Why is the Christmas Story So Important?

well many of you know I've been

preaching on a series called Rio and

today I'm going to finish the series in

week number one I talked about something

sociologists call perceived reality

perceived reality is just a fancy way of

saying lies perceive reality the

definition is on the screen what a

person subjectively believes is real or

true or beneficial I've been over it for

two weeks we know what that means people

are absolutely believing lies our

children in schools are believing lies

I'm not pretty unless I'm skinny I'm not

popular unless I smoke this or drink

that I'm not happy unless I have these

things I'm not I'm not cool I'm not

desirable I'm not fun if I'm religious

and they begin to buy into Satan's lies

how do you know that Satan is a liar

right they buy into Satan's lies and

perceive reality is a very very very

dangerous thing what happens well when

our young people buy into it they're


the confusion leads to chaos the chaos

leads to pain the pain leads to death we

need something real because Satan wants

you to believe in the make-believe right

he wants you to believe in things that

are not true perceive reality week to

last week I gave you a homework

assignment and I wonder how many of you

are just waiting for me to ask how many

did it will you stand up I'm not going

to do that I'm not in the habit well

sometimes I do but I'm not going to

embarrass you today but I gave you a

homework assignment and that homework

assignment is for you to gather around

your gathering place with your family

and talk about the Christmas story as I

gave it to you last week you can

certainly vary from that because there's

a lot about the Christmas or that I

haven't covered but what do we talk

about we talked about genesis 3:15 the

first prophecy in the Bible talks about

the Christmas story right talks about

the birth of Jesus Christ who's going to

grow up go to a cross he's going to

crush the head of the serpent then we

fast forwarded to Isaiah 7:14 anybody

remember that verse behold a virgin

shall conceive and bear a son and shall

call his name Immanuel which means God

with us we talked about the importance

of that the importance of the virgin

birth that we fast-forwarded about six

to seven hundred years and the angel

Gabriel which I've just saying

about the angel Gabriel is the messenger

angel in the Bible what did he do he

came to the Virgin Mary and says you're

gonna have a son and she's like what I

don't know a man I've never been with a

man how is it possible and the angel

Gabriel said that child within you is

gonna be supernaturally conceived by the

Holy Spirit of God that child will be

called white the Son of God the son of

the highest and of his kingdom there

shall be no end we're still talking

about it 2,000 years later right church

that was the Virgin being having a

messenger sent to her by God the

messenger was Gabriel then we looked at

the conversation between God the Father

and God the Son just before God the Son

entered the womb of the Virgin Mary what

he said what'd he say church he said I

go to do thy will or god you're not

satisfied with offerings and sacrifices

I you have prepared a body for me so I'm

going to go and I'm going to enter that

body and we just we just discussed the

Christmas story and then we looked at

the virgin birth where Jesus was

actually born in the manger well today

we're going to continue and I've never

intended for this sermon series to be

about kids but I believe that's kind of

how God has led it we saw the children

up here today aren't they a blessing on

it isn't it a blessing to see the

children singing about God right I never

intended for this to be about children

and it can it certainly applies to all

of us but today I'm going to continue my

sermon series and finish the series

called real with that where you stand

with me please and let's pray and ask

God to bless our service this bar has

father we thank you so much for your

many wonderful blessings we thank you

for this time of the year when we just

reflect on the beauty of Jesus Christ

and what he means to all of us

and father this year more than any other

it seems that it's time for us to get

back to what Christmas is all about I

know we say it to some degree every year

father but this year it feels like it's

very very important that we get back to

the root of Christmas and that is the

virgin birth

of Jesus Christ for us to remember how

you sent Jesus into this world your son

a child was born but a son was given so

that we could have our sins paid for so

that we could have eternal life so that

we God can be reconciled back to you

because sin separated us from you and

father I pray that every one of us as we

go through the Christmas season we keep

in the forefront of our minds the reason

why we put up Christmas trees the reason

why we buy gifts the reason why we love

our family and our friends the reason

why we fellowship around a meal that you

have provided me everything about

Christmas remind us father of your

goodness remind us father of your gift

to us wrapped in swaddling clothes may

every gift we give remind us of that

gift we have received God we love you

father I love you and I thank you for

all that you've done from my family and

me and I pray God that we can

reciprocate that love

I pray that I show you every day how

much I love you and how much you mean to

me how much I depend on you how much I

desire to please you every day and to

tell others about you we're fighting

