The Animal Kingdom - 012 Southern Dibbler

hello and welcome to the animal kingdom

a series of video slideshows that

discuss members of the sub phylum

vertebrata which include fish amphibians

reptiles mammals and birds in this video

we will discuss the southern tip ler the

southern diddler also called simply as

the Dib ler is a species of marsupial

distinctive features of this animal are

there why tyrans short tapering tail and

ground prefer with white hairs they have

a body length of between 10 and 16

centimetres or between four and six

inches and weigh between 40 and 125

grams or between one and a half to four

to half ounces the strong jaws and large

canine teeth of this species are used

for killing their prey which include

mice birds and lizards as well as

invertebrates such as insects the dinner

is a solitary and mostly the nocturnal

species sleeping in hollow logs and

caves during the day the two main

predators of dippers are feral foxes and

cats southern doublers breeding the

season is March and April the southern

diddler is found in the Far southwestern

portion of Australia the two primary

locations where did leurs live are the

small islands of wedlock and belanger

which are just off jurien bay their

preferred habitat is areas with plenty

of vegetation with a thick litter layer

and sandy soils the dimpled was first

discovered in the 1800s but by 1887 was

declared extinct it was rediscovered in

1967 due to habitat reduction in natural

issues these marsupials have been

drastically reduced in the wild from

their former numbers the perth zoo

operates a conservation program for the

diddler which has had much success with

captive individuals as well as returning


to the wild despite these measures the

diplo remains and endangered species


this concludes another video in this

series the animal kingdom thank you for