15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Dalai Lama

fifteen things you didn't know about the

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while we talk about the Dalai Lama the

Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of

the Tibetan Buddhist people according to

the Gulag school of tibetan buddhism the

dalai lama is considered to be the

successor in a line of two looks who are

believed to be incarnations of a

Valiquette Apsara an entity who embodies

the compassion of all buddhas the name

is a combination between the mongolic

word dalai which means ocean or big and

the tibetan word bla ma which means

master or guru the institution of the

Dalai Lama is a relatively recent one

there have only been 14 dalai lamas in

the history of Buddhism and the 1st and

2nd Dalai Lama's were given the title


but hold on here there are several

things we need to reveal and explain in

order for you to get the proper insight

on a matter so let's skip the intro and

talk about the 15 things you didn't know

about the Dalai Lama number one the

Dalai Lama exists because a

compassionate being has a special

relationship with the people of Tibet in

Central Asian Buddhist countries it is

believed that the entity of all Akitas

para a deity of compassion has a special

relationship with the people of Tibet it

decided to be reborn again to continue

its important work

thus reincarnating in benevolent rulers

and teachers according to some legends

its first incarnation in Tibet's

early kings and emperors such as song

stan campo but later on Tibetans

extrapolated it including the dalai

lama's in the reincarnation succession


it is the book of Kadam which is the

main text of the Kadampa school that

states nowadays that the dalai lama's

our reincarnation z' of eval Akitas fara

number two the Dalai Lama is an

important religious and political figure

the Dalai Lama is important for many

reasons he's a symbol of the unification

of Tibet and represents the Buddhist

values and traditions he is the

ecumenical figure that possesses

religious authority beyond religious

disparity and sectarian boundaries

furthermore from 1642 until 1705 the

dalai lama's or their regions headed the

Tibetan government in Lhasa the

government that led most of the Tibetan

Plateau in an attempt to complete

Tibet's sovereignty they did not manage

to obtain this sovereignty because it

was rejected by the Republic of China

we'll explain later on the extent of

this opposition number three the 14th

Dalai Lama comes from a modest family

the recent Dalai Lama is named Tenzin

Gyatso but his birth name was Lama

Sandip he was born on July 6 1935 and

was the fifth of 16 children seven of

whom died at a young age his parents

were farmers who raised sheep and grew

barley buckwheat and potatoes coming

from a very small village in Northeast

Tibet called talkto sir he was

identified as being the reincarnation of

the 13th Dalai Lama when he was only 2

years old and he began his intensive

religious training when he was 6 at the

age of 15 he assumed political power of

Tibet number 4 the Dalai Lama has been

living in exile since 1959 he assumed

power in 1950 but unfortunately in

October of the same year the People's

Republic of China invaded Tibet four

years later the Dalai Lama went to

Beijing in order to try to negotiate

peace with Mao Zedong China continued

Tibet suppression using the army and the

situation became more and more tensioned

leading to the 1959 Tibetan uprising the

Dalai Lama and his closest advisers

believed the Chinese government was

to assassinate him consequently he and

several thousand followers fled to

Dharamsala in northern India and

established the government of Tibet in

exile his current status in India is one

of a refugee number five the Dalai Lama

and the government of Tibet in exile

received funds from the CIA from 1959

until the 1970s the government set up an

exile in India received 1.7 million

dollars a year from the CIA the money

was meant to pay guerilla operations

against the Chinese the matter was

rather controversial considering Dalai

Lama's public stance in support of

non-violence on the other hand the Dalai

Lama himself was on the CIA's payroll

from the late 1950s until 1974

reportedly receiving fifteen thousand

dollars a month he received the money

personally but used most of it to fund

the government in exile activities

especially international lobbying huh so

we were naive to think that the Dalai

Lama was only concerned with spiritual

matters number six he's got a PhD in

Buddhist philosophy beginning his

education at the age of six he had to

learn logic Tibetan art and culture

Sanskrit medicine and Buddhist

philosophy the last being divided into

five other categories dealing with the

perfection of wisdom monastic discipline

metaphysics logic and epistemology or

the study of knowledge he completed the

geshe-la ramp I degree or doctorate of

Buddhist philosophy when he was 25 what

is interesting is the structure of his

final exams in the morning he was

examined by 30 scholars on Logic in the

afternoon he debated with 15 scholars on

the subject of middle path and in the

evening 35 scholars tested his knowledge

on the Canon of monastic discipline and

the study of metaphysics

His Holiness passed the examinations

with honours

number seven the 14th Dalai Lama was the

first one to travel west and not only

did he first travel west but he also

used his peacefulness and charisma to

draw considerable support for Buddhism

and the Tibetan resistance movement he

met and talked with many Westerners and

has visited the United States Canada

Western Europe United Kingdom the Soviet

Union Mongolia Greece Japan Thailand

Malaysia Singapore Indonesia Nepal Costa

Rica Mexico Australia and so on he has a

habit of not only meeting state leaders

but also the religious leaders of the

countries he's visiting at this point we

could easily say he's a role model when

it comes to diplomacy number eight he's

worked with the United Nations on the

question of Tibet soon after his exile

began the 14th Dalai Lama considered it

would be necessary that his efforts be

joined with those of the most important

international organization the UN their

collaboration led to the adoption of

three resolutions by the General

Assembly in 1959 1961 and in 1965 during

all this in 1963 his holiness

promulgated a draft constitution for

Tibet which assures a democratic form of

government in the last two decades his

holiness has set up educational cultural

and religious institutions which have

made major contributions toward the

preservation of the Tibetan identity and