consumerism we're fighting celebrities

we're fighting the world that we live in

who's making Christmas about everything

but Jesus and God may I in my life and

not allow that to happen

Christmas is about Jesus we know that we

believe that we trust in that and we're

not going to allow the world we're not

going to allow the devil to hijack

this time of year we're going to

celebrate the birth of our Savior in

that manger and all that it means for

each of us or it's in his name we pray

and all God's people said amen

why is understanding the Christmas story

so very important today I'm going to

give you some things that show me that

it's just some reminders of why it's so

important so if you will pull out your

bullets in the insert I'm going to give

you just a couple of feelings today

things that the Christmas story

remind me of are you ready Church the

first thing that the Christmas story

reminds me of as I was thinking about it

this week is it's a firm foundation it's

a firm foundation I know we keep going

over this first but it seems to be a

verse that God just keeps giving to me

in my mind therefore the Lord Himself

would give you a sign behold a virgin

shall conceive and bear a son and shall

call his name what is it church say it

loud shall call his name Emmanuel which

means God with us

we have carpenters in the building we

have contractors and there's one thing

that's absolutely sure that's absolutely

certain when you build a house it must

have a strong what church you build a

high-rise building you must have a

strong what foundation you build an

apartment complex it better be built on

a strong foundation because if it isn't

what's going to happen Church what's

going to happen if you build your house

on a weak or not a strong foundation

what's going to happen the first time

the storms come is going to shift it's

going to fall you are going to have a

disaster on your hands

a foundation is extremely important when

you build a substantial building but

what if I told you that a foundation is

equally as important when it comes to

your Christianity I want to tell you

something folks I want you to look at

the book ends of Christianity you have

what at the end you have the

resurrection of Jesus Christ and at the

beginning you have not only the birth of

Jesus Christ

you have the virgin birth of Jesus

Christ and if Jesus Christ isn't born of

a virgin I want to tell you so your

entire Christianity crumbles right

before your feet you understand that I

get so sick of liberal theologians who


take liberties with the Word of God they

don't believe in the resurrection they

don't believe in the miracles and they

certainly don't believe in the virgin

birth of Jesus Christ without the virgin

birth of Jesus Christ Jesus Christ it's

no better than any other human being

who's claimed to be something in his

life do you understand that you tell me

well I don't believe in the resurrection

lie believe Jesus was a good man wait a

minute you cannot say Jesus was a good


without the virgin birth because the

virgin birth continues to point that

he's better than the good man he is a

God in heaven right he's a God who

wrapped himself in flesh and blood make

no mistake about it when you get around

he's liberal theologians who do want to

listen the Bible is not a buffet you

don't take what you want and leave the

rest you either take it all or you leave

it all get away from these liberal

churches who do not believe in the blood

of Christ

who do not believe in the resurrection

of Christ who do not believe in the

virgin birth of Christ let me tell you

who's running these churches Satan

himself he's making them believe a bunch

of lies if you do not believe in the

virgin birth of Christ then you might as

well abandon your version of

Christianity altogether because

Christianity rises and falls on the

virgin birth of Jesus Christ if he did

not he was not born of a virgin do you

realize it all falls apart first of all

what do we lose first of all we lose

distinction we lose distinction right

Jesus Christ you want to line him up I

don't care who you choose Joseph Smith

of the Mormons you want to choose

Charles taze Russell of the Jehovah's

Witnesses you want to choose Gandhi you

want to choose Muhammad you want to

choose Buddha that's fine choose every

single one of them and put Jesus beside

them and they all fall like bowling pins

because not one of them was virgin birth

and not one of them had the audacity to

say you killed me and in three days I'm

going to rise from the grave

why wouldn't they say it why wouldn't

they say it because their peers would

last him all the way to the grave but

jesus said and declared both of them and

both of them are true and there's an

abundance of witnesses there's an

abundance of evidence to prove that he

was virgin born and he

rise from the grave you take away the

virgin birth and you take away his

distinction from everybody else you see

you can't lump Jesus I you know what I

get so sick of that bumper sticker says

assist co-exist Jesus never meant to be

coexisting with other gods he says I am

the god I'm not one among other gods

they are not gods

they're heresy they're heretics I am God

and my virgin birth and my resurrection

and my miracles everything my father did

shows you that I'm different than the

rest of them and that is why we worship

Him Amy in church so the virgin birth

you don't have it you don't have this

stinks you know that you don't have you

don't have a sinless sacrifice we talked

