Chesapeake Bay Retriever - TOP 10 Interesting Facts

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a big water lover with high energy level and

playful and intelligent personality There are top 10 interesting facts about a

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

Number one origin - we can trace Chesapeake Bay Retrievers history to the

year 1807 when two Lesser Newfoundland dogs were rescued from a British ship

near Maryland these dogs were amazing duck retrievers and they were cross bred

with other dogs probably with some water spaniels and varios hounds. Number two

water lovers - considering their ancestor and heritage it's no wonder that these

dogs love swimming they are just made for it with their thick oily double coat

and strong tail which is used as a rudder. You should include swimming to

the exercise routine there is not many other things that will make a Chessie

happier then a good swim. Number three around strangers - this is not a typical

all the time friendly social and welcoming retriever as you might expect

if you're only familiar with Labs or Goldens. Chesapeake Bay Retriever tends

to be more reserved with strangers. Of course that doesn't mean they will be

aggressive towards them they are just not as extremely welcoming and social

Overall they are more willful and assertive than other retriever dog

breeds. Number four coat - the coat of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is truly unique

and even when they just got out of the water it seems to be barely wet it is a

water-resistant double layered coat with oil in each layer which helps them to

dry out very quickly also thanks to their wavy coat you can easily tell them apart

from other retrievers. You can find them in brown and red color. Number five

workers Chessies are known for being a little bit stubborn but it's not a bad

thing when they are working as hunters and retrievers which is their original

purpose. They will just look nonstop for the fallen game until they find it. They

can also be trained as good protectors and of course they are amazing family

companions. You can also try some dog sport with them for example field trials

flyball rally or agility. Number six maintenance this is quite low

maintenance dog breed only occasional brisk brush is needed. You should also

not bath them very often since the oil in the coat should be maintained also

by often bathing you can destroy the water resistance of the coat. Just like

other retrievers this is medium to high shedder so be prepared for

that. Number seven children - this is a great companion for all the kids who now

how to act gently towards dogs. The Chesapeake is very playful dog and they

love playing with the kids some Chessies might be possessive over their

toys and food which might cause some troubles they also typically don't have

problems with other dogs in the family especially if they are raised with them

from the puppyhood. Number eight size this is a well proportioned dog

with average height between 21 to 26 inches which is 53 to 66 centimeters and

weight between 55 to 80 pounds which is 25 to 36 kilograms the females tend to

be a little bit smaller than males Nber 9 exercise - as you might probably

expect this is a dog breed with high exercise needs daily long walks jogs or

swims are must if you want to have healthy and happy dog in your home they

also love retrieving so playing fetch with toys or stakes is perfect for this

breed. Number 10 health - the lifespan of this breed is between 10 to 12 years and

they suffer from some more or less serious health problems most commonly

from hip dysplasia, von Willebrand's disease, progressive retinal atrophy and

cataracts. Tell me in comments what do you like the most about a Chesapeake Bay

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