Why The Ford Coyote is SUPERIOR To the LS!



what is going on guys welcome back to

the channel the tang sting has not moved

much at all

as you guys know if you saw in the

previous video snap the good-old input

shaft on the turbo 400 so we're waiting

on some new parts so we can get this

fully rebuilt so I did decide that we're

gonna completely tear this apart and

refresh everything in the inside we're

gonna upgrade the input shaft upgrade

the clutch is pretty much everything is

gonna be upgraded to the next level on

this tutorial 400 so now it should be

able to hold upwards of 16 17 hour

horsepower but that will come in another

video so just waiting on some parts on

that and something over there came in

for the Mustang but our than that the

Mustang is kind of just sitting for a

little bit here hopefully in the next

week or two we will have the parts and

then we get the turbo 400 rebuilt get it

back in the car and we can get back to

racing them so now by the title let's

just get a few things straight I'm not a

huge afford a fanboy although I do drive

a 20-18 Mustang and a Ford f-250 anyways

I've had plenty of vehicles before I've

had like 30-plus vehicles so I am in no

way shape or form a huge Ford fanboy but

I do prefer Fords but let's keep the

conversation going so today this video

is about the coyote the new generation

coyote versus the tried true tested

cheap LS that you can run for zhan with

a stock bottom end so if you guys don't

know this 2018 Mustang does hold the

overall stock coyote record which you

may think is not that fast when you

compare it to LS x but we're gonna get

into those details in just a second but

it did go 820 s at 163 miles an hour on

a completely stock bottom end no head

studs no head gaskets I mean had them

but there om so om headsets om head

gaskets nothing was ever torn apart it

did even have stock oil pump gears so if

you guys don't know coyotes a big thing

that's a failure on these from over

revving from getting on the two-step is

the oil pump gears will go out so

typically people upgrade the oil pump

gears sprocket all that

get stuff on the front end of these

engines but I've never opened mine now

mine is currently a sleeve Dino ring two

bottom end from RPG engines but it

didn't go eight 20s on a completely

stock motor which was really cool now

the car could have probably gone a

little bit faster I don't know if they'd

have gone into the sevens in this

particular car but that's what we're

gonna get into imagine if you took the

setup that I had in this car I had a

turbo 400 I had a single turbo it's

upgraded now but it was a 76 millimeter

before and a completely stock engine gen

3 coyote okay just a fuel system turbo

turbo 400 completely stock rear end so

it's a stock super they call it the

super 8.8 but still IRS suspension

nothing crazy about the suspension

just some BMR products and some Viking

products but anyways imagine if you took

that set up the engine trans turbo and

put it into something lightweight like a

fox body so when I went eight 20s the

car I think weighed around 3,700

somewhere in there

37 to 3,800 race weight it's gotten a

little bit lighter since then but it

went 820 163 miles an hour with only a

1/2 o 60 foot now probably all the LS

people are saying well look at the LS

stuff but amend record is a four point

five eight mile of course it is it's in

a super nice super nice car by cap easy

advantage I say his last name but he's

got a super legit roller fox body it's a

twenty five three setup it's got a huge

turbo on it obviously it's a stock

bottom end it's not stock heads it is an

amazing build I'm gonna post a video




now that car is a little different than

this car here so really what my video

about today is imagine if you put this

coyote setup single turbo turbo 400 even

a glide in a lightweight fox body

something 3,000 pounds I'm sure they're

weighing under 3000 pounds but just call

it 3000 pounds I think it would give the

ls a run for its money now the reason

why a lot of people go LS is because you

can't just go to a junkyard right now

and pick up a coyote for a under a

thousand dollars right a lot of people

can go to the junkyard it's getting a

little bit harder now because everyone's

buying them but anyone can go to a

junkyard get a six though get a five

three get a four eight you know and get

it super cheap slap some can't or slap a

cam in it slap a big turbo on it and go

pretty quick now not everyone's going

that fast but when these guys are going

you know mid 4s on stock bottom ends

obviously it's opening everyone's eyes

everyone assumes LS or a coyote there's

this huge thing LS is so much better

than Ford blah blah blah blah blah well

no one has really taken a completely

stock bottom-end coyote and put it in a

fox body now there is a lot of really


coyote swapped fox bodies which I'm