about the virgin birth last week why is

it important that Jesus was born of a

virgin give me a short answer anybody

somebody want to take the microphone

preach the sermon why is it important

because he was virgin born so that he

would not have a sin nature how many of

you have an earthly father you're the

result of an earthly father you know

what that means you're a sinner you're a

dirty rotten stinking Center just like

me and in my sin I cannot go to heaven

in my sin I cannot please God but you

know what we need we need a Savior but

we don't only need a Savior we need a

sinless Savior we need a Savior who has

not a sin nature who can go to a cross

and be the sacrifice for us Amen Church

and the only way that can happen is to

be virgin born anybody here virgin born

please don't raise your hand it's gonna

be embarrassing for all of us without

the virgin birth there's no distinction

without the virgin birth there's what

there's no second sinless sacrifice

without the virgin birth there's no what

there's no payment for sin if he was not

virgin born forget these liberal

theologians folks forget them they don't

understand what's they don't understand

what's going on stay true to the Word of

God how many of you know that the Word

of God declares that he was virgin born

and because of that your and my sins can

be paid for in that great church in that

were celebrating that my sins are

eighty-four which means I can enter the

presence of God which means that I can

go to heaven when I die amen that's to

pray to God is to be praised at

Christmas because that is what it means

without the virgin birth guess what else

there's no Christianity and I know

that's a bold statement and I'm a bold

guy without the virgin birth there is no

Christianity because everything crumbles

and you know what else how many of you

love the Christmas season without the

virgin birth there is no Christmas

season some of you were in the meadow

lights this year lights on the news you

put up your Christmas tree think about I

know Christmas is stressful too isn't it

I was telling somebody this past week

Christmas isn't supposed to be full of

anxiety and stress it's supposed to be a

great time of the year and I think

sometimes we need to make some changes

in our lives to get back to it being a

blessed time of the year Amen Church I

love coming and watching the kids sing I

love preaching at Christmas I love

church I love feeding the homeless I

love doing all the things and guess what

everything that you enjoy about

Christmas it will be no more if Jesus

didn't was not virgin born amen Church

you know what this means for me and my

family it means a firm foundation let me

tell you what my Christianity stands on

it stands on the fact that my Savior was

born of a virgin so that he could die

for me on that cross that is a firm

foundation and you know what I teach my

kids I teach my kids exactly what

Christmas is all about so that they can

stand on a firm foundation how many of

you when you believe in the virgin birth

Chris Christianity begins to make a

little bit more sense right it begins to

how could someone die for me all of it

begins to make sense and by the way that

baby that was born in that manger do you

know what he would do he would grow up

and he would say these words those who

hear my words and do them they are like

people who build their houses on a rock

a firm foundation but you know what else

he goes on to say he says those who hear

my words and don't do them they're like

people who build their houses on what

sand and what does the Bible say when

you build your house on sand I've known

people who go to

churches that are liberal churches and

guess why they're just as messed up as

the rest of the world because I'm

telling you liberal theology undermines

the entire Christian faith I've known

people said well I like Jesus he's

pretty good but I don't believe in that

resurrection stuff I don't believe in

that virgin birth stuff I don't believe

in those miracles are you kidding me

you've built your faith on a shifting

foundation and when the winds of the

world when the troubles of the world

come your entire house Falls and I've

seen people's houses fall fall and

falling the Bible says and great is the

phone so number one I want you to

understand Christmas is about having a

firm foundation that you can build your

life upon oh you're with me church

number two number two Christmas reminds

me of a what what does it say Church a

guiding star how many of you how many of

you have ever put a star at the top of

your Christmas tree

anybody many of you have how many you've

ever seen a star on top of a Christmas

tree do you know what that stands for do

you even know what it means everything

about Christmas points to Jesus there's

no doubt in my mind that some of us here

today and in the world we put up like so

in our tree we put gifts under the tree

we put star on the top and we have no

idea what those things point to candy

canes they point to Christ you

understand that the lights on your tree

they point to Christ being the light of

the world a green tree points to Christ

being the life in us right and the star

on the top points to what anybody

remember the Star of Bethlehem that did

what how many of you know somebody tell

me how many wise men are there in the

Bible I hear six I hear three I hear ten

twelve there twelve apostles

everybody normally I'm so glad that you

guys were educated in the Word of God

right because everybody always says

