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selfies we love them but no matter how

hard you try they just don't quite come

out right and who can live without the

GPS of the car you can never reach it

when that important turn comes around

trying to prop up your phone for

hands-free driving is almost impossible

until now meet nano hold nano suction

for your mobile device smartphones and

tablets nano hold looks simple but with

nano suction technology nano whole

material has millions of microscopic

suction cups nano hold sticks without

being sticky so you can place your

smartphone or tablet on many smooth flat

surfaces taking group photos with your

phone can be as easy as a simple stick

by using nano hold with your phone now

everyone can get in the picture in the

car nano hole makes any phone hands-free

feel safe to chat with friends just

stick and go wherever the road may lead

you getting ready on the go is always a

challenge but with the Nano suction

technology nano hold gives you an extra

hand when you need it make it easy to

give you a recipe a look while you're

trying to cook work on your car

hands-free while still being able to see

have easy access and never lose your

phone and the piles on your desk again

nano hold adds a new dimension to your

smart devices with revolutionary nano

suction technology you can place your

smartphone or tablet on many smooth flat

surfaces leaving you hands-free the

ultra slim profile of nano holds doesn't

change the size of your phone so it will

still fit in your pocket or the side

pockets of your purse nano hold the Nano

suction for your mobile device

that will make the people in your life

smile nano home simple and easy to use

for your smartphone and tablet get your

nano home today


family if we're all honest about it it's

what really matters the most those

special times together around the meal

and even if one of us is a little late

or even if things don't go exactly as

planned we all try to help each other

out then with the pet net smart feeder

it's easy to do just that though we all

have busy lives places to go and work to

do we still do what we can to make sure

our families are healthy and provide the

love and care they need to live happy

lives and sometimes when we're away we

still find ways to check in to stay

connected and take care of one another

that's just how it is and when everyone

comes back together again we pick it up

right where we left off because that's

what families do the pet net smart

feeder healthy pets happy owners






this is not the future I was promised

Wi-Fi routers are dumb machines and they

make us act like dumb people yes we

unplugged it these machines worked just

fine a decade ago when I only had one

computer but now my house is more

connected devices and I can even count

I want a modern Wi-Fi network that's

reliable and consistent wherever I am in

the house a network that's fast and

secure a network that keeps kids like my

nephew out of harm's way

enter luma an intelligent Wi-Fi system

that actually delivers on the promise of

fast reliable internet it surrounds you

with Wi-Fi using technology that was

previously only available to large

companies he put one here another one

there immediately you're up and running

we call it surround Wi-Fi luma is smart

enough to know things like what devices

you're using what networks are

interfering and where potential problem

spots are so it can make smart decisions

to get you the fastest data everywhere

and of course no network should be

without a good security system

I can easily grant people access to my

network and just as easily revoke it

speaking of that I can rest easy knowing

that luma has modern parental controls

so I can limit the kid 2g level websites

and monitor to make sure he's not up to

any shenanigans I can even set time

limits or pause the internet like during

dinner time yay awesome here I'll plug

this in

I love you speed safety security this is

the future I was promised

this is luma hey guys I'm Jeff hi guys

I'm helmet I think it's amazing how many

people have the same experience with

their earbuds it definitely is you know

an earbud problem you know they're

falling out you can tell people are kind

of pushing them back in or they're

uncomfortable they make your ears tender

so we needed to create a solution in

that solution is it your hooks when

you're running you know outside or when

you're working on the gym you want

something is gonna stay with you as an

active person you want to achieve that

focus where you can push yourself to a

limit that you've never been before and

why be distracted by any of your bud

when you don't have to be and we don't

want you to think this is only for

athletes this problem of earbuds falling

out is so common so what we've created

with ear hooks is a universal attachment

that connects to almost all in-ear

circular earbuds that increases their

fit increases their comfort as far as

design goes we really looked at every

piece of ear hook you can see we've got

a shark fin design on the top here which

we call the tip and this piece is what

disperses a lot of the weight of the

actual earbud you see you've got the

elastic tire here which stretches on and

off we've did a lot of testing we

relentlessly tweaked and changed the

design we prototyped over 20 different

ear hooks throughout the process the

testing ranged from running cycling

swimming surfing we really tried to do

everything we could to make sure that

these ear hooks could endure and with

every environment that they would ever

see we were very thoughtful in our

design process each step of the way

we've redesigned and we've reproduced

and we've retested and we know now that

we have a product that

is passing all those tests we have

flying colors the same way athletes push

themselves to be great at what they do

we've pushed ourselves to make your

hooks great at what they do



right now your hooks are something that

not too many people know about but the

people that do know about it have had a

great response we want to share this

product with the world and we can only

do that with your help we're hoping this

will be a collaboration hoping to learn

more about our product from all of you I

want to hear some stories from you guys

and you know really make this a great

product together when you talk about

listening to music it makes you want to

move and with your hooks you finally can