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okay so for today's topic we are

going to be dismantling october 12 14

and 92 we have so much to cover

so much to go over so let us begin

um again i'm going to go over some of

the basics but yes so basically what

today what we're going to do

because tomorrow is so-called columbus


which is indigenous people's day and a

bunch of other

cities and states i'm here in los

angeles they did declare october 12

indigenous people's day shout out to all

my people who got

that going who were able to accomplish

that um

i personally had protests the columbus


in downtown l.a for a few years check

out the youtube

videos on that but you can see all the

actions that i was a

part of so without further ado let's do


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um a lot to cover let's get to it okay

so for

today we have dismantling october 12


rethinking conquest and exposing the

genocide enacted

on all indigenous people of the western


we will honor the resistance and discuss

and discuss

how to educate our youth on this


day so let's get to it

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uh okay so

why is october 12 1492 still relevant


why am i talking about this like i said

tomorrow is

columbus day and many states and cities

uh throughout this colonial country

and you know it's still something that

isn't by it's present in textbooks right

so for example columbus day is still

included in the narrative

of textbooks national textbooks although

many states have denounced this day it

is still part of the national fabric of

colonization so

it's still common knowledge people still

acknowledge him so acknowledge the

legacy of columbus

uh it's still a lot of heroic and


that goes behind him our kids are still

being taught this lie

right if you have siblings or you have

nieces and nephews

who are in school i mean you can

pop open their book and you will see

that they are getting

this bs in their curricula

right um and basically the indigenous


is still not considered a genocide so

even though we have denounced it in some

cities and states even though some

even some countries are also denouncing


it is still not considered a genocide

the experience that we have gone through

as indigenous people

is still not considered a genocide

so that is important for you to know

if you are a parent you have a lot of

power when it comes to public education

you have a lot of power to to talk to

the teachers talk to the administrators

be part of the curricula be part of


of their meetings of their student

council meetings um

of their pta of the school board

meetings you can

really influence and really have a

powerful say

in how they choose to direct these

holidays right especially if you're


of the state of california right

so let's get an example right like what

do i mean by

high school textbooks don't tell the

truth well part of my undergrad

program i researched i wanted to know

what was being said

what is what are our kids studying in

high school right

and so i looked at a couple of high

school textbooks and i was particularly

interested in finding out

how did they perceive how do they


the invasion of our continent how do

they talk about

or do they even talk about the genocide

of our ancestors

and so for example this is one example

there's many more but this particular


right this is a high school history

textbook that is in curriculum now it is

in circulation now

and it's called the american pageant so

it's really

you know kind of a survey of american

history and

obviously gets into the beginnings of

the invasion obviously doesn't call it


so this let's look at this quote for

example the depopulation was surely not


by the spanish but it was nevertheless

so severe

that entire cultures and ancient ways of


were extinguished forever okay

so let's notice the wording right the

wording of the d population

right what does that focus on it focuses

on the population

so there is no accountability here there


no direct um you know source of who

depopulated indigenous people right so

it's a very euphemized it's a very

pretty a very

pink interpretation and word choice to


that our ancestors were exterminated by


right so it's like oh the depopulation

surely was not intended so there's an


that what was done to the indigenous

people was

definitely not you know intended it was

not intended so again it's apologizing

it's covering up

for the intensity of the intentions

of the spanish and other european um

you know uh invaders right so again

this is the language that is being used


american high school textbooks and as a

recent grad

of an academic space right i graduated

last year with my master's

let me tell you that the wording does

not change much

from high school to college to community

college to university level

the whole idea this whole notion that

there's no one at fault

that it was just a clash of

civilizations it's still

very present in academia so who are the

people that make these textbooks and

write these textbooks

our academics are historians who have

uh years of studying this who already

have a set belief system

of how the word uh how the world

functions especially how their


um is expressed in their research and

interpretation of history

so i wanted to get into that because i

want you to see

just how damaging and just how much work

there still needs to be done

when it comes to studying and research

and exposing

the genocide of our ancestors

so we're gonna take it back right i'm

not gonna focus too much on

actual columbus himself but what i'm

focusing on

is the legacy it's the historical


process that went behind columbus what

does this mean

what does this entail and so not a lot

of people know this right so

it's really important to understand that

before october 12 1492

europeans knew about europe right

they knew about asia at this point they

knew about the middle east because they

had been battling

middle east for a long time uh trying to

convert them into christianity

right we're not the first people that

they'll victim to that

um and so the way that they looked at

the world

was through this very very narrow lens

of eurocentricity right and so

according to them they saw themselves as

the masters of the world

who were going to just very you know

in a very organized way divide up the


in a way that benefited their

imperialism in a way that benefited

their religion and their power so let me

introduce you to the doctrine of


okay the doctrine of discovery is a

series of papal bulls

or decrees which gave christian invaders

the right

to lay claim to any land that was not

inhabited by christians and was

available to be

discovered if its inhabitants converted

they might be spared if not they could

be enslaved

or killed so this is actual thought


this shows you right that the way if you

look at this here it says colonial

demarcation lines between spain and


so mind you spain and portugal are at

war with each other

right they're trying to take over

they're trying to

like get land they're trying to take

over for their crown

