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hey what's up my construction


hey before i jump into this i'm gonna

talk uh talk about

a real real subject here with us as

um construction entrepreneurs

but first i want to touch faces on a few

things i'm

so excited i'm at 4 000 subscribers

this is incredible it really shows that

hard work pays off you know constantly

you know giving out the content


uh uh being disciplined to to do the


i mean it's a lot of work just to do a

videos even though

i don't do any editing it still

requires effort uh discipline


to put out these videos uh on a daily

basis it is tough

but i'm getting better at it and i'm

getting more views on the website

i'm getting more purchases made where

people are really

taking in the you know the admin forms

the shirts the um even the uh estimation

made simple

where you learn about the uh profit


how to build your labor burden right

these things

are just people are taking them grabbing

them and really

benefit from them you know

so i just wanna say

if you if you're working at something


you're not seeing results continue to


continue to look at it adjust

redefine revise delete and continue

because you're going to get the results

if you're making an

effort to grow whatever you're trying to

but you have to make a conscious effort

so i just want to say thank you

my 4 000 subscribers this awesome let's

get up to 5

000 6 000. so there's a few things

that's coming along here

one getting ready to launch the assessed

estimating system

as a subscription to where us as

contractors can now

log into the estimate system build our


anyone can use it because before i

didn't have anything and i just gave it


and eventually

what i built was gonna get into the

wrong hands what i built was gonna

be given to someone else and just blown

out and

probably turned into something that it

should not it should not be

some complicated system okay

now i found a platform we're almost


and and hopefully this thing can be

tweaked enough

to to just launch so i'm excited about

that it's gonna be a new

something new that can add to

our day-to-day business life the growth

i'm telling you this is like it's


next thing i'm excited about is

youtube has granted um

us on this channel to be to be able to

do a paid membership

to where we can dive in even deeper now

i was already planning on doing a paid

membership on my website

never fully built it just a lot of

um things that i had to do to

make sure i integrate good morning make

sure i integrate that into the website

so i never really got around to it

now youtube is saying that hey you can

do paid membership there

so we're getting ready to launch that

that would be low cost as well good


beautiful dog thank you low cost is what

i want to do

low cost as well so look out for that

i'm not saying join but we will be we

will be digging in

on that paid membership site i mean i

already have a title of a series that

we're going to be launching called um

uh real contractors real project

dealing with real money and um we're

just going to get a lot of

insight and dig deep on estimating

building the company talking about

insurances and things that we need to


to get up to the next level and that's

what this video is about is

all of us want to get our business to

the next level

it's a lot of us a lot of contractors on

this channel that

are licensed doing

construction work unlicensed doing

construction work

right or just people that just work for

construction companies

either good morning no matter what

all of us are working in the

construction industry and we're working

to support either our lifestyle family


whatever it is we look we we're working

within this industry

now for my contractors out there people

that want to be contractors

there's i'm not saying everyone goes

through this but there's a

there's a lot of things that are


within this industry and one of the

things that are unspoken is stress

we don't talk about stress anxiety

um uh how we self-sabotage

and i want to talk about some of that

stuff there good morning

and it it's it's a serious thing because

anytime anyone asks us hey how's


how's everything oh man it is good man i

got this job going on i got

that job way over there but to them

to down and get to the nitty gritty we


probably 80 percent of us are not doing


even though we are busy we're not doing


one of the things we find that are a

challenge because i had it as a

challenge with myself

is learning how to adjust to the growth

okay there's times where we could be


growing and growing and growing

and then we get to a point where

all we do is have to continue what we're


add to it and we can get ourselves to

the next level but we don't do it

that could be as simple as good morning

good morning simple as doing our

invoices on time

going after more projects while we're

still busy

knowing how to go after uh we need


going after getting insurance now

because we have gotten to this next


um adding workers comp adding commercial


because commercial auto and personal

auto you can't use that

as you're growing into your your

construction business right you got to

do the commercial auto

and trying to learn about those things

so we can get to the next level

that's one of the things like it's

almost like

some of us realize we're we're

we are getting to that level and we


we literally stop doing things that we

need to do on purpose

because why we don't we know we're not

