The Welsh Flag: History and Meaning of The Red Dragon Flag

when a while back I asked people if they

wanted to see a video on the British

flag they said that it would be

incredibly boring and that they really

didn't want to see something like this

so following the voice of reason I

decided to do an entire series on it I

know you're welcome now in this video

I'm going to look at the flag of Wales

and you might be thinking but hold on a

minute there is nothing on the Union

Jack the British flag that has anything

to do with Wales but then I'm going to

look at that in some more detail in this

video so of course this is the OSH I

don't know how that got on that there we

go that's better so the flag of Wales is

this beautiful specimen in front of you

and of course the biggest part of that

is the red dragon in the middle and of

course then we have a white field as

half of it as the background and a green

field as the other half so let's look at

the dragon which is called the Dragon of

God fall over and the dragon of

Cadwallader belonged to a man named

Cadwallader up koala and he was king of

a country or in the north wales called

Gweneth and his father was a man called

cat Whelan and that's how you get the

app in Welsh is son of and actually

Caswell on I think I've mentioned him

before he's called Catalan Epcot firm

son of CAD fan and he's important

because he a lot of the time in the Dark

Ages was waging war with Northumbria and

he ended up killing two kings of

Northumbria Edwin as well as the other

King was King Oswald of Northumbria and

he's the one who gave us our

northumbrian flag so he's better an

enemy of the Northumbrian so he's a very

interesting character but back to the

dragon this red dragon isn't the only

one that's mentioned in fact there is

another one a white dragon and these two

are meant to be in conflict now the red

dragon is representative of the British

people's the veronik peoples of which

the Celts or the Welsh are one and the

white dragon is representative of the

anglo-saxons the Germanic invaders who

arrived in Britain during the fifth

century now it's said that there is a

great struggle between the two and the

first time we hear about this is a story

about King vote again he was apparently

the king at the time of the first

anglo-saxon invasions he was trying to

build a castle but it kept being

destroyed every night he would go home

and his workforce would go home to find

that all they had done the previous day

had been taken down

and this he finds out later is due to

two dragons one red and one bite

fighting each other beneath the earth

and this then later evolved into a whole

story to do with Merlin that the red

dragon was the British and the white

dragon were the anglo-saxons and this

was this ultimate struggle between the

two for control of the island until as

the Celtic mythology said by a hero

would come a prophesied hero would come

back and eventually drive the white

dragon out and it's not happened yet so

watch out everyone but there is also

another dragon which is a yellow dragon

like the one used by the anglo-saxons as

well which is called the wyvern and this

is seen on the flag of Wessex one of the

anglo-saxon kingdoms

however the Welsh also had a yellow

dragon which was used on the flag of a

man called owen Glendora and owen

blended was a 15th century late 14th

century Welsh freedom fighter who rose

up against the English in rebellion in

only Indoors rebellions very interesting

character there now the first time we

really see a flag that's very similar to

the modern Welsh flag is in 1485 with

Henry Tudor who raised his standard

which is this standard above the Battle

of Bosworth and because he won the

Battle of Bosworth this flag has gone

down in history and this is where the

modern Welsh flag comes from now we also

have this flag which is based on that

one of course and this was used from the

start of the 19th century up until 1953

when it was replaced with this flag

which is of course the modern Welsh flag

again the dragon from the red dragon of

Kavala and of course the green and white

from Henry the seventh he also had that

on his banner now there is another flag

which is used which has the Welsh dragon

on which is the flag of Puerto Madryn

which is a it was Welsh speaking I think

there is still a Welsh speaking

community there in Argentina which is

why they have the light blue and white

stripes just like on the Argentinian

flag and another flag that's associated

with Wales is associated with the patron

saint who has sent David and that's this

flag which is black and yellow and very

similar to your Cornish flag I believe

it's even the same and and the reason

that they use this for I've obviously

he's the patron saint and a few years


try to a company try to advertise this

flag as a more nationalistic flag for

the Welsh as in that of course they

could use this to represent the patient

Saint because in England st. George's

flag is the cross which is on the flag

in Scotland it's an Andrew which is also

on the flag and in Ireland at least

initially it was sympatric flag which is

the red Saltire

so they thought this would be like that

because obviously the Welsh flag is a

little bit different but it's not meant

to replace the dragon flag it's meant to

fly alongside it and of course then we

have the issue that there is no Welsh

representation on the flag so some

people have thought that they could

place this dragon on instead and then

you have a flag like that or that they

make the background the colours of the

st. Davids flag instead that they

represent the Welsh then but they're not

entirely sure how they're going to

resolve that so thank you very much for

watching this has been indeed my video

on the flag of Wales the Welsh flag

which is a really good looking flag it's

one of two flags in the world currently

which have dragons on it one being

obviously the Welsh and the other being

the flag of Bhutan now I probably will

do some more videos relating to stuff

I've got videos on Henry the seventh I

have more things coming on the Welsh in

the Dark Ages and I will have things

coming on oh and Linda and that kind of

era the 15th century and various things

like that as well as more general

history about Wales in future so thanks

very much for watching I've been hitched

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