Understand the Declaration of Independence in 5 Minutes (Freedomists Show Episode 5)

you probably talk about the Declaration

of Independence on a daily basis I mean

who doesn't right okay

maybe not but seriously have you ever

really just thought about what the

Declaration of Independence actually is

I mean have you ever despised what it

even says and why it was written or do

you still think that the Declaration

starts out with four score and seven

years ago because it doesn't it's really

important that we understand the

Declaration because it tells us why we

have a nation it's the spirit of our

country and more importantly it's the

spirit of our Constitution so if we

really want to interpret the

Constitution correctly we must first

understand the Declaration you'll stick

with me for like five minutes we're

gonna go through the Declaration and

give you a basic understanding of what

it is and what it's done so enough

rambling let's do this i am daniel myers

director of freedom aside us and you are

watching the freedom is show the show

that educates and encourages you to

stand for freedom so that's standing

together we can defend liberty and

justice for all all right let's start

with question number one what is the

Declaration of Independence

basically the Declaration is a document

written and signed in 1776 that declared

America's independence from England and

established the thirteen original

colonies as their own independent nation

the United States of America now why was

it written it was written because

Americans wanted freedom and England was

oppressing the colonies the King of

England good old Georgie boy was doing

what monarchs do best which is being a

tyrant and the Declaration says the

history of the present King of Great

Britain is a history of repeated

injuries all having in direct object the

establishment of an absolute Tyranny

over these states

unfortunately there any freedom don't

really mix well so something had to give

either the Americans had to give in to

the oppression or stand against it and

break free from England's control and

needless to say they chose the latter

they would rather die fighting for

freedom than

live under a tyrants control and so the

Declaration of Independence was written

signed and delivered to the king himself

so what does it actually say here's the

major thought of the Declaration we will

acknowledge the Creator above all

earthly Kings first it lays out the

spiritual convictions that form the

basis for their reasoning it says that

they believe that all men are created

equal that they are endowed by their

creator with certain inalienable rights

and that among these are life liberty

and the pursuit of happiness and that to

secure these rights governments are

instituted among men deriving their just

powers from the consent of the governed

that whenever any form of government

becomes destructive of these ends it is

the right of the people to alter or to

abolish it and to institute new

government so it really lays out five

incredibly profound principles that lay

the foundation for their opposition to

tyranny number one all men are created

equal number two our rights come from

God number three every individual has

the god-given right to live life to live

in freedom and the own property number

four the purpose of government is to

protect our god-given rights and number

five when government fails to protect

our rights and instead and fringes on

them the people have the responsibility

to alter or abolish that government and

to institute a new government that

actually fulfills its rightful purpose

so then it goes on to say the King of

England has overstepped his god-given

Authority he's being a tyrant and

because of this we have the

responsibility to oppose him and we

choose to establish ourselves as an

independent nation free from England's

control and then it lists 27 ways the

king of England was being a tyrant and

had overstepped his rightful authority

and that's really the bulk of the

Declaration of Independence and then

after listing those grievances it ends

by saying we've done everything we could

to avoid war to avoid declaring our


England is unwilling to cooperate

continues to oppress us and we are

therefore forced to declare our

independence and are prepared to do

whatever is necessary to defend our

independence as a free nation so there

you have it what is the decoration it's

a document that declares America's

independence from England and

establishes 13 original colonies as the

United States of America why was it

written because the colonies were being

oppressed by England and for the sake of

freedom were forced to break away from

England's control and what does it say

basically we will acknowledge the

Creator above all earthly kings it gives

27 reasons why the king was a tyrant and

then it declares America's independence

from England and that really is the

Declaration of Independence in less than

five minutes so let me know what you

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Constitution so you're not gonna want to

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