gonna drop some clips here


those are some really legit four-second

coyote Fox fighters which are freakin

badass if you ask me I think it's really

cool you know it's obviously these LS

builds there's nothing against them I

think they're awesome Joe's car is

awesome all these other cars these guys

go in fours

you know mid 4s on completely stock

bottom ends I think that's super cool

just no one's really done it with the

coyote setup so I almost wish Joe and I

thought about it really hard when he had

his legit roller that is now what it is

now but when he was touching up the

roller and he didn't have the engine

transit er before it we really

contemplated getting a stock coyote and

just throwing it in there and seeing how

fast we could go because the thing is no

one's really seen how fast they could go

they've taken built coyotes and put them

in Fox bodies but no one's really taking

a stock bottom coyote and really really

pushed it I think there's a few guys out

there but they haven't pushed it like

the LS platform and so the LS platform

when you've got you know tens 20 30

thousand people trying to do it

obviously the rate of people going fast

on them is gonna be a lot more when

you've only got like a handful of people

trying stock bottom-end coyotes in Fox

bodies of course there's not gonna be a

good rate of them going really fast so I

really urge someone that has some extra

money to get maybe a gen 2 or a gen 3

coyote put a big single turbo on it put

a good fuel system in it upgrade the

little pump gears sprocket put a turbo

400 or a glide and just let that card go

and see how far you can push it and

obviously these guys that are running

really fast times on stock bottom ends

you know they're replacing them

sometimes so it would just be really

really cool if someone would see how far

they could push a stock bottom in coyote

and something like a fox body you know

something like this car it's not really

set up to go that fast you know it's got

IRS suspension they weigh upwards

thirty-five thirty-six hundred pounds is

it's really hard to get these newer gen

Mustangs really light so if you think

820 s in this car around 36 to 37

hundred pound

with a stock rear end and IRS suspension

that's pretty legit now that's what I'm

saying imagine this setup in you know a

straight axle fox-body

super lightweight I mean you could go

some legit time so we figured my car

when it was going 820 s it was making

around 1100 to the wheels you don't need

that much power to really go fast if

you've got a lightweight legit chassis

so if anyone watching this has some

extra money and wants me to do it I will

totally do it

I don't have the extra money to do it

but I would love to build a legit like

25 3 roller fox body preferably a 4i

because I really like the four eyes

and throw a stock bottom in coyote in it

will do oil pump gears all that good

stuff on the front end and then we'll

put a glide or a Toro 400 in it beefed

up the rear end put some super nice

suspension on it and get the car really

lightweight and just see how freakin

fast we could go because there is a lot

of coyote haters out there and trust me

I'm not an LS hater and I'm not a coyote

hater either obviously I like them both

but it would just be cool if someone

finally took that platform with a stock

bottom end and actually pushed you know

most of the guys I know that are going

really really fast

they've got built motors they probably

could have gone really fast on the stock

motor but they didn't want to waste time

with that so another thing why you don't

see as many built coyotes is our only

option is to sleeve the the bottom end

or to go straight to a billet block no

one makes an aftermarket casting for a

coyote so really once you get upwards of

like 16 17 18 or horsepower really your

only option for longevity is to go to a

billet block the billet blocks are 10

grain you know companies like dart for

27 LSX motor those are all aftermarket

blocks technically and no one makes

something like that for a coyote and

it's cuz the coyote you know it's it's a

little bit newer it is a newer

generation so hopefully in the future so

I want to start making something besides

billet blocks that are a little more

affordable attainable and then maybe

more people will build coyotes plus KY

are starting to get down in price now

that we're on Gen 3 so you get a Gen 1 a

Gen two County pretty inexpensive these

days so I think I've heard a lot of

people talk about it but I think you'll

start to see some more coyote swaps and

vehicles I'm starting to see them in

trucks you're starting to see them more

prevalent in Fox bodies sn95 new edges

things like that which is really cool so

I think we're gonna start to see some

really really legit times if someone

would just throw a stock bottom in

coyote in a fox body I think it would be

super legit eventually I would like to

