Why a Universal Church is Important - Cary Dabney



when it was one of Jehovah's Witnesses

the word church because of the language

that they use is synonymous with a false


all right so whenever you hear the word

Church whenever you hear someone refer

to them being part of a church a Jehovah

Witness that word is all automatically

going to trigger there on the outside

because the language when it refers to

the Jehovah's Witnesses is more

organization they identify themselves as

something set apart set outside of the

world's church and that's why you will

never see the word Church used in any of

its translations of Scripture in any of

its materials my search for church

versus an organization that's it

that's an instance where their language

works against them the reason why I say

that is if you raised one Jehovah's

Witnesses and you think of in the terms

of congregation or organization you're

looking for church one of the most

attractive things of the Catholic Church

and I'm sure this is true of any convert

is the realization that the church

exists beyond the building as one of

Jehovah's Witnesses even though you're

part of an organization there's so much

emphasis on the individual Kingdom

Hall's that the idea that you are part

of a world a genuine Worldwide Church of

which Jesus is the head of the church

and not a historical figure that died

and it's not active in the church but is

there living and present in the church

is so attractive that that's why the

word and the tradition is so attractive

is because you can go literally anywhere

into a Catholic Church and feel the

true presence of Jesus so if you want to

say it's not so much the word Church

that's on the south side of the building

it's what's inside of the building

that's the reason why yeah you're right

I can pass by a lot of buildings that

say the word church but it's only a few

that have the Tabernacle inside that I

know when I walk in I am present with my

lord of Saveur fully present with my

Lord and Savior