Why is it called Good Friday? (Jesus the Death Cure)

hello YouTube family have you seen the

movie Maze Runner I love the movie Maze

Runner especially the first one but I

recently watched the third one again as

well and it was really interesting and

something struck me during watching that

movie because the whole point of the

movie is that a huge scourge had

overtaken the world and millions and

billions of people had died and then the

people who survived there was a great

disease that broke out and killed

millions and millions and millions more

so that there were very few people left

on earth in this company called wicked W


was trying to find a cure to conquer

this disease so that humanity could live

on and the whole purpose of the movie

was to find this death cure a cure to

the death and the disease and one of the

boys who is working for wicked actually

exposed them for the corrupt

organization that they were and how they

were going about it wrong they were

killing many people in order to save

many people and so they put this little

kid in the maze in this they wanted to

kill him they wanted him out of their

hair and ironically this was the boy who

could save the world his blood had the

exact chemical makeup that it needed for

them to save the world in his blood we

find out in the third movie which is

called Maze Runner the death cure this

kid named Thomas he was the death cure

his blood was what was needed to cure

people and heal them of this disease

that turned him into zombie like

creatures and the whole thing that it

got me thinking of is it's just like

Christ this one boy could heal possibly

billions of lives from an incurable

disease and the Bible says in Romans

6:23 that sin is like a disease and in

fact that says that the wages of sin the

consequences of sin is death that's what

it says in Romans 6:23 the wages of sin

is death so just like the disease killed

people in the movie The Maze Runner so

in real life sin kills us it's kind of

like cancer or another disease that you

don't even know it's there but it can

kill you nonetheless and that's the same

thing with sin it's invisible but it can


you nonetheless and in fact the Bible

says that you will not get to heaven if

you have sins on your soul and a lot of

people they try to say that they're a

good person but I can guarantee you that

is impossible to get to heaven by being

a good person by trying to do good works

or trying to get to heaven by your own

merits or doing something on your part

to get to heaven it's impossible and you

will find yourself in hell because there

is no way to get to heaven unless you

find the death cure a cure for the death

and that cure for the death is the blood

of Christ the one person who had the

exact right blood type to cure the world

of its sin and disease because Jesus

alone is God and he took on human flesh

as a God man man how to pay the price

for sin but God was the one who had to

do it because man can't pay back in an

infinite debt but God shouldn't have to

pay back the debt so God became a man to

save us Jesus came to save us as a man

and his perfect infinite pure blood was

shed on the cross as an atonement for

our sins

remember the penalty for sin is death

somebody had to die for sin and Jesus

chose to die for the sins of the whole

world that's what we're celebrating in

this Good Friday

that's what Good Friday is all about

it's about the death cure and that's why

we call it good because Jesus died for

us and if he didn't die for us we would

be in hell for all the people say oh

well I did good things or I went to

religious education or I did this or I

have a tattoo you are going to hell

because of sin if you don't have Christ

you can have and try to do all the good

things you want but you're going down

I mean think of all the sin in our lives

how many people struggle with slander

and slander and kill other people with

their tongue or they abuse others maybe

you haven't killed anybody physically

but there are a lot of people out there

who kill people mentally emotionally and

in many other ways

think of all the people who gossip think

about the people who take God's name in

vain all the people who dishonor their

parents and severely they have

unforgiveness and you refuse to forgive


think about all the lust out there in

the greed I mean how many people

watching this video are addicted to

pornography or masturbation or maybe

you're just addicted to lust in general

maybe you're committing adultery as we

speak I mean these things these sexual

sins sex before marriage practice of

homosexuality they are dragging us

straight down to hell and hell has a

hold on us which is why we need the

death cure think about all the people

who are prone to anger and hatred and

violence and unforgiveness think about

all the people who don't go to church on

Sundays think about all the people who

don't put God first they don't even pray

first they don't put God first in their

life even though they call themselves

Catholic there are so many sins that are

dragging us down and there's literally

no way that we can get to heaven without

a bridge that's made because sin

separates us from God literally and we

can't jump to heaven we're going down

but thankfully Jesus Christ and that's

why it's good Friday it's good that he

died for us because we couldn't get to

heaven without him but he gave up his

blood for the whole world just as Thomas

could have saved the whole world Jesus

can save the whole world with his body

and blood if we follow him if we accept

him if we ask him to come into our life

and the best part is we received

literally that body and blood every time

we go to Mass every time we go to church

we received the death cure or a cure for

our death a cure for our disease a cure

for our sin and that is the Eucharist

which forgives all of our venial sins

and strengthens us against it if we're

disposed to it's Grace's so we have the

Cure it's Jesus Christ and that's why we

celebrate Good Friday that's why we

enter in and pray to Him like never

before we ask him and we get down on our

knees and we beg him to forgive our sins

we beg him to ask us to hate sin and if

you didn't know that is the gift of the

holy spirit of fear of the Lord where we

fear hurting God but it's more than that

it's a hatred for sin it's a not wanting

to sin so pray for fear of the Lord and

pray to give your life to God even more

so so that we can be saved

you have Christ you could have all the

sin in the world I mean we're not

supposed to we're supposed to give up

sin if we truly love Christ but he can

save us from all our sins not only can

Jesus forgive us from our sins he wants

to forgive you for your sins so all of

you who are scrupulous out there who

only focus on your darkness who only

focus on the negative aspects of your

sin who only focus on how bad you are

what you can't do what you should be

doing what you failed out what you're

not good and that fat and you're a

perfectionist and all of that that is

not from God none of us are perfect all

of us are bad all of us are in sin but

Christ is the cure

he's the death cure and he's an amazing

cure listen to what Colossians chapter

one says this is amazing it says this

give thanks to the Father who has

qualified us to share in the inheritance

of the Saints in light now keep it think

about that for a second he has qualified

us meaning we were disqualified from


we were disqualified from the race of

life we were disqualified and cast out

because of our sins but because of what

Jesus did for us it says that the father

himself has put us back in the race the

father himself has put us back on the

path to heaven because of Jesus and the

father himself has qualified us even

though life sin in the devil has

disqualified us father wants us in

heaven listen to what else it says it

says he has delivered us from the

Dominion of darkness and he has

transferred us to the kingdom of his

beloved son in whom we have redemption

and the forgiveness of sins that's


think about that he imagined a kingdom

of darkness and God goes into that

kingdom of darkness when there's nothing

but death violence and destruction and

you cry out to him and all of your sin

and he comes over there and his

brilliance and none of the demons no one

can even look at him and he picks you up

and he carries you over and transfers

you to the kingdom of eternal light the

kingdom of His Son Jesus Christ

that's what Jesus did for us by dying on

the cross and rising again he's died for

our sins by dying on the cross

and he saved us from our sins but he

shattered the kingdom of darkness

destroyed it by rising from the dead so

that anyone anywhere at any time who

follows Christ can be transferred from

darkness to light and if we are

transferred to light let us live in the

light let us give up our sins

let us work hard living for Christ and

every time we fail we run to him and say

Christ he died for it all no matter how

big I could have murdered someone

doesn't matter because you can heal me

forgive me free me and transfer me even

more into your eternal light that's what

Good Friday is all about and that's what

Easter Sunday is all about that's what

this tritium is all about it's

celebrating the God of the universe

Jesus Christ who is the only God of

God's the only King of Kings the only

Lord of lords and the only Lord of light

our Savior our Redeemer and our friend

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