there's three there's three wise men

what if I told you you've been lied to

the Bible nowhere says that they're

three wise men

know where it says they gave three gifts

the wisemen right how many of you feel

bad that you've been lied to right

how many bought a Christmas card where

there were three wives Vienna at the

manger anybody yeah okay I'm not gonna

embarrass anybody how many of you have

seen a Christmas card with three wise

men at the Bane you're worshiping the

baby have you seen one at least four

this is a lively crowd let me tell you

this two things wrong with that

Christmas card first of all the Bible

does not say that there were three wise

men doesn't say it find it the second

thing I hate to break it to you folks

because you said man I've been lied to

all these years the wise men were not at

the manger they were not there can I

take your church somebody says listen if

you see them here I got some Christmas

cards on my desk right now I can't wait

to open them listen it's cool if you

send a Christmas card with with with

wise men at the manger it's cool I

promise you it's cool I'm not saying

that you're the devil I'm not saying

you're ignorant I'll bomb and I'll send

them you know when I do my Christmas

shopping I'll do mine Tuesday night and

if that's the only car that's left I'm

sending it to you all right it's cool

I'm not here to destroy anybody all


but let's look at the guiding star here

it is on the screen now after Jesus was

born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days

of Herod the King behold wise men from

the east came to Jerusalem saying where

is he who has been born King of the Jews

for we have seen his what star in the

east and have come to worship Him the

star which they had seen in the East

went before them till it came and stood

over where the young child was when they

saw the star they rejoiced with

exceeding great joy and when they had

come into the manger where they got

thought it was a manger hello and when

they went to the house they saw the

young child I believe Jesus was around

two years old or younger with Mary his

mother and fell down him worship Him and

when they had opened their treasures

they presented gifts to him go to

frankincense and myrrh

there's where people get three wise men

we can see that they

not at the manger they were actually

we're Church he was a young child and

they were in a house and he was still

very young but I want you to notice what

happened in this text what did those

wise men do they followed a wife they

followed a guiding starting to think

about this for a moment

just like with the Queen of Sheba a few

weeks ago Jesus was telling the story

what did these wise men do what do they

do first of all they were very wealthy

so they left their homes they left their

families they left the comfort they left

their positions and did why they hop on

private jets church they hopped on a

private camel they had to fight the

elements they were very wealthy so there

was no doubt a huge Caravan they had to

fight the elements they had to fight the

long journey they had to fight the

discomfort of the long journey they had

to fight Marauders and thieves on the

way why why were they willing to do it

because they were willing to leave all

of that behind to find that which is

true how many of you believe that

putting aside everything so that you can

find the truth is worth it we live in a

day now where it's really really it's

getting harder and harder to get people

to get up on Sunday morning to go to

church and we see from the Bible that

people were willing to do some

incredible things in search of the truth

what are you willing to do to find the

truth why do we need to find the truth

by the way tell me church why do we need

it because the truth will set the truth

will set you free and these wise men

what did they do they left everything

behind to find that baby or that child

and when they got to that child what did

they do the Bible says that they bow

down and they worship Him listen these

were very powerful rich and important

people and they bowed it can you imagine

bowing down and worshiping a child and

they did that and not only did they

worship him they gave him gifts what

gold frankincense and myrrh now you're

saying well pastor what does this mean

to us well I'm glad you asked

because the Christmas story is about God

using a star to guide some men to the

truth what if I tell you that God uses a

star to guide us to the truth some of

you said what are you talking about can

I tell your church oh you're ready to

get excited Church we're looking at

Jesus as a baby here but revelation

reveals Jesus as the king of kings and

Lord of lords

revelation reveals Jesus as the god

that's going to come back one day and

he's going to destroy the devil he's

going to destroy seeing he's going to

destroy death he's going to exalt all of

us to our rightful place those of us who

have been saved he is going to wreck

this world he is going to put Satan in

hell and in the very last chapter of the

Word of God Jesus says I am the bright

and Morning Star so if God uses a star

to guide these men to the truth God uses

a star in my life to guide me through

the truth he defined himself come on

with me Church the bright and morning

star I Jesus you know what that tells me

first of all he says I'm the bright star

you know what bright tells me that he's

easy to find bright is easy to find

right in a dark world what does the

Bible says you if you seek me you will

