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the desert is why oh why oh why deserts

are dry the kind I had series again I

really like the series and it's pretty

nice so I want to I'm the Cat in the Hat

and today is the day that we're off to

see deserts let's leave right away you

may think that deserts are empty and

bare but you'll be surprised but the

things we'll find there insects and

lizards flowers and snow want to see for


buckle up and let's go why are deserts

dry I'd be glad to explain there are

very few clouds above them to bring rain

without clouds there is nothing to block

the sun's light or to hold the heat in

so it gets cold at night

the air is so dry any rain deserts get

dries up right away so they do not stay

wet without water

surviving in deserts is rough plants

insects and animals need to be tough

all living things need to have water so

how do they live where it's dry I will

show you right now desert plants must

find water some have ways to store it

roots spread out to find it or reach

deep down for it shallow roots of this

cactus pull water through them the

cactus then stores it inside of its stem

there's a tree in the desert that's

called a mesquite its roots reach for

water that's down

of 40 feet the Sonoran Desert is where

we will find a very big cactus that's


it's called the Saguaro and I have been

told it could grow to be over 200 years

old a cactus

you see has deep pleats in its skin but

they will expand when the water flows in

it soaks up the water and then quickly

swells like a sponge

it's rosewater in some of its cells

sharp spines protect it just how do they

do it they make sure some animals won't

try to shoo it this Gila woodpecker

knows very well that a cactus will serve

as the perfect hotel she pecks a small

hole and then slips inside it's cool and

it gives her a safe place to hide when

she's ready to leave well I have little

doubt someone else won't move in after

she has moved out how do you insects get

water what some of them do is get water

that's inside the plants of a shoe these

desert insects are honeypot ants all

year long they collect the sweet nectar

from plants they store it inside them

and then they can feed it to ants who

are hungry whenever they need it the

Namib Desert gets rain rarely and yet

fog comes from the sea and makes

everything wet here the fog basking

beetle has a way to survive getting

water it means to help it stay alive it

tilts its abdomen up water droplets soon

slide down its body and into its mouth

open wide animals differ in the food

that they eat and the ways they keep

cool in the dry desert heat in the

daytime small animal

stay underground later on when it's

cooler they move above ground this cute

Phoenix Fox's furry sould feet help him

walk on hot sand his big ears lets out

heat kangaroos lick their arms to help

cool off their skin then each dig a hole

in the ground and climbs in we asked

this lizard how he spends his days each

morning he's warmed by the sun's gentle

rays by midday it's hotter and it's time

to hide he slips into his burrow and

goes deep inside in the late afternoon

he's back in the Sun it is not as hot

now and the days almost done then he's

back in his burrow to sleep through the

night he'll be up with the Sun just as

soon as it's light hawks eagles and

vultures fly high in the air they stay

off the ground

it's much cooler up there kangaroo rat

never drinks but she eats lots of seeds

the water inside them is all that she

needs Roadrunners can fly but they

usually run they catch lizards and

snakes in the hot desert sun the Sahara


geographers say is almost as big as the

whole USA here is the crown sand grouse

flies high in the sky miles and miles to

find water and I'll tell you why his

babies are thirsty and waiting for him

so when he finds water he quickly flies

in he soaks his feathers until they are


this water is all that his babies will

get they drink from his feathers which

dry soon and then he must take to the

sky to find water again out here in the

desert when wind starts to blow there

are a few

plants to help hold the sand down and so

the wind blows the sand which forms into


it makes shapes in the sand like these

crescent moons

what's this moment wearing it's called a

burnoose it protects them from the Sun

it's long and it's loose

people called nomads spend their whole

lives here they move place to place and

keep moving all year in the Mojave

Desert plants bloom grow and die but

they leave seeds behind in the ground

and that's why when it rains these seeds

burst into flowers so bright

there's a rainbow of colors a beautiful

sight they will not live long but before

it is over there are lilius primroses

sunflowers owl clover some flowers stay

open only for one day

hummingbirds treat their nectar and then

fly away in the shimmering heat of the

Suns burning glare you might think you

see something that's not really there

this is called a mirage it's a bit like

a dream things you think you're seeing

are not what they seem when you get a

bit closer things fade out of sight they

were not there at all it's a trick of

the light in a dry dusty desert if you

suddenly see something green up ahead

like some plants or a tree this is

called an oasis where these plants are

growing somewhere in the ground there is

a water flowing some deserts are hot in

the sun's burning light but the

temperature falls and it gets cold at

night then the world comes alive with

owls foxes and bats coyote and rabbits

mice deer and rats nocturnal animals

come out and soon they search to find

food by the light of the moon before the

Sun rises they

all disappear you would think all the

animals were never here not all deserts

are hot the next place will go is Gobi

and here we will find ice and snow this

Bactrian camel is happy to meet you some

camels have one hump back treants have

two if he goes a long time without

eating or drinking his humps on his back

we'll start steadily shrinking there are

not filled with water but instead

contain fat when he can't eat or drink

he keeps going on that I filled my

bathtub and filled up my sink that's

about at one time what a camel can drink

he can drink 30 gallons of water and

then he can go a whole week before he

drinks again Antarctica is the largest

desert of all the air is so cold here

that rain does not fall this desert is

covered with ice and with snow the ice

never melts here and freezing winds blow

it is dark in the winter and cold

through the year though scientist visits

no people live here penguins have a way

to survive the cold weather they get

close to each other and huddle together

today you've seen things that few people

see and I am so happy you saw them with

me a desert it's true it's a harsh

habitat but I hope you've discovered

it's much more than that no day in a

desert is ever the same and once you've

been there you are glad that you came

the end

so interested in it and I want you to

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