Why the Crucifix? | Fr. Brice Higginbotham

whenever you walk into a Catholic Church

right they're usually really big in

front of a crucifix not just across but

across with an image of Jesus why do we

have crucifixes why do we use them

around our necks or in our pockets and

most especially in our churches I'm full

of rice and we're at Saint Anne and Berg

today and I'd like to tell you a story

about my life and talk a little bit

about the Bible

so first the story when I was ordained

two of my great aunts came up to me and

they said you know Bryce your

great-great grandmother used to carry a

crucifix she would keep it pin close to

her heart and we want to give it to you

so today I carry a crucifix I keep it

close to my heart and when life is hard

or when I need to pray for somebody I

just grab it

I grabbed the crucifix and I let that

action of my body express the prayer of

my heart now that the action of my body

Express the prayer of my mom

I let the invisible reality of my prayer

and my intercession be made visible to

grasping the crucifix and we Catholics

used the crucifix because

because that's how the Bible says that

the gospel is proclaimed listen this

first Corinthians st. Paul the great

evangelist he says we preach Christ

crucified the power of God and the

wisdom of God that's what the Bible says

that's what st. Paul says that it's the

crucifixion of Christ which shows God

who decided to become man who decided

st. Paul says in another place in

Philippians 2 to take the form of a

servant or of a slave to be born in our

likeness and to become weak for us

listen st. Paul says when he's preaching

to the people in this city called Koroth

at the very beginning I decided to know

nothing among you except Jesus Christ

and him crucified and why why did Paul

decide to know nothing among the people

to whom he was preaching but the

crucifixion of Jesus Christ that your

faith might not rest on the wisdom of

men but in the power of God


the invisible made visible through the

physical when we carry the crucifix with

us when we wear it around our neck when

we see it in the church when I take this

crucifix out of my pocket and pray so

many times of the day I am reminded that

God's power is made perfect in my

weakness I am reminded that it's okay to

be weak that it's okay to not have it

all together and that the power of God

comes in the humility of relying upon

him and him alone not on the wisdom of

men but on the faith that comes from God


so that's why we use crucifixes because

the visible sign of God made week for us

shows us that his power is made perfect

even in our weakness that the power of

the Resurrection comes when like Jesus

we say into your hand father I commend

my spirit