do what church if you seek me with all

of your heart

first of all bright means he's easy to

find you're a second thing in the bright

means to me the Bible says we live in a

very dark place

we live in a very dark world and when

you're walking around in darkness you're

going to stumble that's gonna be you're

gonna have a hard time finding your way

what it's like due to a dark place they

cannot coexist

light and darkness cannot coexist and

light is more powerful because when you

turn on the light what happens to the

darkness it flees

darkness can't overtake the light do you

understand that the light can overtake

the darkness see when Jesus says I'm the

bright morning star he's saying this he

says I'm easy to find and he says this I

will shed light on the dark places in

your life when our children are

believing in precede realities and

they're walking around in darkness and

they're confused in chaos you know

what's happening they're trying to make

their way through the darkness and Jesus

says if you were just coming to me I

will give you rest but I'm the bright

morning star and I was shine light on

everything and you won't be as confused

everybody with me he says I'm the bright

and morning you know what the morning

reminds me of the Bible says that his

Compassion's fell not and that his

mercies are new what does it say Church

his mercies are new every day his

mercies are new every morning that's

what that reminds me of so how does this

affect my Christmas here's how to fix my

Christmas in church I believe that

temple does an amazing job with this

right here you're with me

I believe temple does an amazing job

Christmas reminds me that I have a

bright morning star and that no matter

how many mistakes I make no matter how

confused I appear to be no matter how

much I'm struggling that I've got a star

that's gonna guide me back to the truth

I've got a start it's gonna guide me

back to God right no matter and you know

something this is what I teach my

children we are supposed our children

are supposed to outlive us as parents

right I tell my children all the time

and parents I know this is a lot of

homework for Christmas okay

parents please be in your children's

faces every day spreading the seeds of

the gospel spreading the seeds of the

truth you've heard me say this already

but a few months back when Billy Whitley

gave his testimony the most powerful

thing he said about his mother was this

when I hit the bottom I knew where to

turn I hit the bottom and I knew where

to turn

I'm turning to the bright morning store

and what did he do he picked up the

phone one day and called an old friend

that he hadn't talked to in probably 20

years he called an old friend and he

came to church you know why he came to

church because churches were Jesus is

and I tell my children all the time one

day your daddy is gonna be gone and one

day your mother's gonna be gone and the

devil is so real and he's gonna try to

get you out of church you know I'm

preaching to my children if you want to

honor your daddy you want to honor me

when when I'm going you want to honor me

then get in church it's important get in

church marry a man like that it wants to

take you to church Rachel marry a man

that wants to take you to church don't

marry someone who can take your leave

Church don't do it we live in a time

where churches that take-it-or-leave-it

proposition I tell my boys marry a woman

that wants to go to church because let

me tell you something folks churches

where you find God you say we cannot

find him other places yes but his

presence is manifest more in the house

of God on the Lord's Day than anywhere

else you're going to hear truths there

more than anywhere else that is where

you find the bright and Morning Star

he's here with us this morning how many

of you believe it Church God is here and

he's watching us those of you on

Facebook he's watching you we don't need

Santa Claus we need Jesus Christ we need

Jesus Christ and I tell my kids all the

time when you get lost in this world

when I'm not here you can't pick up the

phone and call me

you can't pick up the phone and call

your mother you don't feel like you have

direction and you're lost and you've

made mistakes and you've gotten away

from God I tell them all the time you

can always go back to God Jesus is

always waiting for you go back to his

house go back to church and you know

something when life kicks my kids and

backside and I'm not here to help show

them the way I have shown those seeds in

their lives and I promise you when

they're in their darkest place guess

what God is going to remind them of what

I told them I got to get back to church

and you and I parents we need to teach

our kids those same things listen teach

them the importance of church teach them

the importance of church how many times

do I have to say it teach them the

importance of going to church because in

churches where you find that bright sit

with me Church bright and morning bright

morning star

so Christmas reminds me of what a firm

foundation that I have built my life on

number two Christmas reminds me of what

church a guiding star that always guides

me back to where I need to be amen and

number three and your insert Christmas

reminds me of a reliable truth Psalm 33

4 in Proverbs 30 and 5 says this for the

word of the Lord is right and true every

word of God is what how many of you

believe that every word of God is

flawless the baby in the manger is a

reminder of God's truth to me let me

