Q2 Why is the cell called the structural and functional unit of life?


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any joy the latest uploads from our

channel question - why is the cell

called the structure and functional unit

of life circle life cos structural or

functional unit eukaryotic cells are

called structural and functional unit of


Franko structural or functional unit

Rajat IQ q ki sorry Jove a living

organism to organism living it they are

made up of cells what else they have any

way when the building block is said you

substitute it easy Sukhoi take living

organism when our that is a cell and all

the functions that take place inside the

body of organisms are performed by self

if organism give body can repeat of

functions with sorry functions cell

perform gotta so it is said that they

are structural and functional unit the

structural unit is the work you keep

Japan a big yogic life organism a living

organism there put scheduled structure

it was silky buddies have been away his

levorg a structural unit and whose

living organism keep body which is made

a function serene in their performed by

sales only its leaves give it is in

vogue a functional unit structure and

functional unit car gotta tell