they're trying to spread christianity

but they're not united themselves right

so we're always taught oh indigenous

people have no unity and

i'm like look at spain and portugal for

goodness sake and we're talking about

unity and lack of unity of the settlers


so you have spain and portugal right who


dividing up the world where we are in

into these line of

of basically contestation saying okay

right it says

this dotted line right here is the line

by pope alexander the sixth

and it's called the intricate which is

in 1493

okay so from here on to the right

that says okay portugal you can have

whatever you find

from this cape verde uh denotation

to the right right and then the

purple line down here right

it's called the uh tordes treaty of 1494

which says okay anything from here on

this way belongs to spain

so this is how we're going to divide the


right so mind you you have to understand

this because

based on this perspective based on this

assumption based on this foundation

of world view is how they

treat our ancestors and basically the

rest of the world

right white supremacy terrorism is a


phenomenon it's a global impact but yet

what do we have over here we have our


view of the world right um there is very


very diverse um landmass that were on

as indigenous people and so no

we're we're not interested in conquering

outside people and enslaving all the


any of that right we had so much going

on on this continent right and though

terms i'm using here

they are now what focused um besides


but i need you to understand this is an


of some of the terms that our own


gave to the land that were on and so

yes the the diversity of indigenous

populations the languages

each language each indigenous population

had their own

way of labeling of calling of

identifying the land

this is just one example right where we

have anawak

um and we have semanawak which is uh

land between the waters

uh the we're basically the world which

comes from now what

and then we have tawantinsuyu which is

generally known

as the one as um south america and then

we have abya yala

so there's so much there's so much right

so we're looking at the european view

of our continent and we were impacted

right because obviously this

is covering our continent then you have

africa you have the world the world is

basically under this dominion right

and so here we go this is the world view

that they have as they're coming onto


lands okay so mind you when they left

europe why did they leave europe first

and foremost they had a feudal system

they had a bunch of wars with each other

the spanish

um had been occupied by the moors for

800 years

and so rather than establishing and

rebuilding their own

land and their own you know new nations

they wanted to be greedy they wanted to

go and steal

they wanted to go and compete with the


who they saw as their biggest


and who were already famous sailors

famous technology the sciences that came

from the middle

east i mean it's so much so so much


that the europeans stole in knowledge of

science of mathematics of sailing the

science of

of weaponry had was stolen by the


and uh from the chinese and from a lot

of the places of the middle east

so mind you this is what's happening

right there is no authentic genuine

european um idea that's a hundred

percent european

basically they were exploiting

and stealing everyone's knowledge and


because they didn't have the capacity to

do that themselves

so i have a strong sense that this whole

notion of white supremacy and the

falseness of being a superior race

has to do with this complex that

everything that you come across as a


that's a value that is changing the

world that

is helping the world that is guiding us

and advancing the human civilization

did not come from europe and that must

really hurt their feelings and that must

really hurt the european

ego and so as a historian i have to

point that out

because i'm constantly wondering like


why are they so you know obsessed with

this idea of whiteness and

and being superior and so that's my

understanding is

everything beautiful everything that's

advanced everything that's

you know coming out to the human uh

civilization it's coming from other

places in europe and that must really

hurt your feelings

so instead of congratulating and helping

and coming together

as humanity you have a beat-up ego

and you want to destroy everything use

it steal it

and exploit it because you didn't come

up with it yourself

that's just my perspective right so

yes all right here we go so another

important thing right part of the

decrees right part of this

this european fantasy of of taking over

the world

is the fact that they actually felt and

thought that by writing a statement

that that gave them the power over

entire populations entire

populations that is to me it's like wow


you're really you're really on a good

one for that

so let's get into it religion and

colonialism right derek

15 13 15 13. so that requirement

the requirement right was a declaration

written by the spanish crown that

immediately demanded surrender and

submission to the church

and threatened quote unquote mischief

and harm

if indigenous people opposed it spanish

soldiers were required to read the

following decree

every time quote the indian refused

or even delayed their acceptance of the


okay mind you let's let's put ourselves

in this perspective right

spaniards and other europeans right they

land on your shore

okay they bust out this big old page

right they bust out this page

and they start screaming out this

statement to you

and castellano in spanish right or in

portuguese whatever

so them by them stating that

in their language about their laws about

what they're gonna do

you know the logic is that oh yeah we're

saying this so you know

you as an indigenous person have no

freaking idea what they're saying you

have no i

you're just like who the heck are these

pale looking ass

invaders you know they don't look like

any of our neighbors

like what is this and all you're hearing

from them

is this loud sweaty smelly european

reading from a piece of paper with a lot


power and pose you know and anyway so

let's read

what that requirement is and again this

has been edited

um to make it easier for us to

understand and here comes it says if you

do not acknowledge the church as a

superior of the whole world

and the king and queen are lords i

certify to you that we shall powerfully

enter your country

and shall make war against you we shall

take you and

your wives and your children and shall

make slaves of them

and as such shall sell and dispose of


as we may command and we shall take away

your goods and shall do you

all the mischief and damage that we can

and we protest that the deaths and

losses which shall accrue

from this are your fault not

ours alrighty then

talk about blaming the uh the person

that you're assaulting

so again you have the papal bulls you

have the decree

you have the church telling spain and


okay you know settle settle children

this is the way we're going to

resolve this problem we're going to

divide up the rest of the world so y'all

