Chinese New Year for Kids


you are in the place of learning Chinese

New Year facts for kids it's also known

as the Lunar New Year the Chinese New

Year Lunar New Year talking about the

same thing two ways of saying it we're

gonna share facts about this holiday you

might say I don't understand holiday I

don't understand the difference between

the Chinese New Year and maybe a new

year that you're more accustomed to

celebrating well you're in the right

place buckle in cuz this is gonna be

awesome it's interesting different

cultures have used different calendars

through the years

now the most common calendar to use in

the world is the Gregorian calendar this

is what the Gregorian calendar looks

like it's probably very familiar to you

there are always twelve months in a year

and New Year's is always on January 1st

now here is the Chinese calendar the

Chinese calendar is very different than

the Gregorian calendar this is

interesting sometimes the number of

months in a year can change some years

have 12 months in some years have 13

months we're going to explain why in

just a moment and New Year's is always

in January or February but truth be told

it changes from year to year and that

New Year's is the Chinese New Year or

the Lunar New Year which is what this

video is all about


okay so why are the calendars different

well the Gregorian calendar is solar

meaning it's based on the Sun that is

why the Gregorian calendar is so similar

year by year and why the year always has

12 months with the Gregorian calendar

and why New Year's is always on that

same day on January 1st because it's

based on the Sun so there are less

changes in fluctuations from year to

year the Chinese calendar is lunisolar

meaning it's based on the Sun and the

moon which is why it can change a good

bit from year to year because it's not

just based on the Sun it's based on the

moon as well now this is interesting in

the Chinese calendar every year is given

a name instead of a number there are 12

animal names that rotate from year to

year and you can see in this wheel the

rotation of animal names at the current

moment making this video the new year is

going to be the year of the dog then the

following year is going to be the year

of the pig and then the year after that

will be the year of the rat and it keeps

going year by year along the wheel

through the animal names

all right so who uses the Chinese

calendar today in today's world China

and many other Asian countries use the

Chinese calendar for ceremonial reasons

or for planning special events and it's

not in just those areas across the world

there are people that still respect and

honor and use the Chinese calendar and

there are a lot of people that enjoy

celebrating Chinese New Year the Lunar

New Year

in fact over 1.5 billion people

celebrate Chinese New Year each year or

we're gonna move over 1.5 billion people

now some facts about the holiday itself

the full celebration lasts 15 days 15

days it's not just a one-day deal here

Chinese New Year is a huge event a

celebration that lasts 15 days it begins

with the reunion dinner on New Year's

Eve with the whole family and ends with

the Lantern Festival on the 15th day

which the lantern festival oh my god is

so beautiful so awesome we're gonna

share more about that in just a little

bit those 15 days are so important

because it's not just the celebration of

the new year but of a new season that's

why it's also called Spring Festival in

China this time of year is the beginning

of spring so this holiday really has

three names Chinese New Year Lunar New

Year and Spring Festival the beginning

of a brand new season the season of


now if there is one word that marked

this holiday it would be the word luck

almost every tradition in the Chinese

New Year celebration goes back to luck

and getting good luck in the new year

for example the dragon dances are

thought to bring lots of good luck to

the community it is thought that the

longer the dragon dance the more luck

that will come to the people

participating and to the community where

the dragon dance is happening because

dragons are thought to bring good luck

other traditions that are thought to

bring good luck in the new year are

lucky money envelopes which are always

red red is the color of luck in China

they put money inside and they're

supposed to be lucky envelopes cleaning

your house that's interesting cleaning

your house everyone loves a clean house

it's meant to sweep away any bad luck

and eating lucky food some foods are

considered lucky and so all of these

traditions are supposed to bring good

luck in the new year it all ends with

the Lantern Festival the lanterns are of

course always red and there are hung up

symbolizing people letting go of their

past and often times people will buy a

new Lantern

that they will hang up in the next year

as a symbol of the hope of the upcoming

year that they will have good fortune

and that it will be a wonderful year for

them thanks for watching this home

school pop video on Chinese New Year the

Lunar New Year the spring festival we

hope it was informative and that you

enjoyed learning more about this

fascinating holiday

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