The Church is Apostolic


the final mark of the Church of Jesus

Christ is that she is apostolic now what

does this mean well like the other marks

of the church this can also be thought

of in two different ways first the

church is apostolic in herself in what

she is and she is apostolic in her

actions in what she does now first

regarding the church's actions we must

realize that the word apostle comes from

the greek verb Apostolou to send out or

to be set apart thus like the Twelve

Apostles themselves those called out and

sent by Jesus to preach the gospel the

church is also called out and sent out

into the world to preach the good news

of Jesus Christ the church is apostolic

because she is always called to preach

the gospel to those who have not heard

it but secondly and most importantly the

church is apostolic in herself that is

she is now and will always remain built

upon the foundation of the historic

Twelve Apostles of Jesus now what does

that mean well the true Church of Jesus

Christ is not and I repeat not an

arbitrary collection of men and women

brought together by a shared love for

the teachings of a historic Jesus no the

church herself is built upon the

foundation of the Twelve Apostles that

is a direct descendent of the 12 men who

Jesus directly chose and established as

his church this is a reality the church

calls apostolic succession this is

essential to the church's identity since

the true church of Jesus could never

have a mere human man no matter how holy

or how theologically astute as its

founder but must always trace its

lineage back to Jesus himself and the

Twelve Apostles who he established no

matter where the church may exist

throughout all times in his

three she will always be able to trace

her lineage back to the Twelve Apostles

the true church must always be apostolic

but the sisters keep studying this is

father Brad Elliott for the western

Dominican province