could just go out there and take over

these lands

make them christian bring us a goal

that's the church

because mind you the catholic church


that is the empire right it is the

empire that is merged

with power with weaponry with war

it was all one okay so

really really important so when people

say oh but it was it's religion

it was different it had nothing to do it

had everything to do with it okay

uh the politician of religion the way it

was fueled the way it was

used to justify occupation and genocide

is obviously here okay

here the spaniards of portuguese anybody

that came to invade

always made sure that they had their

little priests

that they had the little fryer with them


they wanted to have that power of


the power of of jesus and the power of

the cross so it was a merged

power it was an empire that was both

religious and that it was militaristic

so they used both of them you have a


captain a right a battle war captain

talking about jesus and converting and

then you have the priests

calling over the spanish um captains

to violate and use their violence

against indigenous people

so it was hand in hand right they both

supported each other

they both helped each other and as a


and these conferences i go to let me

tell you that there are so

many uh historians that are like oh but

you know bartolome de las casas was good

and there was good spaniard priests that

wanted to protect indigenous people and

and you know what that may have been the

case among a few of them

maybe they wrote a letter here and there

maybe they protested here and there

but the majority of them right they


were for the repression of indigenous


bartolome de las casas

a fighter he was a defender of

indigenous people

he was actually for the the

uh repression and enslavement right

of african people and he said that

indigenous people can be enslaved

but that african people had no souls so

indigenous people could be enslaved and


but not africans again that's the hero

that they're trying to give us

das bartolome de las casas you can read

that on your own all you have to do

is google bartolome de las casas


on slavery and it's all there so when

anyone tries to tell you that

throw them that example it is documented

they're always trying to

you know have this very beautiful

version of these

priests only because they're priests

they want to say oh well they're good


no they were not

okay so this is something i recently

um wrote and i shared it on my facebook

and i shared it on my

um my youtube because i was really

really excited about this right and

again this is on new thoughts for me

right this is all new you know way of me

um to thinking about this and

so and yes and so when i say indigenous

we're gonna get into who's indigenous

and who's not right because

in my recent research i am really

conflicted now with this whole concept

of indigenous because indigenous

basically means not white not settler

not a foreigner but let's get into it

let's get into it and yeah there is

asian indigenous people

there are black indigenous people brown

indigenous people

all types of indigenous people but what

does indigenous mean let's get into it

okay so i was really thinking about this


i came across an ival kijano who

was a social critic philosopher of peru

right and i came across his work late in

my thesis

in my thesis development but what he


really shook me right when i was hearing

him give a talk

in one of the conferences about


and he said that in 1492

europeans indigenized the world right

and at first i took problem with that i

had a problem

with with his statement and i was like

what do you mean they indigenous the

world like

what but then i started really

thinking about it and i was like wait a

second okay

let's think about this a little bit more

critically right

so if europeans are the settler power

that are going into the world right

those people

that are in their land that are minding

their own business that are doing their

own thing

then those people all of a sudden are

the people that are receiving right are


this incoming foreign presence

and so what comes into this binary of


now here's my problem with it creating

the presence

of the indigenous population people

versus the silent foreigner binary

okay this is the psychology of

decolonization and colonization and

white supremacy

i'm telling you my question is

why is the emphasis given on the


population and not the settler

population my question is does this

normalize occupation and make the

foreigner invisible

my question is why does this

uh what does this do to the relationship

of white supremacy terrorism

and native resistance right

so hear me out hear me out so the


on indigenous people all the indigenous


of australia the indigenous people of

mexico the indigenous people of canada

of the us

when you're emphasizing indigenous


you are making the foreigner invisible

you're putting the full emphasis on the

original people here and we should be

prioritized and yes we should be part of

the narrative

but what i am acknowledging what i

am coming to think and you don't have to

agree with me this is my perspective

this is something that

came to me on september 25th 2020

it really hit me right because i was

like wait a second

by focusing on me being indigenous

and governments colonial governments all

over the world

focusing on indigenous people including


and some other images or whatever what

that does

is make the foreigner invisible it


the foreigner the settler the invader

as a natural presence as a natural


on occupied territory so to me i was

like oh wow how clever

they have been to focus on us being


so that we don't stop and think wait a


if i'm indigenous and i belong to this


whether it's the um so-called americas

or asia

or africa if i am indigenous

what does that make you right

so it's really important to understand


we are demarked our population as native

people as foreign first nations people

were demarked and emphasized that we are


but they are just called american or

they are just using all these

you know nation states to hide

the fact that they're occupiers and

settlers under these new national flags

which is why i have a problem

with nationalism because i think it

hides and

it euphemizes and then normalizes


um you're looking at a a

language right a sentiment

that makes europeans invisible that does

not call them settlers

that does not call them so let's imagine

a conversation

where you turn on the news one day and

we're talking about oh you know the

settlers you know were celebrating um

the invaders were celebrating indigenous

people's day

right or the settlers have voted the

majority of settlers have voted that

they want to keep trump in power

right let's talk about the power of

language let's talk about the power

descriptive demographic language if

i am being defined by the fact that i've

been here for thousands and thousands of


then i suggest and i recommend that you

be defined

by your demographic title

as a settler and occupier right until we

have these open conversations and are

able to openly call european settlers

and invaders

