The MOST Outrageously Expensive Things at Walt Disney World!

so where can you buy a $37,000 souvenir

take a $250 shot or a $12,000 day to

Disneyworld we've got all the details on

the most expensive things to do in

Disneyworld for you here on TFP guide


let's win Disneyworld


hey everybody it's AJ for Disney food

blog we thought we'd do a fun one for

you today we want to calculate kind of

the most expensive day in Disney World

or basically the most expensive things

you can do in Disney World because I

think some of them are going to shock

you so we did a lot of research for me a

lot of phone calls we wanted to see

really really what the VIPs can do in

Walt Disney World but here is our list

the first of course you've got to sleep

somewhere so what are the most expensive

rooms in Disney World well right now as

far as the rooms you can actually book

of course you can't book that Cinderella

Castle suite that one doesn't actually

get rented out by Disney it's only given

out by Disney so as far as places you

can actually book to sleep for the night

the most expensive place right now is

the Polynesian bungalows now these are

of course those overwater bungalows over

there at Disney's Polynesian Village

Resort it's a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom

overwater suite full kitchen TV in the

mirror in the master bath plunge pool on

the deck right incentive use of Magic

Kingdom from across seven seas Lagoon

this one sleeps eight it is part of the

Disney Vacation Club so you can rent it

with DVC points but a track rates this

room will run you between two thousand

seven hundred dollars and five thousand

dollars per night now Disney has several

other $2,000 plus a night rooms

including the steeplechase suite over at

Boardwalk the Presidential Suite of the

contemporary and the Royal of saunt a

suite at Animal Kingdom Lodge so now if

you add an in-room celebration which of

course you would do you can get a five

hundred and fifty dollar Mickey and

Minnie's grand magical welcome which

comes with a character door banner

champagne flutes beach towels ear hats

and more and this extra can be added on

to any Disney World Resort room if

you've got an extra five hundred and

fifty bucks burn in a hole in your


okay so you can't stay in the Cinderella

Castle suite but you can buy your own

castle in Walt Disney World

well okay it's not a castle you can live

in and it's just a replica but it is a

replica of Cinderella Castle you'll find

this crazy expensive limited edition

Cinderella Castle at the Arriba's

Brothers Crystal arts shop in Magic

Kingdom and they also have a shop in

Disney springs and - in Epcot as well so

this is encrusted in 20 8255 Swarovski

it's so hard to say that word crystal

stones each stone is handset by Anna

Revis artisan now this comes in a custom

metal case I know you guys walk right by

this you're like they don't actually

sell that do they yeah they totally do

it comes in a custom metal case with a

certificate of authenticity there's only

50 of them in the world and one of them

could be yours 35 G okay next you've got

to eat right so you're gonna go to

dinner at Victoria and Albert's which is

of course the fanciest and most high-end

restaurant in Walt Disney World so the

dinner price itself while its high isn't

something wildly out of the ordinary for

a fine-dining restaurant the chef's

table in Victorian Albert's which you

guys know I love will set you back 250

dollars per person while you add on a

wine pairing for an additional 150 bucks

so there's 400 bucks per person with the

chef's table and the wine pairings now

of course there are a few crazy

expensive upgrades that you can add like

the hundred and twenty dollar polar ice

berg water which is a four thousand year

vintage they have to go up to the

iceberg and tap it for water to know it

can only happen at certain times of the

year or something like that it's really

fancy six hundred and twenty dollar

water and of course not surprisingly

their wine list has a few shocking

prices or several bottles over six

thousand dollars the most expensive one

that we could find was $13,000 Pomerol

Chateau lepen 2005 at the Bordeaux red


in case you don't know that already and

of course you can do a dessert add-on

for $1000 glass of port vintage from

1963 now if you'd rather dine off-site

and spend a little bit more money you

can head over to Kappa at the Four

Seasons which of course is still on

Disney World property technically a

several course dinner for two would run

well over a thousand dollars it's a

three hundred and fifty five dollar

caviar one hundred and eight dollar

oysters Wagyu at thirty two bucks an

ounce and a sixty dollar lobster and

you're already topping out around seven

hundred and fifty dollars before drinks

and dessert now of course you need an

after-dinner cocktail so you're gonna

head over to cava Delta Kela now you

know this is one of my favorite places

in the world literally to hang out but I

usually settle for you know a margarita

and some queso when I'm here be aware

that at La Cava they have some high-end

stuff happening over there and I know

the guys who are buying that tequila for

La Cava are very very picky and very

very particular about the tequila that

they choose so the cover right now has

both the $207 supreme tequila flight and

a Cuervo 250 anniversary which is two

hundred and fifty dollars for a single