going to have the discipline

or we don't want to have the discipline

to do it

we don't want to um we may not have the


to get up to the next level but all of

us at the same time we're all saying

i want to grow i want to have i want to

get to this

you know this level have this many

employees doing this many jobs

but know that all that requires a

certain discipline

on our part all that requires a certain

level of commitment

on our part as contractors all that

requires a certain level of learning

knowledge you need to attain a certain

level of knowledge so you

can get to that next level learn how to

hire the right people

and sometimes we are afraid to deal with

that next level

so we self-talk sabotage we don't we're

busier than i don't know and we're not

going after the next job

we find ourselves slowing down doing


slowing down doing invoicing when we

already have the stuff there's things

that we'll slow down doing

even though we already have it in place

literally to get paid all we do is have

to send an invoice

and we're not even sending an invoice


to get that job they say hey that price

is good write it up and send it over to

me and we're not even writing it up and

saying that over

literally to this day and some people

are saying like whoa

i would do that that's easy for me to do

but when you get into that situation

sometimes we don't even recognize that

we're self-sabotaging ourselves

we don't even realize it until after

it's all

until that phase has passed until that


is gone but the first step in this

is recognizing what it is recognizing

that we're going through stress

recognizing that we have an anxiety


you we have to label these things

because if we don't label them then we

cannot address them

contractors as contractors we go through

so much stress

this is why this is why it's not easy to

be in this journey

it's not easy a lot of people that

that's why it's not a

a lot of people always doing this

because not everyone can handle

the amount of stress that we go through

the amount of worry we have to consume

we have to the the the days you got to

get up

and deal with a customer that you don't

want to deal with

now sometimes we don't deal with them

right sometimes we ignore that call

sometimes we

dodge that customer so there's times

guys listen let me tell you this

there's times i we go through so much as

contractors i mean distressed uh

i mean there was there was a time

in my career where i

ignore stress i i didn't even label

stress or stress

because it was such a normal occurrence

in my

daily lifestyle within contracting

i didn't even label stress and i

literally just let it just

ride on out i literally say

sometimes i'll deal with that when it


and i just would just let it play out at

times because i never looked at the


i never looked at i never labeled it and


when when i didn't label it eventually

it grew and grew and grew and it became

i had an anxiety attack

and my wife literally had to tell me

that i was having

an anxiety attack um later on

within this journey one day i went to

and i was like

you know i'm feeling worried about


and i don't even know what it is i i

cannot pinpoint it

i don't i don't i don't know what's

going on i don't know what's wrong

i don't know why i'm feeling like this i

don't know

there's nothing really wrong she told me

you have an anxiety attack

you know and it was just a build up of


and with that build up of things i seen

the dog in the bag and i thought that

dog was loose

it's just a build up of things and with

that build up of things i was not

dealing with them correctly and they

were just affecting me

uh personally my uh mental my attitude

my personality

i mean these things were eaten at me and

when i got

some of us may may be able to deal with

this differently but when i

labeled those things i was able to deal

with it

at a different level i was able to deal

with it and

talk and really label it hey tyrone

right now

you are going through stress you're

stressing because you're about to lose

this job

you're stressing because you got pedro

coming up and

you don't know how you're going to meet

payroll you're stressing because

um uh workers comp is due and you got to


60 grand right uh

you're straight and it could be just as

simple as

um getting a uh um you know a cost

analysis report

uh from my uh accountant right or my uh

my admin

you know it could be simple as that it

could be as simple as you know

looking into it to relate to it to erase

the stress

but until i label it myself

i'm not i'm not i don't realize the

paths i need to take

to get rid of that stress to minimize

that stress

to realize that it's already taken care


right with what confidence i'm like yeah

because i looked into this

and i looked at this account and we are

good to go

okay i'm getting estimates from here so

we are good to go we're going to get a

new policy

we're not even dealing with that anymore


but i had to acknowledge those things

and there's a lot of things as

contractors that we're not acknowledging

that we need to face so we can get

ourselves to that next level

we gotta stop acting like everything is

okay all the time

it's okay if things are not okay

but as long as we acknowledge that and

we're gonna

deal with it and confront that then we

can get we can get past that and get to

the next level

instead of allowing those things to

linger and bother

us and eat us eat at us there's there's

stress that can eat at you and you not

