with us

why because jesus is

god with us jesus is



s stands for sinless are you

sinless do you know anyone who has lived

their life completely without sin

whether in thought or word or deed

do we need a reminder of what sin is

take a look at the ten commandments

god's moral standard for starters

if you have ever told a lie taken

something that's not yours taken the

name of god

in vain or coveted what belongs to

someone else then like me

you're off to a bad start jesus came

along and explained that even murder is

only the end result of hate

which is also evil and adultery is the

end result of lust

are you completely without sin when did

it start

did anyone teach us to lie steal or envy

as children

or is it inherent and if we have done

any of the above then

we've disrespected our family name just

one more commandment that we'd have

broken commandment number five

and of course commandments one and two

remind us to always put god first

so they're long gone sometimes we may

like to believe that god doesn't really


or god will just forgive everyone or

maybe he turns a blind eye

but this is to make up our own image of

god and what he's like

that's idolatry and so hopefully you can

clearly see that

all of us are sinners we have all sinned

all fall short

of god's moral standard

the apostle paul put it this way in his

letter to the romans chapter 3

23 all have sinned and fall short of the

glory of god

this is precisely why we need salvation

we deserve

punishment for breaking the law that's

fair but jesus came and took our


he paid the penalty for our law breaking

and that may not be fair

but it is legally just that's why

trusting in jesus

is so important he is the only way that

we could be forgiven for our sin

but if jesus is merely human even a good


then he too would have sinned and fallen

short of the glory of god

the bible tells us and the eyewitnesses

tell us and prophecy tells us

and this simple theological rationale

tells us that jesus was without sin

he was sinless even jesus enemies

couldn't find a charge against him that

would stick

except for blasphemy and claiming to be

god but that wasn't a sin because it was


for we do not have a high priest who is

unable to feel sympathy for our

weaknesses but we have one who has been


in every way just as we are yet he did

not sin

the apostle peter had grown very close

to jesus and on reflecting on this he

recalls and confirms the prophecy of

isaiah about the suffering messiah

saying he committed no sin and no deceit

was found in his mouth

all have sinned and fall short of the

glory of god

but jesus was sinless and so jesus

must have been god in human form


the letter f reminds us that jesus

forgave sins

in the gospel of mark chapter 2 we find

an account of jesus claiming to have the

authority to forgive

sins now i might be able to forgive your

sins against me

but do i have authority to forgive the

sins you've made against god

no of course not only god could forgive

sins made against god

and yet this is exactly what jesus

claimed to do which as you can imagine

highly irritated the religious

establishment of the time and the charge

of blasphemy was once again being


and on this occasion jesus responds by

saying look

i realize that anyone can say your sins

are forgiven

even if they don't have that authority

but i'll prove my authority to you

by healing this man now the man in front

of him was paralyzed

he'd been brought in on a stretcher by

his friends no doubt he was pretty well

known as a paralytic who needed such

help within the villages nearby

and in that moment he was ordered by

jesus to get up and walk

and immediately he was healed thus

proving jesus authority to say

such things you see this story is not

about the healing it's all about proving

jesus authority to forgive

sins something that only god

can do


and finally the letter m stands for


jesus performed many many miracles

just read through the gospels to see how

he demonstrated his power over illness

nature and even

death he healed the sick the lame

the blind from birth and the mute

he even knew people's thoughts all

attributes of god

not a mere man he fulfilled prophecy

and he predicted the future all miracles

but all perfectly doable if he happened

to be god

on one occasion he was asleep in a boat

with his followers when a violent storm

arose on the sea

many of these were hardened fishermen

and yet fearing for their lives they

awoke jesus and begged for him to


and do you remember his words over the

stormy sea

he said be still

it's an odd choice of words really

unless it had the double effect of

reminding his jewish followers in that


of psalm 46 10 which says be still

and know that i am god

those disciples those jewish disciples

would be very familiar with the psalms

from their scriptures and i can imagine

jesus saying the words

be still and the disciples finishing the


in awe and wonder as they witnessed the

miracle that had been performed before

their very eyes

jesus performed miracles never performed


nor since because jesus is god


so if jesus is god what are you going to

do about it

if you are not yet convinced but

recognize that this

is what the bible teaches and there is

at least a

possibility of it being true

do you not think you want to go further

to at least consider

what this jesus had to say will he be

wise enough

to just consider the whole point of why

god came to earth as he hung

on the cross of crucifixion tortured by

his own creation

i can promise you it's good news for

those who act upon it

and it's good news which i feel

compelled to share with you because i

sincerely care about your eternal




so here is a summary of what jesus

talked in what could be the most


minute of your life god is

perfectly holy and we can be sure that

there will be eternal justice

but god also loves you and i more than

we can possibly imagine

and this creates a problem all have


we have all broken god's moral law and

like any law which is broken

justice demands that a penalty is paid

there must be a punishment

god came into his own creation to become

human and subject to temptation as we


and yet uniquely he never sinned or

broke the moral law

despite the evidences he gave of his

identity jesus allowed himself to be


cruelly tortured and then crucified on

the cross not for his own sin

but for ours we broke the moral law

but god himself in jesus paid the


this was the only way for god's love for

justice and god's love for you and me

to be made compatible now all who trust

in jesus

alone repent of their sin and ask god

for forgiveness will receive salvation

and the promise to eternal life rather


the punishment we deserve after this

life has ended

the apostle paul put it this way god

demonstrates his own love for us in this

while we were still sinners christ died

for us

did god demonstrate his love for us by

sending someone else to suffer and die

for us

that doesn't sound very loving to me but


actually is god manifest in the flesh

and so by god sending jesus to die for


he was actually sacrificing himself now

that would be

a loving thing to do


so is jesus god yes

jesus is god in the flesh how do we know


you heard it here on krabs fm

remember the mnemonic crabs fm c

jesus claimed to be god is what got him

killed ah

the resurrection is evident of his

divinity jesus had power over time space

life and death

a jesus accepted worship and jews

especially knew that you worship god

alone b jesus was born of a virgin

exactly what we should expect for a

human who is also god

and he was called emmanuel god with us

s jesus was sinless all have sinned


jesus who took the punishment we


f jesus forgave sins against god and

proved his authority to do that

and then jesus miracles demonstrated his

authority over illness

healing the blind the lame the mute near

or remotely

as well as his authority over nature and

even death itself

there is so much more evidence in

scripture for the divinity of jesus

but i'll leave you with what the apostle

paul wrote about jesus

in his letter to the colossians


for god was pleased to have all his


dwell in him and through him to

reconcile to himself

all things whether things on earth all

things in heaven

by making peace through his blood

shed on the cross

so what are you going to do you now know

that jesus

is god and you now know exactly why he


and why he died how will he respond

to what god has done for you