4TH CLASS SOCIAL Southern plateau (HD)

so then flat you seven satellites to the

south of the Northern Plains

it is triangular in shape and covers

large part of India

so then plateau surrounded by Aravalli

range rajma and hills east in god and

western god

Narmada valley the narmada river in

central india and the sixth longest

river in the Indian subcontinent the

Narmada Valley devices with and

clattering - to pass to snort in the

Central Highlands and to the south is

the Deccan Plateau the Central Highlands

the central highlands are divided into

the malwa plateau and the children of

the plateau the malwa catalysed between

the Aravalli hills and the Windy Hill it

includes parts of resistance and Madhya

Pradesh who falls warriors and endure

are some of the important regions of

thermal were Plateau

the children of the Klaatu

this search includes charcoal and parts

of Odisha Bihar and check return it is

rich in minerals like coal iron

manganese etc many parts of the children

like a patio are covered with forest

which is a source of different kinds of

wood and other important forest products

important coal mines are present in

Bihar Jharkhand and West Bengal the

largest steel plants of India are

located in Vacarro and be like diamond

mines are located in 4 na regions of

Madhya Pradesh

reverse in that they can pluck you

Mahanadi godavari krishna and cow very

diverse no from west to east and fall

into the bay of bengal they can plant

you have seasonal reverse because it

depends on rain during summers

demetria reverse like godavari krishna

and Kaveri form deltas before flowing

into the bay of bengal it is good for

the rice cultivation large parts of the

distance that you have black soil and

then cotton and sugar cane grows well in

these regions dance have been built on

many of these rivers and Nagarjuna Sagar

dance is an example

so then plateau lies in the southern

pleasure Maharashtra Mumbai in the

captain of Maharashtra Maharashtra is

the largest producer of cotton in India

textile automobiles and electronics are

some important industries in Maharashtra

Marathi is the common language and

Ganesha Chaturthi

is the most popular festival celebrated

in Maharashtra cannot

bangaluru is the capital of Karnataka so

it is also called the garden city

bangaluru is the beacon software

development centers in India other

industries are aeroplane electronic

tools and still the Kolar gold mines are

also in this state the people here speak

Kannada the important festivals are

Becerra gaudí and Shivratri under

pradesh amravati is the capital of

Andhra Pradesh this state is the largest

producer of tobacco the reverse Krishna

and Godavari flow to the state the Sarah

and II are the important festivals of

Unruh Pradesh and the people here speak


Kuchipudi is the famous

transform of underpin - Tamil Nadu

Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu

heavy engineering textiles and handle

are some of the industries in the state

the main festival is fungal

and where nauseam is the most popular

dance form of Tamilnadu people speak

Tamil mother fish vocal is the capital

of Madhya Pradesh

we both like sappy humble and Armada are

in this state shuttle girl dry food is

the captain of this new state the state

is rich in minerals just cool an old

aluminium ore and diamond we lie has one

of India's cricket field class