then the conversation is not equal

and the sentiments and these ideas that

i'm talking about

are not going to be you know


right let's talk about governments as

demographic powers

uh presence that there is right and so

that is my problem again

i've called myself indigenous for the

last 24 years it's something that yes i

still call myself indigenous

however you know coming to think of all


and thinking about just how it's

politicized and how it's used

in my now new awareness of this word and

the way that i am now be more critical


it i'm not comfortable with just

focusing on me as indigenous

it's like okay we're going to talk about

indigenous let's talk about settlers

let's talk about occupiers

let's talk about that dynamic because

being an indigenous is my reality

but what is a reality up against what is

the other side of indigenous what is the

other side

is it occupier is a settler and it's not


make it a simple thing i'm not trying to

oversimplify this but i'm just calling

it out for what i see

and that's how i see it right so when


when he says you know that the invasions

of 1492

indigenize the world i understood that


i understand you know the brother has

passed on to the universe

he's done great work but that is

the sentiment that is what we're looking


whoa that was like that's a lot without

a break

all right all right how's everyone doing

daniel garcia what's up stay high 175

out to rankage sorry i'm not pronouncing

that right

um gabby welcome everyone welcome

okay so i just wanted to give you a

quote um from an email

and actually you can his article called

coloniality of power you can find this

on pdf

it's available you just google it google


coloniality of power and it's free you

can we can read it on your phone

on your tablet um it's absolutely free i

strongly strongly

recommend it it's powerful okay so what

is he

talking about because we have colonial

powers we have the colonial power

but i like the way that i mean a lot of

people have been talking about this

but the fact that he kind of

wraps it all together talks about

colonization because there's a problem a

lot of people say

um oh colonization ended right we have

post-colonial studies

post-colonial i have a problem with that

like has colonization ended no it has

not right

and so he actually argues this

and he talks about it says the

coloniality of power

constitutes a matrix that operates

through control or hegemony

over authority labor sexuality and


that is the practical domains of

political administration

production and exploitation personal


reproduction and world view and

interpretive perspective

oh that's a long one the forms these


taken are the nation-state capitalism

the nuclear family and eurocentrism

eurocentrism functions as the

ideological valorization

of the euro-american society as superior

progressive and universal through

it really represents white supremacy

terrorism how that

capitalist profitability and your

american self-universalization

damn let's read the last sentence again

okay he says

okay eurocentrism functions as the


valorization of your american society as


progressive and universal though it

really represents white supremacy

capitalist profitability and

euro-american self-universalization

euro american self-universalization

that's powerful right that's what we're

up against so

colonization right this economic

power this economic violence of the


really found you know it's it's

bound it's founded it's emerged from

this little

foundation right that intellectually

spiritually financially uh

however you want to call it it

establishes itself based

on this foundation of eurocentrism

right and from eurocentrism you have

all of these other systems that work

to try to keep that intact right

and i'm going to share another


okay so i know most of you

i have already are away um aware of this

and know this

but this is why i have a problem with


and again this is new to me like i

started critiquing this maybe about five

years ago

up before then i was cool with

nationalism i thought

cool internationalism was cool i saw

indigenous presidents so you know i saw

what chavez

but honestly the more i studied and i

have not seen this

presented anywhere else and i'm not

saying this is original my

my research but i had not seen it like

this right

and so the way that i understand


is comes like this right so you're

looking at

it says before european borders inc and

cloning nationalism

mexico central and south american

countries were created

as a way to establish independent

national separations from european


indigenous people did not govern


we were used as pawns in the cryo


conflicts we are still under occupation

so what that means is that for example

mexico and you can look at my ego

colonized class number four where i talk

about this the whole entire class

mexico is not free mexico is still

governed by

europeans who live in mexico who have

their children there

and who continue to maintain power yes

there are some

mexican indigenous you know power

governors and all that but the majority

of the essence of mexican government

is still governed by creoles

creole spanish um blood

on mexican soil you know born of mexican


and so this idea that oh independence

we're a nation now

it's false it does not represent true

liberation like the united states

the united states uh became free as

americans from the british

right when they broke away from england

because they did not want to give


you know without representation to their

european nation

and that's a wrap for another day nice

kid so anyway

so you get what i'm saying like just

because a a country that is the majority

of it indigenous so the majority of it


becomes independent right away you have

to question

right after that independence who became

president who's the government

who's the cabinet who governed who

created the laws

and that's gonna tell you that the


that the the hierarchy of race

was still maintained through that

so-called new

uh national liberation reality

right and again we can get into that

class number four

check it out so let's give an example

mexican independence september 16th 1821

gro spot for independence from

peninsulares from new spain

yes they used indigenous people yes they

did they used our population

they used us to fight their wars but who

was in power

who governed who caught the shots who

stood in power

after the independence it was cryos

it was spaniards and other europeans and

then they forced a white new

elite that came after in the following


again that's all documented they forced

migration right of white populations

from europe

to make mexico wider okay

the republic of central america that was

created between 1823 to 1838

all the countries there came across

different years

did it mean it's indigenous people

becoming presidents and governors and


no this was still the occupying powers

creating nations

so that they could break away and

organize their stolen resources with

much more ease

okay 18 38 we have nicaragua honduras

costa rica guatemala

1841. we have creation of el salvador

panama in 1903 belissa 1981.