tell you how I mean what I mean by that

in 1958 there was a renowned mathematics

and astronomy professor his name was

Peter stoner he studied and calculated

the chances of the fulfillment of

Messianic prophecies he concluded that

the probability of even eight of these

108 prophecies listen to me this

astronomy of mathematics professor he

said there are a hundred and eight

prophecies regarding the Messiah the

chances of one man fulfilling even eight

of these hundred eight prophecies is

this number right here can I get an amen

I maybe you have these many dollars in

your bank account how many of you have

to take quite a weight quite a few zeros

away to say you're getting in my

ballpark pastor

last I heard Jeff Bezos it may be Bill

Gates the richest men in the world

uttering something billion dollars you

know what this number is I got a look as

I can't remember one in 100 quadrillion

it was a good time for oh my this

astronomy and mathematics professor said

the chances of one man fulfilling eight

of the 108 Messianic prophecies is one

in 100 quadrillion what if I told you

that Jesus fulfilled them all every

prophecy that should have been fulfilled

at this point a summer or at the end

times has been filled by Jesus and it

started with what his birth how about

the Bible says a virgin shall conceive

and bear a son we see that in the New

Testament right

how about Micah said that the Messiah

would be born in Bethlehem we see that

Jesus left his hometown went back to

Bethlehem and that's where he was born

in a manger Amen Church we see in

Genesis that says that Jesus would be of

the tribe of Judah we look at his

lineage and guess what he was from the

tribe of Judah we see from the Bible

that he is going to be of the lineage of

King David when we look at his lineage

we see that he was born of King David we

see in the Bible that God says that

after he is born there will be weeping

for mothers all over Israel do you know

why there was weeping in mothers because

King Herod tried to kill him and he

murdered every son in Bethlehem and all

the women of Israel were crying because

they dictated

on their side and we see that God says I

will protect my son and Hosea says I

will call my son out of Egypt you know

why because God led his son out of Egypt

escaped a murderous Herod and I could go

on and on and on about the prophecies

that Jesus fulfilled in the band and

this astronomer said professor said only

eight would be one in 100 quadrillion

you know what that tells me church that

God's Word is always true can you

imagine living in the day of Isaiah when

he said a virgin shall conceive and bear

a son it was about six to seven hundred

years later and people probably said

when is it going to happen you said a

virgin was going to give birth to a son

when is it going to happen and people

died waiting of that promise but I gotta

tell you Church 700 years later it

happened and you know what that tells me

that every word of God is true

every word of God is true even when God

says that he's going to do something

even if it doesn't happen in your

lifetime you can still believe that it

is going to happen because you see God's

not on our timetable amen he's not on

our timetable he's different than us so

again what does it remind me of

Christmas that every word of God is true

I'm not a liberal theologian I can

promise you that they thank you you're


they frustrate me because they treat to

God they treat the Word of God like a

buffet table we like this oh no we don't

like that we like this peace but we

don't like that man we like the love of

God we certainly don't like the judgment

and murder and justice of God you and I

cannot do that and I promise you when

you stand on that firm foundation when

you're guided by that guiding light that

star and then what I understand the

reliable truth let me tell you something


and I'm gonna close I know what I

believe I know what I believe I believe

what I believe because God said it in

its word

I'm not what listen I'm not perfect I

have bad days just like all you guys do

but I don't walk around confused about

what I believe look at our news right

now Church look at our news our country

is divided but I'm not divided

people ask me all the time what is your

political stance what do you believe

possible what about this group over here

says this I don't care what that group

over there says I care what God says and

when you know the Word of God what's

happening in our world today makes

perfect sense I'm not confused about it

I'm not confused about what I believe

I'm not confused about where I stand

because I serve a God and his truth is

always reliable ask me what do you

believe about this and what do you

believe about that what do you believe

about this I can tell you just ask me

I'll tell you exactly what I believe

where you gonna vote next year pastor

well you what are you gonna vote for

I tell you who I'm gonna vote for I'm

going to vote for the one who's closely

who is the closest to the Word of God in

what he or she believes that's who I'm

voting for and I can tell you this if

you and I walk into any election with

the mindset who is closest to the Word

of God then we'll put God's man or woman

in the White House

and we'll put god's man and woman in

this role or in that role Amen Church I

teach my children this I teach them this

God's Word is a reliable truth and when

I'm dead and gone church

I'm dead and going to my children I say

stand on God's Word and I'm telling you

when you pour this into your kids when

