Cloudy Pool Water, Causes and Cures

there are a number of reasons why your


for the problem with it was the filter

problem and the filter would just

replace it wasn't filtering properly and

he felt it was about 20 years old so the

new filter should clear up very nicely

focus size filter was installed here and

here's the problem this one's cloudy not

the lack of chlorine as you can see it's

got a really good chlorine level I just

was a filtration problem but that's one

of the things that could be wrong with

your pools the water is cloudy and you

have a good chlorine reading and also a

filter is not running long enough you

should cycle your water through at least

once a day twice is optimal depending on

your filter size will be the amount of

time it takes to circulate through so

check your owner's manual and your

filter you could look it up online so

this pool will clear up just for the

fact that I'm going to take time the

cycle through and get all the cloudiness

out a lot of it had to do with the filth

that old filter not filtering properly

so once this thing cycles through a day

or two it'll be crystal clear and here's

that old filter in my truck ready to be

recycled and again you know your filters

a key component to water clarity so

that's your number one thing to check


and the spool is a little cloudy because

it has actually has a filter leak and

you can see I put something in there and

you can see that the filter is shooting

it right back out into the pool from the

returned jet and that's why this boats a

little cloudy because it's got a slight

filter Lee

again here's another reason why you pull

from your cloudy this actual grin you

can actually see it's got a rip in it

causing the beanie to go back in there

and also causing it not to filter

properly I'm going to clean these off to

see if there's any more broken grit it

was actually five grids that are bad on

this filter and this is a telltale sign

that your filters actually leaking

element a CV birth in pool or spa you

know your filter has a leak at that


and this pool is cloudy because of

rounded cams and it was actually really

green last week and I had shocked and

brought it back so it's still a little

bit about he due to a lack of Kem's and


I'm going to vacuum out any excess algae

on the bottom and I'm going to clean the

filter again and put about two gallons

of chlorine and two or three bags of

shock this pools cloudy for a

combination of two things again it's out

of chlorine and it needs to have the

filter clean let's have a look in the

filter and see what we got going on here

and you can see the filter are still

pretty green from last week's clean up

I'm gonna hose that off and I'll get

some more circulation to that pool

definitely clear it up so a big

component of cloudy water is your filter

condition so make sure it's clean and

the other component of course is your

chemical that will sort of the two main

things that cause the pool water to turn

cloudy so I'm going to clean out these

grids and refer to my filter cleaning

videos I think I have most the filters

on my channel and we want to clean your

filter at least twice a year every six

months or so sometimes more often to

avoid the cloudy cool so I'm gonna go

ahead and put it back charge the filter

up with some de and turn everything back


I'm also going to fill the floor up with

tablets put the chlorine in and we use

the yellow trying for a little of the

yellow that's in here I have a video on

how to get rid of algae also key is to

raise the chlorine level up pretty

quickly by super chlorinate in the pool

that will help eliminate the cloudiness

in the water along with a clean filter

circulating the school I'm going to put

a couple capsules of yellow Treen in

here when I put some Cal hypo super

shock which is about 70% available

chlorine threatening to the skimmer so


any fifity you filter don't forget the

charge of

pretty little earths in there will also

affect the water clarity so the 60

square foot you want to put 10 one-pound

coffee cans in 48 square foot you want

to put 8 and the 36 square foot you want

to put 6 you have to little covering the

grids and what that will happen is I'll

build up a dirt and not cost will

circulate properly the B is there to

prevent dirt from extra clogging the

grids kind of like a protective barrier

between the dirt and the grid so you

need to have the right amount from your

pool you can see the pool is actually

circulating really well now to the


and that should clear up pretty good

it's got a little bit of a tint to it

from the green I brushed out but that'll

settle down on the bottom and clear up

and the last thing I'm going to do is

I'm going to let this thing run for 24

hours to kind of help with the

circulation that way circulates the

water through at least five or six times

until it turns off again at tomorrow

around noon

here's the pool that actually has some

total chlorine in it and it's showing on

the aqua check strip you can actually

see the yellow so there's chlorine in

the pool but it's not very effective

because it has combined with nitrogen

causing the cloudiness in the water so

it's not an effective bacteria killer

right now


you can actually see there is actually

chlorine in the water but the pool is

very cloudy and that's what happens when

you have that combined chlorine

so I'm going to shocked pool to bring up

the free chlorine I'm going to add some

oxidizer the shock trying to get rid of

some of the chloramines that are causing

the combined chlorine and you can add a

strong oxidizer like this shock drying

here and that will help get rid of the

cloudiness and kill the chloramines

which are actually formed by the

combined chlorine

if you want to keep your pool sparkling

blue like this one here you got to

remember to make sure your filter runs

long enough I cycle the water trip

through make sure your filter is clean

at least twice a year and if it gets old

you need to replace that filter that way

it circulates well and you want to make

sure you check the chemical levels every

week and you can see this pool is

actually running about eight hours a day

which is fine in the summer to cycle the

water through it's about a twenty five

thousand gallon pool and it's got a

sixty square foot filter that I clean it

every twice a year every six months is

combined chlorine and that's when you're

free active chlorine combines with

nitrogen and the pool basically when you

have a party sweat any kind of urine

leakage suntan lotion will combine with

the chlorine causing it not to be

effective and where you notice is the

pool will actually turn cloudy and

you'll actually smell like an ammonia

smell the Taylor test kit actually tests

for combined chlorine that's kind of a

hard test to do for home mode and the

aqua check actually has a combined

chlorine reading on there strip you can

actually test for a total chlorine

reading and the total chlorine is

actually the amount of combined and

active chlorine in your pool to give you

that reading so you don't want any

combined chlorine in your pool at all

learn all of you free and active so if

your total chlorine shows any kind of

combined chlorine you're definitely

going to need to add an oxidizer and

shock your pool if you have a party you

notice the next day the pool is cloudy

definitely probably have some combined

flowing going on there you want to get a

good test kit to test for the pH and the

chlorine weekly you want to make sure

your chlorine level is pretty high

consistently to keep it from zeroing out

causing that cloudy water so again if

your pool does have some combined

chlorine in it you want to run your pool

longer you want to shock it with some

liquid chlorine or Kel hypo super shock

and you want to also add a couple bags

of shock trying depending on the size of

your pool to help eliminate the

performing's in the water causing that

cloudiness and if you take those steps

pull bounce back very quickly