again was these does this reflect

indigenous people

indigenous or black populations there no

it does not

right it maintains the power of white


of imperialism it was still sustaining


racial hierarchy of all of this okay

whoo that's a lot okay so

we cannot talk about columbus you cannot

talk about columbus day

without talking about genocide and


cortes and columbus okay this is

research that i came across

over the past about seven eight years


um i had a friend of mine who was

researching genocide

he's also native

this is years back right so he came

across this finding

that forever forever forever forever

impacted and really made it clear to me

why even so often we should

be identified as a people that have

survived and are surviving genocide okay

let me tell you about raphael lemkin

okay raphael lemkin

was in 1944 we can read the slide

he was a polish jew lawyer named rafael


he sought to describe nazi policies

of systematic murder including the

destruction of european jews

he's the one that formed the term


he combined geno from the greek word for

race or tribe

with side derived from the latin word

for killing

on december 9 1948 the united nations


the convention on the prevention and

punishment of the crime of genocide

this convention establishes genocide

as an international crime which

signatory nations undertake to prevent

and punish

why is this important well it's not only

the fact that he

coined it we had been experiencing

genocide centuries before

the jewish experience right but what

makes this

important is his research how did he

come up with the idea what did he study

previously to be able to

create this concept this is important

for you to know

i need you to know this when you're

going to come across all these people

that are denying our genocide that are

minimizing the native experience

that are saying that's not true

no okay all right

let's let me tell you why this is


bam here it is lemkin

raphael lemkin gentlemen i just showed


he used the native experience as an

example of genocide

okay when he was studying world history

when he was studying the way um

genocides were inten were enacted what


what he did was look at the way

that native people were treated and he

said you know what this is what i'm

talking about this

is genocide this is an example of

genocide this also means genocide let's

get into this

he you know he died quite young

he died before actually finding out the


numbers of the jewish holocaust jewish


um and a lot of his research was

published on various places he didn't


publishing everything that he had

studied however if you look at this book

axis rule and occupied europe the laws

of occupation

analysis of government proposals to for


this book shows you okay it shares with


what he did and how his interpretation

of genocide that it also included

the native experience this is absolutely


okay so raphael lemkin studied the

massive killings and invasion of


in preparation for his concept of

genocide and this is a quote from an


from one of the speakers they have a lot

of conferences on genocide

all over the world a lot of them are in


um and this is what they talked about it

says in an essay on

quote this is a quote of his of his book

a chapter of his book

spanish treatment of south american


end quote lemkin drawing in particular

on the observations of las casas

successfully evokes quote methods of


hyphen physical which include massacre

slavery and deprivation of livelihood

family life was disregarded bread made

of root meal was often the only food

when the slaves felt sick they were left

to die or at best sent

home the treatment of indian women

constituted an aspect of biological

genocide the death of a race

if you go on if you go on to read this

you go on to see that he looked

at how the spanish and other europeans

treated indigenous people

he was particularly interested in

capturing and talking about how native

women were treated

by europeans and the whole fact of

biological genocide

that means that they are forbidding

women um to have children right we're

talking about

uh sterilization um starvation we're

talking about

cutting a whole group of people from


as part of genocide as we know continues

to this very day and i'm gonna get into

it in a few minutes

but i need you to know this right and

this is my biggest argument when i go

and i speak to different classes

i talk about this because it says you

know if genocide if the man

himself raphael lemkin if he himself

used the native experience as definitive

of genocide why to this day 2020

we are not allowed right and we are

still having this debate

if the native experience could be

defined as genocide

right though experience that we went

through that we are going through as

indigenous people at the hands of


and so it really upsets me because

people are to this day saying well it

wasn't a genocide

as we saw earlier in the high school

textbooks this is an argument that i


all the time and i say if it was good

enough for raphael lemkin

who created the concept of genocide it

is good enough for

us right and so it's really important

that you know this i need you to know

this especially

if you're in college especially if you

have your kids that are going to school

bring this up to your teacher bring this

up to the board

explain this to your children let them


what happens behind the scenes this is

super super important

so we're gonna get more into what actual

genocide means right

so genocide now is actually seen as

defined as the planned annihilation of a

nation or racial group by a variety of


aimed at undermining the foundations

essential to the survival of the group

as a group basically

genocide means anything that attacks a

group of people

from being a group of people right

simple terms

let's look at the specific details


genocide and how it's applicable to our


really important to know really

important to do this

we have to we have to talk about this we

have to know this

um especially because it's about us

biological warfare this is another one

right where do we hear this

oh well the natives had no immunity the

natives didn't know

they didn't you know it's the they they

weren't immune they didn't have theirs


immune systems were not strong enough to

deal with smallpox

are you kidding me are you kidding me

okay so let me tell you this is part of

the argument and this is hard because

you don't have historians that are

openly calling it biological warfare no

one really

wants to take that stand but that's the

stand i take and a few of the

historians that i know that are also

writing about this we are taking the


okay yes it was biological warfare the

smallpox that was used

on the western hemisphere as it was

tried to all over the

the other populations they tried this in

africa they tried this in the canary


they're always trying to find out ways

to kill

non-white people okay so

if you look at smallpox and this is a

great chart right here okay

smallpox in 1520

it kind of shows you um how many deaths

happened right

1520 was the biggest death uh this we're

talking about mexico

8 million then we have 12 to 15 million

then we have 2 million

okay follow this chart right here um

they claim they didn't know what they

were doing you know

they they just happened to die um it

wasn't something that could be reported

so let me tell you smallpox

was biologically used right european let

me tell you something this is my biggest


okay first of all we have to know this

europeans were already using biological


on each other in europe before they

invaded our land

okay so let's

go back in 11 55 11 55

emperor barbarossa poisons water wells

with human bodies in italy

okay this is biological warfare

in europe before they invaded our our


in 1495 spanish

mixed wine with blood of leprosy uh

liberty patients to sell to french


intentional exposure right intentional


so when all these historians and all

these apologists say

oh no they didn't know what they were

doing you know they just

it happened to benefit them but they

didn't know what they were doing

please you don't act different outside

your house than you do inside your house

my favorite favorite professor once said

that and says that all the time

you don't act no different outside of

your house than you do inside your house

what that means is if you as a culture

as a military force have been using

intentionally killing each other

over there in your homeland right and

these are just two examples there's a

lot more if you look at

biological warfare organization websites

if you look at cdc

they talk about this they give you the

history of biological warfare

so this is the hidden stuff it's just

that it's not presented to us in


it's not presented to us against these

cases right

so they were doing this to each other in


so you're gonna tell me that when

they're up against us having the


talking about taking over lands that