build a coyote Fox body that's kind of

like my dream build I love where this

car is going right now the only things

really holding me back there's obviously

the transmission it's broken but the

only things really hold me back from

this car is without going like complete

racecar on this thing if you guys know

it's still got all stock body panels

it's got no carbon fibre on the outside

but without going like complete racecar

you know tube front end everything

carbon fiber lexan windows without going

like complete racecar this thing's still

pretty heavy you know even if you did

all the lexan and the carbon fiber the

car still gonna be over 3,000 pounds

it's never gonna be under 3,000 pounds

like a fox buddy and then you run into

the issue that the car still has IRS now

a lot of class racing pretty much

anywhere you go a lot of like true

street and outlaw street classes require

stock style suspension so since this car

is an IRS car it does not if you went to

a straight axle it would technically not

be able to race in stock style

suspension classes it would put you in a

small-tire class and this car doesn't

really belong in a small-tire class so

once I get the turbo 400 built that's

kind of my next thing that I have to

figure out do I want to put a nine-inch

IRS rear end in the car or do I want to

chop it up and do a straight axle

because the only thing is with an IRS

car I know a Mark Carlisle that's a

totally different platform he's in a

Corvette and he goes super fast the

60-foot and he's still higher s but with

the coyote

no one's going crazy fast 60 foot times

with IRS

John lund jr. they've gone teens to the

60-foot but high teens you know no one's

going you know one tens 111's to the

60-foot in IRS coyote that I know if I

may be wrong but it's really it's not

really popular right now so you can do

like a 9 inch IRS but people still break

half-shafts at that point so that's kind

of where I'm at with the car is I'm

gonna get the transmission rebuilt here

and next week you too and then I've kind

of got to decide what I'm gonna do about

the rear end because I still do have a

stock diff I have upgraded axles but I

still have a stock diff so I've either

got to go 9-inch or I've got to cut it

up and do a straight axle but then again

you can't race in most true street or

outlaw street classes because it would

no longer be considered stock style

suspension so anyways back to the main

part of the video someone please throw a

stock bottoming coyote in a fox body and

push it to the absolute limit see that's

the thing people are out there buying LS

is throwing huge massive 107 turbos on

them and seeing just how fast they can

go in a fox body because they're all

chasing the stock bottom end record

which I think currently is like a 4 or

53 or something like that whatever cap

ez went these are stock bottom in five

three someone needs to do that exact

same build exactly like his both a stock

bottom and coyote just to see how far

they could push the coyote platform

because I guarantee I guarantee the

coyote is gonna go either faster or same

times the only downfall of the coyote is

if you have like an aluminum 5 3 versus

a coyote the coyote is obviously gonna

be heavier but the coyote can Rev a lot

higher and it's got higher compression

meaning it can make more power on less

boost so it'd be really interesting to

see but I'd like to see someone take a

stock bottom in coyote do head studs

head gaskets do the valve springs so it

doesn't get valve float and just see how

fast they could go that's the thing so

all these guys that have these stock

bottom and LS records we actually have a

local guy who Jack who has the stock

bottom stock bottom and four eighth

record they still have cams in them so

they're doing an upgraded camshaft valve

springs retainers obviously I think his

heads were

but he did have an upgraded camp I went

this fast on stock cams and we've got

four cams in these cars so yeah someone

could even spec out the perfect cam

profile for these cars for a turbo

application and just see how far the

stock bottom and could go so you guys

comment down below I think this will be

a good thread good common thread for

purchase I already know what the LS

haters or the LS lovers are gonna say

about the Coyotes and I kind of already

know what the coyote guys gonna say

about the LS guys but let's see what you

guys think down in the comments below

hopefully you guys enjoyed that video

some updates coming on the tanks tanks

soon we should be back up and running

within the next week or two I got a few

other surprises for the car but we

should be back up running in a week or

two once we get the parts in for the

transmission we can get it rebuilt get

it back in the car get back to racing

and hopefully have a summer full of

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