Dan Patrick’s Heartfelt Farewell to DirecTV | 2/28/20


well I guess it comes down to me and you

know how I am nothing ever makes me cry

so this isn't gonna make me cry either I

still go back to that day I came out of

seven seas and I went across the street

to the parking lot and I decided I was

gonna call Chris Long I didn't even know

who Chris Long was but I thought I'm

gonna call DirecTV and maybe they'd be

interested in taking this show I got put

through to Chris Long and I said Do You

Know Who I am and he goes yeah and I

said you interested in my show and he

said yeah and I don't know to this day

why I was thinking of calling DirecTV

and having them be a partner but if I

didn't I would have lost out on hundreds

of people who have been a part of this

program and people I'm forever indebted

to like ten years it's an eternity in

this business and everybody who got up

early everybody who cared as much as we

did like I I love you forever and it's

it's not lost on me of what we

accomplished and how we did it and I

never heard somebody say no you know

that they didn't want to do it or they

didn't put forward their best effort and

you know we did it we did it for ten


I wish it was longer but thank you for

giving me a second life in this business

it's something that I'll be proud of the

rest of my life oh thank you very much

not gonna make me cry

later now