they're not going to use that and that

they're not going to try that

they did they have and they continue to

do that

so let's not even i mean i don't even

have to mention this right we have

genocide violence biological warfare and


violence yes that's the most visual form

of genocide

right and we can get into the numerous

accounts of violence

intentionally use diseases slavery

i'm going to get into the book the other

slavery which is a great book

talking about the native experience with


so this is genocide right this is

genocide it's biological or it's violent

it's starvation

um it has to do with sterilization

right i don't want to get too much into

these images but we have

smallpox slavery we have um

the killings and this isn't i talked

about this in another class as well

where they would go down to town

specifically looking for the highest

priests and priestesses

um the spiritual leaders of each town

were publicly executed for practicing

indigenous traditions okay

so before we say oh you know jesus

christ came to save us

and all we all just became happy

christians that is not true

um it was a very violent very repressive

they were going down to town looking for

the elders looking for the la matinee

looking for the highest priests and


to kill them because they knew that they

were the ones that

the elders of the community were the

most sacred people of those towns

and that they held um knowledge of the

cosmos and knowledge of the universe and

knowledge of the spiritual world

and so much right so what they did was

that they did their best to kill the

leadership of all the towns

the highest ranking officers military

officers the

the war the warriors uh the elders

the historians the the spiritual leaders

those are the people that they


were looking for persecuted publicly


this happened over the biggest most

violent range happened over the first

100 years

okay and i've talked about this as well

in other classes

so look that up as well so

yes and you know i it's already one

o'clock so i'm gonna

try to go through some of these slides a

little bit faster but like i said

we have killing genocide is

broken down into four categories right

killing members of the group

we talk about that b causing

serious bodily or mental harm to members

of the group

this is a this is an example of the

indian schools which is centuries later

we have smallpox we have how they were

just um

chopping off limbs and hands and

everything here

then we have section c of genocide

is deliberately inflicting on the group

conditions of life

calculated to bring about the physical


um here we have indian schools right and

then here we have the bracero program

which happened in the 40s

which are people right they were

contracted by the u.s labor

labor commissions to work here in the


for dirt cheap prices and they were

treated like cattle they were sprayed

like whatever like oh yeah you know like

um and a lot of these braceros right

decades later

suffer from cancer suffer respiratory


my great great grandfather no not even

gregory my great-grandfather

um he actually um died from one of those


too and he was a brazero and so that's

something that you are inflicting um

something that's going to be bring upon

the physical destruction

okay and then we have d this is also

part of genocide

is imposing measures intended to prevent


within the group okay we know we have a

far new example of this and this has

been going on

but the one that i give here an example

of there's a great documentary called

no master no more children which talks


how in the 60s and 70s a lot of mexican

immigrant women

um went in to have their child right at


at the usc medical center

and they came out sterilized right and


they were going to give birth and while

giving birth

they were you know they were performed

on serialization practices

without their consent right and if you

watch that film it is powerful

i got to meet the historian behind it i

got to interview her um

but we don't have to go that far right

we don't have to go that far that's


and reservations that's happened to the

black community

that happens recently to our people that

are detained right we have

the so-called immigrant people detained

and these are black and brown women

who recently we know because thanks to

this amazing person

don wooden um there were reports at the

atlanta ice facility

right that they were performing mass


right this isn't this is 2020 okay

this is what's happening now and this is

because she had the actual valor the

courage to speak out against it

imagine how many times this has happened

right and it never came to light

so this is still the idea this is still

there's still this

notion right that these black and brown

bodies must be

police and that they cannot procreate

because they're disrupting our

our white world you know and so and this

is taken from an article from her on

september 16th

um dawn says i had several detained

women on numerous occasions that would

come to me and say

miss woodton i had a hysterectomy why

she said

i had no answers as to why they had

those procedures

so imagine you're you're escaping the

civil war

you're escaping torture you're escaping

um everything that's happening um in


your homeland right only to come seek


to his country whose doctors feel

it is their right to remove your

reproductive organs right

and so that's just to show you that this

has not ended

and it continues right this continues to

this day

so shout out to don wooden for having

the courage to do the right thing and

speak out against it

and shame on the rest of them who work

at these facilities and know that this

is happening

especially if you're brown and black and

you're there and you stay quiet and you

are complicit

to these crimes against our people so

yes this has to be denounced this has to

be exposed

unless not people are like oh my god i

can't believe that's happening

it's been happening right communities of

color non-european people

have been victims of of sterilization

for sterilization

masterization it's documented


we have in the black community in the

60s and 70s and mexican communities

and el salvador they were doing this and

many other countries

where u.s forces go and their take their


they practice a lot of their you know


on these native populations because they

don't consider them worthy

right and this is part of the psyche of

white supremacy terrorism

uh we're better than we're gonna

sacrifice you for the greater good

all that and let's get to the last group

part four forcibly transferring children

of one group to the other group

right we have that in indian schools

we have that now with our kids that are

that are locked up in ice cages right


all these kids that are missing right

who took them

where are they at we have sex

trafficking we have human trafficking

um and where are these kids at how are

they being

protected how are they being tracked by

a system that

kept them in these cages in the first

place separated them from their families


theos and diaz so what are they doing

they are continuing the process of


right um and really important as we get

to the end of this class

non-lethal acts right also constitute


this is really really important lemkin

understood genocide to be carried out

through a variety of methods

ranging from overt physical

transgressions transgressions like mass


to subtle cultural threats like


of a group's language traditions

all of which were inextricably

interwoven into the generic process

of group destruction okay

so for all the people out there they're

like you're not native you don't speak

the language

you're not native you don't live in a

community you're not native because you

don't practice a religion

well let me introduce you to

colonization let me introduce you to the

systemic ways

that we as indigenous people millions of


have been impacted by colonization

differently and it's impacted

the different layers of relationships

that we have with colonization

okay we have it says

all of which were inextricably

interwoven into a generic process

of group destruction what is group


group destruction is forbidding

indigenous language

it's uh the government forcing you to


as european as spanish as

white so that you no longer see yourself

as who you

are in this world that is also genocide

it's economic independence who governs


who are the owners of our resources on

our glands

the language why am i speaking in

english why are we speaking

espanol religion

why are the majority of our people

practicing catholic and christians

why culture education

and almost for the end here almost to

the end just a few more minutes

um we have our genocide continues to be

minimized and belittled

by academia let's look at the power of

language and how our genocide is

described by historians

so you don't have to go too far like i

said these are some of the most popular


