critically endangered Chinchilla lanigera

I first came to these mountains in 1995

as an undergraduate to learn about the

wild and dangers and Chile's of Chile's

the chinchillas lived on these mountains

behind us when I came the colony was

past the mountain after planting trees

since 1997 and scattering seeds the

chinchilla colony here and in other

restoration areas now have doubled and

tripled and their new colonies and

places where they did not exist the

endangered longtail chinchilla lives in

colonies these colonies are scattered on

the lands that include the national

chinchilla reserve and the mountains

outside of the reserved contain half the

population these chinchilla colonies are

non communal lands we have an agreement

with the community - four areas that we

restored they will preserve for the rich

and Chile's we work with international

volunteers the IUCN assc Species

Survival Commission the Chilean Park

Service the Chilean agricultural service

the Chilean Minister of the Environment

international zoos and associations and

we received funding from Disney Wildlife

Conservation rapid resource fund the

John Ball zoo logical society the South

Florida Zoological Society AACC the

Minnesota Zoo and it's lure logical

society the Oregon Zoo the new zoo the

Wisconsin zoo the Houston Zoo and Z gap

Z and Zach sorry that's the Zoological

and aquarium Association and they're

concerned with conservation Z cap which

is a German zoo Association that also

does conservation act for nature out of

Monaco the lemon foundation from the US

the Whitley Foundation from the UK the

conservation research foundation Indiana

University Purdue University in


conservation technology support program

from NASA and Clark Clark labs and ESRI

you the United know the University of

Florida and the University of Florida

map and image change library

Indiana State University Resort condom

any international travel scholarships

Rotary Club of New Zealand Lindsey

Wilson College Library idea wild and

fills her first