I may be the last, says Dalai Lama

we're in Rome and while you here you

asked to meet with the Pope but that was

turned down

why please ask develop an sort of

administration says that it's a delicate

situation with China and for obvious

reasons Oh how do you interpret this

obvious reasons okay quite often happen

okay do you know what it means I mean to

sit what does obvious reasons mean okay

China of course great nation now

economically also you see very important

so therefore at Pope's case is it there

I think quite quite numb of Christianity

Christians in China now his recent visit

Korea although Buddhist country but

large number of Christians there I think

his cell phone station I think thinking

possible visit China maybe pro-democracy

demonstrations have now entered in Hong

Kong British MPs on a fact-finding

mission were recently denied visas this

is caused outrage should Britain be

taking a tougher stance on China China

you see economically very much want to

join mainstream of the world economy

right we should most welcome at the same

time free world have more responsibility

to bring China and mainstream of

democracy for Chinese only interest

Chinese people also the one that

particular Chinese intelligence want

that so therefore I think whole world

the future destination is free freedom

democracy I think free world have

certain responsibilities this is to

stand firm democracy rule of law and the

Free Press or free information these

things but are you disappointed that

countries like Britain didn't take it a

toughie sort of stance and speaker

but against China oh you know in the

time of protests when these students

were seeking democracy some my friend

English Englishman my friend is it they


the British government they are Pocket

more more less empty so there was

important about closeness with China

from but it isn't that also realistic

young British American Australian men

and women are going to the Middle East

to fight alongside so-called Islamic

state and committing brutal acts are

they now beyond redemption I think due

to lack of holistic view and also I

think due to lack of genuine sort of

faith about their religion genuine they

must practice no forgiveness should not

touch weapon how do we regain though

these disaffected youth who use religion

as a pretext to violence and killing now

once you see they reach that stage quite

difficult once human emotion become out

of control then no room to utilize human

intelligence or reasons very difficult

so that's why sometimes I really feel

the generation of 20th century we create

a lot of problem so now the generations

in the first century let them solve this

problem we now time come to relax and we

create sufficient problem for their work

you were recently in America and again

race relation has come at the forefront

with the recent race riots

did you get a sense of that frustration

while you were there Oh although America

I love America

see they a comparatively young nation

about during Lincoln they sleeve of CD

C's then Martin Luther King civil right

achieved now today Obama originally from

Africa he become president so the system

America I think wonderful still emotion

level and the who were sort of long time

sort of orcid a habit some kind of

discrimination on the basis of color

these you see we need more constant

effort in order to reduce this sort of

spontaneous some memories was the

discrimination on the basis of color and

also similarly on the basis of faith

these I think we need one special effort

continuously we should not take for

granted now these things

time passes gradually will change that's

not sufficient we need more effort that

I feel you said that you would

potentially be the last Dalai Lama so

there won't be a 15 july lama death

depends on the circumstances the very

institution of Dalai Lama should

continue or not up to 20 people you see

my dad may not come within next year or

two years I think of my death may come

after I think 15 30 years then just

circumstances is such that then is it no

longer relevant this institution then

what a beautiful you sees no worry this

concern that the 15th might be

controlled by China for example there is

that concern

out there that I think because of the

political matter the Alamo institution

have the head of the political forces

responsibility now that no longer there

in any way the Dharma institution will

cease one day this is man-made sort of

institution will cease no guarantee some

stupid dollar comes that disgraced

himself or herself that's very sad so

much better

the century-old tradition sees at the

time of quite popular