they get into college I have a daughter

in college right now can you believe it

Church thank you she comes home one day

and she's taken an ethics class huh and

she had an exam and her professor gave

her a scenario that said if a doctor if

a woman has a baby and a doctor I miss

you laugh at this a doctor delivers a

baby and he takes the baby from the

mother's womb and as he walks away he

drops the baby the baby dies is that

wrong is it wrong that he dropped that

baby and that baby died so my daughter

answers yes that's morally wrong it may

have been an accident but it's wrong

right she got that she heard her

professor says she got the question she

got the answer wrong you know what the

professor said to her well it depends on

what that baby would have grown up to

become it

pens on what that baby would grow up to

become that determines whether or not

what that doctor did was right or wrong

if that baby would have growing to be an

ADD off Hitler then dropping that baby

was not wrong guys you're looking at me

like I can't believe that I couldn't

believe it either

and I said Langley you got the answer

right and I can give you story after

story after story of what my daughter

has run into in the school system where

she's getting an education but you know

what I can also tell you that it's not

sending my daughter into a tailspin why

because she knows what she believes and

there are people in her school that says

no this is not right that's right you

know what she's standing on a firm

foundation so pastor Thomas if you'll

come on Christmas reminds me of John

Christmas reminds me of this number one

a firm foundation teach your kids that

believing in the virgin birth why that's

important and they will be able to stand

on a very firm foundation not only at

Christmas but through the rest of their

lives amen teach your kids that

Christmas is a reminder that God has

sent us a guiding star a guiding light

and he is the bright and Morning Star

listen church teach your kids that when

they lose their way

they can always go to church and find

the bright morning star don't you want

your kids to be okay when you're dead

and gone that's why I give you a

homework assignment that's why we gather

around the table we gather around the

tree we gather in the living room we

gather around the in the kitchen or the


we teach our kids firm foundation

there's a guiding star in heaven and my

little one my ten year old right now his

name is Lawson and also need you

understand these truths when my son is

my age there's a good chance I won't be


to guide him how many of you are in your

40s and 50s and 60s and you say you know

what I still get confused to once in a

while I still struggle once in a while

to find my way we're listening to the

news we're listening to professor's

we're listening to people tell us this

is right this is wrong as so doggone

confusing I tell my little boy

God is the bright morning star and

anytime you get lost or confused you run

to him Lawson you run to him say it with

me run to him I promise you you will

find your way go to a church that

preaches the Word of God it is

conservative in their theology that

believes the Bible is inerrant

infallible inspired find out find a

church that believes those things and

get involved in that church and slowly

God will put your life back together and

Christmas reminds me that God is a

reliable truth

I believe that abortion is wrong and I

don't care if I'm the only human being

in the world that believes it because

one with God is the majority you ask me

what I believe and I'm gonna point to

the Word of God so with that Church will

you stand with me please this bow our

heads for prayer father we thank you for

your many blessings and father I pray

that we teach our kids these truths so

they can grow up and they can be

grounded in their faith so they can have

a firm foundation on which to stand I

pray we teach our children but there's a

star a bright and Morning Star that they

can always run to when they when they

when they're clouded in darkness when

they're frustrated when they don't know

where to turn when life seems to be

swallowing them up father they will run

to your church they were running to the

bright morning star

and God I pray that we all understand

that your truths are reliable that we

can believe in what you say that we can

believe in everything that you have

declared in your word and God made

Christmas remind us of these things we

love you Father

heads bowed and eyes closed how many of

you will say man pastor God has spoke to

me this Christmas I'm thinking of

Christmas so very differently now will

you slip your hands past I'm thinking of

Christmas so differently right now

and how important it is and what it

means to my family and me thank you so

much father we love you and we praise

you in Jesus name for those of you who

are parents out here today and

grandparents and caregivers how many of

you will step out from where you are and

come pray for your kids because darkness

is gonna swallow them up and sometimes

your prayers will be the difference how

many of you will come and pray for your

children maybe you want to grab your

child and bring your child I'm telling

you you may say they think they may be

making you think right now that's


but your kid will remember it forever

that you brought them to the altar in

God's house and you prayed for them on

the week of Christmas the altars now

open Church will you flood this altar

come on church