The Invention Of The Telephone I THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION

Gosford frist Kainan gherkin Sala

translated as the horse does not EQ

cumbrous salad these are the most famous

words in connection with a unique

invention that has become indispensable

in our daily lives what was first

dismissed as a pointless toy its

potential was quickly recognized by some

clever minds this invention is

responsible for the largest patent

dispute in history we are talking about

the telephone

hello my dear friends of encrypted

communication I'm Brett and a very big

welcome to another episode of its

history now every country has its

telephone inventor the French have

Charles boo soul who in 1854 described a

telephone but never built the thing the

Italians have their theater technician

and candlestick maker Antonio Meucci who

in 1871 drew up a blueprint for a phone

but it never became anything more and

then there's the good old American

Leisha gray who turned in his patent

just a little bit too late nonetheless

the invention of the telephone has

become closely associated with two other

names Alexander Graham Bell the one who

everyone knows and johann philipp ice

the name whom maybe only a few of you

know two super intelligent people whose

biographies could not be any more

different one was a son av professor of

rhetoric and at the age of ten entered a

private school in Edinburgh Scotland

later he would come to study Latin and

Greek by the age of 17 Alexander Graham

Bell became a teacher of elocution and

music inelegant also in Scotland the

other was the son of a baker and became

an orphan by the age of 10 by the virtue

of his circumstances he could not find

himself anything more than a commercial

apprenticeship however johann philipp

rice can be counted as one of the most

important pioneers of the telephone a

feat all the more impressive considering

he acquired all of his knowledge through

self-study rice was one of the first

persons to send a word by an electrical

wire his most productive period as an

inventor began about 1858 in a boys

boarding school in friedrich store

surprisingly the inventor received a job

as a teacher of french-- physics

mathematics and chemistry with whatever

little time he had left to spare he

spent inside a barn he had converted

into a lab while he had brilliant ideas

they did not achieve what he had hoped

for inventions such as the velocipede an

early form of the bicycle or

rollerskates the forerunner of today's

inline skates did not find large

audiences asphalt in concrete were just

not that popular back then the idea of

his most important invention the

telephone was inspired from a physics

lesson where he had built a model of the

human ear he carved the external parts

of the ear out of wood and the ear drum

he made out of a piece of pig intestine

having already experimented in his

laboratory with electricity and was

familiar with several more

is Telegraph he came to the idea that he

could reproduce sound of all kinds by

the galvanic current at any distance

from those of you who are not familiar

the sound produced through galvanic

current is the result of a natural

resonance that is reproduced when an

iron rod is placed inside the hollow of

an insulated wire with the current being

continuously interrupted his voice

transmission was based on the

conversation of sound waves into

electrical signals with the help of

membranes whose vibrations interrupt the

circuit these pulses became then

transmitted through the line and then

translated back into sound waves through

an amplified wooden sound box and to a

sort of noise that could be identified

as speech signals he presented his

invention before the forum of the

physical Society in Frankfurt online on

the 26th of October 1861 under what was

the unwieldly title on the reproduction

of musical sounds to any distance

through the medium of gab Banach current

he called his device the telephone

during his demonstration the words that

he spoke into the device at one end were

clearly reproduced at the other the

horse does not eat cucumber salad rice

shows the strange phrase because well it

makes no sense so therefore no one could

guess what the next word would be news

of the invention spread quickly and rice

gave demonstrations of this new device

to both the Emperor of Austria and the

King Max of Bavaria Rice's phones were

shipped for scientific purposes on long

trips up to Tbilisi in the caucuses but

as like his other inventions his

telephone came out just too darn early

and the importance was overlooked it was

simply seen as a plaything for physics

while living long enough to become

intensely embittered and resentful On

January 14th 1874 Philip Rice died of

pulmonary tuberculosis in Friedreich's

Dorf at the age of 40 Alexander Graham

Bell had much more luck than rice on the

14th of February 1876 he registered his

phone at the US Patent Office he and his

two brothers while students in Edinburgh

Scotland had already been experimenting

with Rice's apparatus since 1862 they

had found several improvements apart

from the miserable sound quality of

Rice's phone that would squeak more than

speak the device would only transmit in

one direction because of this it was not

really suitable for

after the early death of his two

brothers to tuberculosis Alexander

Graham Bell made further developments to

the phone in 1870 the family moved to

Canada and in addition to his job as a

teacher of the Deaf he devoted himself

to further development of the phone well

since Bell had only his holidays and

Sunday evenings to work on his project

he pulled in the engineer Thomas a

Watson to help him out Bell did not

conceal the fact that he had studied the

works of Phillip rice the rice was not

the only source from which he drew his

information the italian-american antonio

meucci had filed a patent for a

telephone five years before in 1871 but

the request was denied because poor

mayucchi couldn't pay for the processing

fee barrel apparently worked in the

former workshops emoji and with maru

cheese records and mu cheese on

equipment bill developed his own phone

during this time maybe she demanded that

he have his plans back but Bell said

that they were lost near she took Belle

to court but as is the case time and

time again throughout history the one

without enough money could not stand up

to the injustice is caused by those who

did noon she died an impoverished man

and was only after his death at the US

authorities issued a fraud case against

Bell but it gets even more interesting

and juicy only two hours after Bell

submitted his patent in came the

American physicist Elisha gray his

closest rival for the rights over the

invention gray had teamed up with the

Western Union Telegraph Company then the

largest cable company in the u.s. his

patent was of a better design than that

of bells and over the next few years

about six hundred trials were held

against bells patent which finally went

up before the Supreme Court the thanks

to his stepfather who represented him as

a patent attorney Bell was allowed to

continue to profit from his work those

patent of 1876 will become one of the

most profitable property rights of all

time in 1877 he founded the Bell

Telephone Company that spawned one of

the largest telephone communication

companies of our day AT&T by the end of

the 19th century there were over 230,000

telephone lines connected by over

500,000 miles of wire throughout the

United States when Alexander Graham Bell

died on August 1st 1922 all phone

communication in North America was cut

off for a minute to honor the man in

1877 Bell's device

and all the way to Germany and on the

19th of November the German postmaster

ordered the construction of telegraph

wires that would include telephone

capabilities according to a survey by

the International Telecommunication

Union the end of 2006 counted nearly

four billion telephone connections

worldwide of these around 2.7 billion

were mobile connections today Bell is

considered particularly by those in the

u.s. to be the inventor of the telephone

but the basic fact is that the ideas for

his telephone were taken from the works

of antonio meucci and johann philipp

rice after 140 years telecommunications

has reached a whole new dimension our

mobile phones are all around equipment

that we use for more than just the phone

we communicate today via Instagram

pictures videos on vine and YouTube with

likes on Facebook what do you think the

communication device of the future will

look like

what will Apple Samsung and others be

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