realize to eat at you you

got an attitude you get home and you

you you upset and you have no reason why

you're upset

you just got home no one has done


um so so as contractors we really have

to realize and understand that

the amount of pressure that we do that

we deal with

is is something that we have to confront

address because that prevents us from

getting to the next level

that prevents us from making sure we do

our invoicing on time

right making sure that we take care of

the pile of paperwork that we need to

take care of until we can hire someone

okay sometimes this is the stress is you

got too much work

and you need to hire someone and you

just don't know how to go about hiring


you may not know how what what you're

going to offer them to pay them

you can be that could be anxiety in

itself like what do i offer this person

you know where do i find this person


um sometimes this how do i even know

what the person is doing um

the the right things right what do i


what do i need to have in purge what do

i need to have in place

to even hire this person like if i'm

overwhelmed with invoicing

it's just enough invoicing to keep this

person busy

well look this is simple we could just

go on craigslist

you can go on um indeed and you can find

someone that fits into that category

or you can place an ad somewhere and say


i just need someone to do invoicing

that's how that starts out

you literally place an ad start action


and uh here i'll place adam craig says i

would um

look at indeed or any other um uh

resume website and i'm literally calling


and asks do you want to do this on a

part-time basis i'm not looking to hire

you full-time

but do you want to do this on a

part-time basis and if you're doing your

numbers correctly like you're supposed

to be doing

then you can understand how much you

have to pay that person

because you know how much it's costing

you to do that work

okay you know what it's taking you away


so we just look at that we have to sit

down and look at it and start asking

ourselves those questions

and if we don't know what questions to

ask then once again

it's the knowledge it's looking at

channels like this

making sure you're receiving good

information reading the books that you

need to be reading

right uh uh uh reading the articles that

you need to be reading so you can know

the right questions to act

okay i read a lot of books because

it helps me be creative it helps me

problem solve

right it helps me figure out a a path

that that i may not have thought about

that someone else has already went


right it helps me it helps me realize

that i

am succeeding at times so reading the

gaining the knowledge that's the next

thing that that that takes away this

worry that takes away the stress

is having that knowledge okay so

you gotta go you you got you have to

push yourself to gain that knowledge you

have to push yourself

to sit down and figure out why am

i stressing why am i having an anxiety


why am i worried about this why

and once you break it down you realize

it's really not that bad

i'm gonna tell you why i'm gonna tell

you why it's not that bad this is this

is gonna be good

it's not that bad because we already

been through worse

and we got out of it that's what a lot

of people forget to remember

the things we already been through

okay the things we already been through

what's worse

and we got through it it was tough

because it was an

uncomfortable situation it was very hard

to address

you know that's why i'm a big fan right

now i'm a big fan of addressing

issues before they become issues i'm a

big fan of that if i realize something

is going to be an issue

i will address it and a lot of people

wonder why

good morning a lot of people wonder why

i i will address them um early on

in an issue when it's not even an issue


a lot of people was wondering like why

why are you even like

they may not say it to me but i know

they wonder why like like why is that an

issue for tyrone

well a lot of things i address is

because later on it becomes even harder

to address and this goes up with my


this goes with friends this goes

especially in business

i address the tough situations be

before they become impossible to address

before it gets to a point where it's

like oh you should have said something


you know or become stressful so my

construction entrepreneurs

i've talked long enough i hope you got i

hope the point

drove home and we stopped the self uh

sabotaging stop it stop it and

figure this stuff out so you can get

yourself to the next level

figure it out gain that knowledge and

look for that

estimating course look for that such

estimating course

that's going to help you eliminate half

your stress right there i got people

that's using this course to this day

still receiving updates

still using it and just

gaining so much confidence going after


you get so many jobs when you're more

confident about your numbers

okay that's what really drives a lot of

stress within this industry is the labor

labor drives so much stress labor and

not having jobs

and not bidding on jobs correctly

remember i always say this

there's no bad there's there's no bad


there's only bad bids so my construction

entrepreneurs i'm gonna let you go with


check out the website check out the

products below in the description

make sure you get your construction

entrepreneur shirt you deserve it

i'm telling you you do deserve it you

are the one

hustle hard dead hustle harder