especially its rich heritage he has

given many teachings and initiations

including the rare Kalachakra initiation

which he has conducted more than any of

his predecessors number nine the Dalai

Lama stands for religious harmony and by

that he doesn't mean that everyone

should convert to Buddhism on the

contrary he believes it's best to keep

the religion one was born into at the

same time he explains that since in

these modern times we experience

migration waves and access to each

other's culture and religion maybe it

would be better to take time to learn

the good aspects of other religions

not tolerating someone else's religion

should suffice

he believes that several factors

including the possibility to travel and

get established anywhere in the world

has made the world turn into a community

a multicultural multi-religious singular

entity number 10 the 14th Dalai Lama was

awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 he

was awarded the prize for his nonviolent

efforts for the liberation of Tibet and

his concern for global environmental

problems he had shown willingness to

compromise and seek reconciliation

despite brutal violations the Norwegian

Nobel Committee emphasized the

appreciation for his insistence in

advocating for peaceful solutions based

upon tolerance and mutual respect in

order to preserve the historical and

cultural heritage of his people

according to the press release in the

opinion of the committee the Dalai Lama

has come forward with constructive and

forward-thinking proposals for the

solution of international conflicts

human rights issues and global

environmental problems do you know which

other political figure dedicated their

life to charity and to receive the Nobel

Peace Prize mother Teresa who got it in

1979 exactly 10 years before the 14th

Dalai Lama why don't you check out our

15 things you didn't know about Mother

Teresa video for a detailed insight on

the matter number 11 the Dalai Lama's

got an unexpected position on abortion

first thing first we need to explain

that Buddhists believe that life should

not be destroyed but they regard causing

death as morally wrong only if the death

is caused deliberately or by negligence

therefore traditional Buddhism rejects

abortion because it involves the

deliberate destroying of a life however

when asked about the matter the Dalai

Lama has shown a nuanced position on

abortion explaining that in spite of the

traditional view there are cases in

which abortion should be considered

ethically acceptable it could be the

case that the unborn child is going to

be disabled or that the birth could risk

the life of the mother he insists on the

fact that these exceptions can

only be determined on a case-by-case

basis number 12 the Dalai Lama advises

people to become vegetarian the Dalai

Lama has said people think of animals as

if they were vegetables and that's not

right so he advocates that people at

least try to limit their meat

consumption if turning vegetarian is

impossible to him this is a matter of

compassion and he seems to be trying to

make this world a more gentle and

compassionate one one living thing at a


however he himself is not a vegetarian

any more at some point in his life he

had to give up the vegetarian lifestyle

because he contracted Hepatitis and

became very weak after he got better he

tried switching back to a vegetarian

diet but this attempt was unsuccessful

so nowadays he's just focused on

limiting the consumption of meat number

13 the Dalai Lama has referred to

himself as a Marxist strongly

criticizing capitalism for only being

concerned with gain and profitability

the Dalai Lama explained that he

considers the economic system of Marxism

to be founded on moral principles he

believes have a distribution of wealth

the focus on equality and the concern

for the working class which is the large

majority our signs that such a system is

fair he also emphasized that such a

system takes care of those who are

underprivileged and in need to some

extent however talking about the flaws

of the historical Marxist regimes he

pointed out that their main problem was

that they placed too much emphasis on

destroying the ruling class and not

enough on compassion number 14 the 14th

Dalai Lama is yet to decide if he will

reincarnate in September 2011 the Dalai

Lama retired from the central Tibetan

administration in a statement he issued

the same day he explained that when he

turns 90 he will consult the high Lamas

on the Tibetan Buddhist traditions and

the Tibetan public before he decides

whether the institution of the Dalai

Lama will continue or not the idea is

that the Dalai Lama has one specific

and that at this point is somehow

believed to be accomplished thus some

consider it to be time for the Tibetan

people to choose their leader through

democratic elections in the meantime

China who has a deep understanding of

what democracy is enacted a law

foreboding the Dalai Lama to be reborn

outside of China number 15 if he decides

to reincarnate the lamas will have to

follow some signs to find him first

thing first the Dalai Lama searches and

selects a pension Lama the person

responsible for finding the reincarnated

Dalai Lama when the time comes

he and his pairs will search for a boy

who has been born around the same time

as the death of the last Dalai Lama they

will follow a series of signs including

dreams the direction of the smoke if the

previous cell Obama was cremated and so

on once located the boy will be

presented a number of artifacts among

which are a number of items that belong

to the deceased Dalai Lama if the boy

chooses the items that belong to the

previous Dalai Lama this is seen as a

sign in conjunction with all the other

indications that the boy is a

reincarnation and that's all for today

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still here of course you are because you

know that you get that bonus fact number

16 if he hadn't become a monk the 14th

Dalai Lama would have been an engineer

yes he said it himself the Dalai Lama

loves working with mechanical things

back in 1950 there were only four cars

in all of Tibet three of which belonged

to the 13th Dalai Lama the 14th Dalai

Lama Tenzin Gyatso loved working with

their engines and trying to drive them

furthermore he spent a great deal of

time with his telescope and he also

enjoys taking watches and small machines

apart and putting them back together

again it's probably a lot easier to be

that focused and patient when you've

reached the highest human levels of

happiness maybe we should try it out as

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