that in my research i have come across

that completely

euphemize and they make it all pretty

right that genocide did not happen to

indigenous people that we just declined

right and the indian population declined

instead of saying

indian genocide or extermination of

indigenous people

don't there's still historians to this

day that

say no it wasn't genocide um this

is a slide i created years ago because i

was trying to

visually show people what i was talking


because people like what do you mean

what are you talking about like what and

i'm like okay let me break it down

all right so this is something i created

to kind of show

people kind of the chronology of

being colonized indigenous people

right so we survived the largest

genocide in the history of humanity

95 of our population was killed we

are the descendants of the 5 that

survived okay so in 1491 we have

indigenous native population

and mind you you could basically use

this chart for

people of color all over the world

basically non-european people

this is your experience right so then

you you're here living on your continent

for thousands and thousands of years

you're invaded by

the europeans who enact genocide against

your population

killed 95 of our population the 5

percent of us that survived

are enforced are forced to convert

enslaved spanish cultures impulse

branded colonial identities

and the gusta system then

centuries later they gain independence

and become

nations and they brand us as

nationalities like mexican

central american salvadorene

and then after that those of us that are

on these occupying

lands right that are our indigenous

brothers and sisters lands

then we get converted into hispanic

latino rasa mestizo

right so what does it show you this

shows you that nationalism was created

as a system to organize

colonized lands and claim colonized


as legitimate subjects to me that's what

nationalism means

okay and like i said i haven't seen this

explained anywhere else i wish and i was

looking for it

but i'm sorry these are the connections

i'm making this is what's making sense

to me

and this is why i have a problem with


so let me just give you some examples in

case some people are like what do you

mean what are you talking about

like let me show you visual genocide


using the mass media to promote ideas of

white supremacy racism

and fuel anti-indigenous sediments to


and pressure mass populations to widen


and conform to mainstream idea of

eurocentric perspectives

so yes disney is complicit dreamworks is


spanish-speaking media is complicit

spanish speaking media over here

so you have an entire media culture that


that um really ridicules indigenous

um features indigenous populations

the whole sentiment of white supremacy

terrorism is not just found in

english-speaking media

a spanish-speaking media which is still

governed by a lot of

white spanish-speaking europeans like


um and others and creoles still

are marketing all this right

and okay almost done here man so much to


okay so this is another thought that

came to me

um there's another thought that came to

me i just wanted to read it to you

okay because i was like wait a second

right capitalism and ethnicity

race with the project of hispanic or


it makes total sense because at the end

of the day

white supremacy is a sustenance system

for people that are calling themselves

european or white

right uh why does it function because it

maintains their material wealth

and if something is maintaining your

material wealth you're always going to


ways to keep your wealth and so

there is different denotations there are

different markers for that

so here we go so how racial cultural

ideas reflect white supremacy and


right because i was thinking wait a

second it's not just

people don't think they're superior just

to think they're superior right

that's not it's not a rhetoric right

there's something

tangible that comes that you benefit


right you are benefiting with something

material with something

tangible which is why you are so

aggressive which is

why you will not let it go which is why

this whole trump administration and this

whole over

uh white supremacy terrorism is so crazy

because that privilege i hate that word


that terrorism is benefited by

an economic system that you benefit from

right so white supremacy is not merely

an ideology

it is an economic tactic used to

maintain ideas of race and superiority

to maintain white power i argue that it

is embedded in the fabric of capitalism

and imperialism

the concepts of latino and hispanic and

even the latest creation of latinx

are all rooted in the dismantling of the

rich diverse

cultures of people of color that have

been belittled

by racism this is an offshoot of the

creation of race which functions as a

pseudo-scientific attempt

at placing human groups into a hierarchy

racial categories originally served to

justify the oppression

and supremacy of races thus fueling that

thrived on stolen labor

resources and cultures i wrote that on

september 25th as you can see september

25th was a very powerful day

it was a very light day for me okay

so we see this right we see this and

what i'm

saying here is that this is why i'm

understanding now

why white supremacy is so powerful and

why some people

many settlers refuse to give it up right

it refused to give a white supremacy

they refused this

but not only that right we're looking at


systems of how to keep indigenous people

from their power from their land

and it is identity is power right

so you have all these indigenous people

who are

walking around all of these false

nations as mexican salvadorians whatever

but in essence we are the original

people of these lands

right and then we come here onto our

northern territories where our brothers

and sisters are

are hosting us right and what are we

called we're called hispanic

latino rasa mestizo

which are eurocentric terms and

ideologies and identities

okay so we have

if you look at this here right uh in


right that was our population they

haven't counted 2020 we're getting there

but this shows you right you have the


of the people are brown okay

um but if you label them or they


as native what does that do

to the relationship of land and


to a country that fuels itself by

calling themselves natural owners of

this land or the settlers

and denoting and distinguishing between

so-called immigrants right

it completely dismantles it so this is

why it is so important identity is power

latino and hispanic identities disguise

our demographic power

and presence how do these identities

disconnect us from the land

right hispanic connects us to spain

latino connects us to europe

okay nothing to do with any of the land


right no it doesn't it wants to

disconnect us

and then say oh well you speak spanish

well what about the english-speaking

brown people what are they considered


what about black people are they

considered britannic

it doesn't work right it doesn't work

um so then we look at marketing schemes

right this is an old slide that i did

years ago i've been talking about this

for a long time

and i will not get tired i'm talking

about this

latino and hispanic are marketing tools

that's all it is right it is a marketing


to get our money they want to make it

seem that we're a generic group of


we all like the same beer we all speak


we should all celebrate the same month

right and let's keep put

throwing you the non indigenous people

that represent you right because you're

brown and you're ugly

and these people are closer to european

so they are more pretty

again right this whole force of

whiteness and being spanish-speaking


by grouping all people who speak spanish

into one group

corporations can target one audience at

the same time and maximize exposure and


so instead of these marketers having to

okay let's come up with the

mexican model or guatemalan model or

cuban model

let's just make them all one right and

so that way when you're spending

millions of dollars on a commercial

or spending millions of dollars on a

marketing brand guess what

you came up with the perfect hegemony of

cultures so they're all the same

and then we believe that [ __ ] oops sorry

i'm not supposed to cuss in this class

sorry okay

and lastly let's get into this um we

have been kept ignorant right a lot of

people don't know

that our knowledge as indigenous people

was actually

systematically the majority of the

actual physical writings of our


were destroyed right and the knowledge

was forbidden

so it's not like we just stopped

learning or stopped caring about being


it was that there was a government

effort to repress that knowledge from

ever getting to you

right the fact that they killed the

leadership the

the elders that they killed uh the

the latwani's the highest priestesses

and priests

that was systemic systematically done to

keep us

from reconnecting from who we are

a little reminders colonialism did not

