Mexico violence: Homicide rate reached record numbers in 2019

on average there are ninety four

homicides recorded in Mexico every day

that's four people murdered every hour

or one every 15 minutes according to the

latest figures published by Mexico's

Public Security Secretary the northeast

of the country has historically been

characterized by ample use of violence

violence is a form of currency and along

with kidnapping and extortion have

generated a terror in people who no

longer feel safe fear is a part of daily

life for the better part of a decade

Mexico has witnessed a spike in violence

from drug cartels in the state of

Sinaloa cartel members have at times

outnumbered and outgunned authorities

during his first year in office mexico's

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

ordered the creation of a National Guard

to rein in the violence but even the

president admits the federal security

strategy requires a drastically

different approach non-supe where the

infidel rebel in Central Asia you cannot

fight violence with violence it's been

proven that you cannot fight fire with

fire this approach of inhumane Authority

is not valid it doesn't work

it isn't efficient and it doesn't

represent the new paradigm that we're

pursuing in terms of Public Safety to

make matters worse the insecurity

gripping the country isn't limited to

homicides it also isn't isolated to a

single region every year Mexico is

shattering records for insecurity in the

northern states it's the ongoing war

against drugs in other regions it's the

fight against organized crime human

trafficking and gender-based violence

here in Mexico City and in the

surrounding states kidnappings and

extortion have grown exponentially

during the first three months of 2019

kidnappings in this part of the country

increased by 300% crimes like extortion

grew by 200% and there doesn't seem to

be an end to the violence

one of the main errors of the past three

presidential administrations has been

trying to design a federal policy as if

the whole country had the same problem

this is a big country with the diverse

population with problems so wide that

they are impossible to attack from a

federal level

according to a recent national survey

78% of Mexicans consider the region

where they live as unsafe there's also

an expectation by many that things will

only get worse when we drop a low al

Jazeera Mexico City