shot if they have it in stock

now if tequila isn't your thing you'll

find some high-end rum and whiskey over

in Disney springs most of these items

don't even make it onto the menu they're

reserved for VIPs so you will have to

ask for them for example and those

hideaways been known to carry exclusive

rum and whiskey like Johnnie Walker Blue

Label ghost and rare and Morimoto Asia

has sold out of their extremely rare

yamazaki MS Inara eighteen year Japanese

whisky only five thousand bottles were

made and each bottle prices into the

four thousand dollar range so none of

that for you it's sold out now how are

you gonna pay for all this stuff of

course you're gonna use your three

hundred dollar gift card this is a

Swarovski encrusted gift card it's the

ultimate show-off peace like I said cost

300 bucks now so röszke artist developed

a brand new way to adhere crystals to

the entire face of the card something

that had never been done before because

you don't want any of those 2500 premium

Swarovski crystals to fall off this one

comes in a custom collector's gift box

and it's loaded with 90 bucks so it's

not just $300 for you know nothing it

does come with $90 and that's redeemable

for practically all things at Disney

don't worry though it has a barcode on

the back seat don't have to swipe it now

apparently this is just the first in a

Disney collector gift card series so

don't be too bummed if you missed out on

it we'll be seeing more of certainly

expensive gift cards very soon okay no

this one is my favorite if you want to

take a yacht out around seven seas

Lagoon you can do that so the grand one

yacht is docked at the Grand Floridian

Resort and you can take up to 18 of your

best friends fYI you can only take 17 of

your friends if you choose to bring

along the butler which yes this yacht

has a butler for a waterside tour of the

resorts around Magic Kingdom or for

views of the Magic Kingdom fireworks now

of course you can add on private dining

to any of these cruise experiences that

is gonna be in addition to the $400 per

hour that you're gonna pay for the yacht

in the first place okay now if paying

for all this stuff piecemeal just

doesn't work for you think about the VIP

tour of VIP tours this is the world of

dreams tour it just debuted it's a

$12,000 tour for up to six guests for up

to 12 hours this one is completely

customizable you can basically do

whatever you want

you can include photo sessions a visit

to the Cinderella suite can't stay there

you can visit it special viewing

locations for nighttime shows and

fireworks dining and attractions meals

and snacks are included with meal

options including some of the most

popular restaurants quote unquote but

note that your Park tickets are not

included so if you're going to go into a

park you do have to pay separately to

the $12,000 for your park tickets now

there is private transportation between

the parks and you can add on extra days

of this ultra VIP tour for just 10 grand

per day so 12,000 for the first day 10

grand for each additional day but don't

forget you still gotta buy your park

tickets for all those additional dates

as well and of course your regular old

VIP tour if the twelve thousand dollar

tour isn't for you we'll run 425 to six

hundred and twenty-five dollars per hour

with a minimum seven hours so the least

you'll spend on that is gonna be around

three grand but it won't get you into

Cinderella Castle suite all right now

the ultimate way to spend a ton of money

at Walt Disney World is of course

getting married there I know some of you

did it some of you spent that money to

have your dream wedding in Walt Disney

World but you really can't spend an arm

and a leg on getting married there

custom engagement packages start at

$7,500 and that's before the ring

pricing varies on different elements

whether you want a low-key romantic

evening or a show-stopping day so the

lowest price to Disney World wedding

starts at $3500 for about four people in

addition to the couple for a small one

hour ceremony prices shoot way up for

larger groups and exclusive settings so

a ceremony and reception in Magic

Kingdom's East Plaza Garden will run you

somewhere upwards of 75 grand

once all your food costs have been

factored in that's not including any of

those extras like arriving in

Cinderella's carriage that's three

thousand dollars having Mickey and

Minnie show up sixteen fifty or three of

your favorite princesses two thousand

one hundred and fifty dollars for just

thirty minutes you can have your

ceremony in the Magic Kingdom after

hours starting at fifty thousand dollars

yeah that's just the ceremony no

reception no food no nothing and

Huffington Post has reported that you

can rent out all of the Magic Kingdom

for your reception starting at a hundred

and eighty thousand dollars I have no

idea if that's true or not that is what

Huffington Post says so yeah you can

drop some see

is cash on a wedding in Walt Disney

World so be prepared for that dad's of

daughters so there are some of the most

expensive things to do in Disney World

the most expensive things to do at

Disney World we think this is so much

fun we'd love to do any one of these

things let us know in the comments what

your dream day at walt disney world

would look like we'd love to hear it as

always this is AJ for Disney pre-book

and we'll see you real soon