end within the with the invention of

cryo land nations

right i don't know who this artist is

but i came across this years ago

and i was like yes this captures exactly

what i'm talking about

we have let's say this is 1492 right


indigenous person what happens

nationalism happens

same dynamic european person brown


right so same system

same power relations same demographic

powers the exploitation of our resources

and bodies does not mean we're


no we are not and like i said and i

always talk about this blood quantum is

white supremacy

let's not forget that okay according to

white supremacy

thought um those that are not white are

infected are dirty are belittled

uh the closer to white the more pure you


the closer to black the more filthy you


right and so when we take on these

notions of

one full blood well i'm i'm half blood


like you know what you are indigenous

right and yes there are white mexicans

yes there are white salvadorians yes

there are

but in essence you come from a culture

of a heritage of indigenous populations

so don't fall victim

to trying to explain yourself

to the genetics of white supremacy

that's what i say that blood quantum

is white supremacy okay we're not

mestizo we're not mixed race people

we're not rasa cosmica we're not a

cosmic race we're not a new race

we are an occupied people that are under


european settler occupation

so to end ooh there is so much to cover


i'm so glad you're still you're still

here with me oh man

okay so to end this class let's let's

end on a powerful note let's end on an

empowering note

okay so remember identity

is power identity connects you to the


let's honor our indigenous languages

honor the identities that connect us to

our ancestral lands

let's refuse colonial identities that


our presence okay 500 years of

disruption does not

erase the 30 to 40 000 years of who we

are as a people

we have to resist demographic genocide

i mean of course you're the type of

genocide then we that we continue to

experience right

but we have to remember that

there are many many of our ancestors

that put up many fights that

resisted for us to be able to be here

for us to be able to reclaim who we are

for us to be able to be proud of who we


um some of the books that i reference um

in today's talk in today's class

are here um i don't know if i have the

pdf version of it

we do have a pdf file where i'm going to

put them all

in there most of these books you can

find for free

downloadable through pdf but these are

the books

you know uh decolonization it's research

it's not just research it's not just


but this is my approach as someone that

wants to be a professor

as someone that's applying to be a

professor this is the research that i

i lead on okay but definitely talk to

your elders definitely

reach out to your community definitely

have conversations

uh life experience life knowledge

there's certain empirical knowledge that

you experience that you live by

that that you know gives you that wisdom

as well so

we have to be multifaceted we have to

use everything we can

okay um and with that

i'm gonna go to what's next okay

we got through i don't know okay

so what's next so e to colonize number


it will be sunday november 22nd at 12


um and i'm gonna go over accomplishments

of the americas

why accomplishments because there's so

many things

that our ancestors have been hijacked

for okay

there is indigenous knowledge there are


governing concepts feminism socialism

a lot of these concepts were stolen from

our ancestors

okay so i'm not only going to get into

the science and

some of the foods that come from our

continent but i'm going to talk about

some of the ideas that were stolen from

our people

um some of the and a lot of people of

color i hate using

people of color but a lot of our

ancestors a lot of us

as people have experienced this type of


right and like i said at the beginning

of this class

a lot of the science a lot of the

knowledge that came

um from the world did not come from


right which is why i think and i suspect

that eurocentrism

is such a violent such a violent

ideology because they're like it's a


it's a blow to the ego right it's a blow

to the ego that

you have black people creating all types

of sciences brown people

asian people all over the world people

are dynamic people are creating people

are inventing

and then in europe i'm sorry but i

haven't read much of what came from


and so i think that that hyper you know

hyper terrible false sense of


has a lot to do with the fact that a lot

of the stuff that came from

human accomplishment came from

non-european countries

and people okay

so that does it for today's class i

would really appreciate if you would

fill out the google form like i said

i like to get your feedback i like to

know what you thought about this

um it helps me as an aspiring professor

um i don't i'm not teaching now i am

applying though but it's been hard ever

since covet

a lot of enrollments have gone down so

i'm hopeful you know that is my dream to

teach a history

or chicano studies or sociology

at a community college from primarily

east l.a compton college

anywhere where the majority is people of

color that's where i want to be that's

where i want to teach

and so i do this class because it's my

passion i do this class because

i believe and democratize education

i believe that everyone should know this

regardless of your educational


i believe that not everyone has access


college education or you know um

and it's a privilege that a lot of us

can can get so to me

i try to share with you everything that

i've researched everything that i've

that i'm learning in a way that's you

know hopefully

easy to understand easy to follow and

with my passion right because my biggest


is to educate my biggest passion is to


my biggest passion is that you know this

right because

we've been lied to we've been kept from

this truth we've been kept

from this you know this whole world

of knowledge of who we are as a people

and it's damaged a lot of our

communities it damages

um who we are but yes so

yes please fill out the google form it's

in the video description

um like i said if you want to buy a book

um i'm actually

personally selling them um i have my

books if you're interested

there's a google order form for my book

it's called obsidian blades and it's

being used in high schools

universities i'm so excited about it i

never knew

that my passion would one day be

required text

so i'm super excited about that um so

yeah fill that out

send me your questions let me see who's

still here with me so i can shout you


before i let you go um floor

broon okay i'm not sure i'm not sure if

i'm saying that right

thank you so much um carol b

x o x o gabby daniel

stay high 175 i'm joni ayala

kw al tiran kaiju

everyone that joined me tonight thank

you so much i appreciate you

um hang in there i know we're gonna

continue our past that we're all on this

path together

i want you to know that i exist you


and we have to continue getting strong

we have to be strong in what we're doing

we cannot give up no matter what we have

to keep going

and thank you thank you for joining me i

hope by the way the song that i started

with today

um i didn't even mention it how sorry

the song that i started with today

it's called somos los que somos

we are who we are that's from los ose

and a lot of you don't know but i really


music i love music i love hip hop rap

music rock music rockin espanol

but i particularly love corridos when

they're very like it really get to you

right like this song

is called somos los que somos and it

really aligns with the way that i see

the world with the way that i try to

live my life

which is what it says right

it's like at the end of the day all

we're gonna take our experiences

you know i don't have time to to worry

about people that don't like me

at the end of the day i'm grateful for

the friends and family that love and

support me

and we have to focus on the good of this


um i have lived through things that i

never even imagined i would experience

but i'm here now and i'm doing the best

of it

oh i just got inspired so anyway that


that i showed you at the beginning of

this class it's called somos lo que


and i'm not going to monetize this video

so i don't care youtube

copyright me i don't care um but it's

called somos

see and this is

so anyway um with that being said

i just want to give a shout out to

everyone thank you so much for tuning in

i hope you're well and

let us continue for next week i'm not i

like next week no not next week

uh we're gonna do this este

uh next month next month on november

22nd 12 p.m

tune in and oh my shirt growing through


right we gotta grow through it i got

this from viva la bonita

um it's a brown woman uh business

shout out to them and with that lasso

mati thank you for tuning in let's stay


and until next time everyone have a

beautiful beautiful weekend thank you