Pilgrim Church


November is a month rich in symbolism in

the northern hemisphere the days grow

shorter and the night's longer our

churches year draws to an end and the

Civil years and is close behind we're

invited to think about and pray with the

deceased members of the body of Christ

the Saints and those who died in need of

further purification before meeting the

all-holy one during this time of year we

are particularly aware of the reality

that our life on Earth is not forever

that it will come to an end and a new

life will begin much of the world

doesn't believe that they live as though

this life is the only life and so they

strive to prolong it for as long as they

can while still maintaining what is

called quality of life they follow the

line from a beer commercial you only go

around once in life so you better grab

for all the gusto you can is that all

there is our faith says no there is more

much more we are pilgrims on a journey

through earthly life and headed toward

our true home where st. Paul says in

philippians 3 20 our citizenship lies

we're headed toward heaven we need to be

constantly aware of that lest we try to

be too comfortable here and live as

though life on Earth is the only one our

faith tells us that we are exiles now on

a pilgrimage to heaven this faith is a

like for our path and for the world

which lives in the darkness of error and

sin a world which has lost its way and

forgotten God and the reason we exist

Pope Benedict asks us to join him in

praying this month's mission intention

that the pilgrim church on earth may

shine as light to the nation's let's do

that now as we listen to a reflection by

a great 7th century witness to the faith

st. Maximus the Confessor who suffered


had his hand and tongue cut off to

prevent him from communicating the faith

to others quote the lamp upon the

lampstand is Jesus Christ the true light

from the father the light that

enlightens every person who comes into

the world he is proclaimed in the church

of god and is lifted up and resplendent

among the nation's through the lives of

those who live virtuously in observance

of the commandments so he gives light to

all in the house that is in this world

just as he himself God the word says no

one lights a lamp and puts it under a

bushel but on a stand and it gives light

to all in the house lamp like indeed he

alone dispelled the gloom of ignorance

and the darkness of evil and became the

way of salvation for all people he has

designated Holy Church the lamp stand

over which the Word of God sheds light

through preaching and illumines with the

Grays of truth whoever is in this house

which is the world and fills the minds

of people with divine knowledge let us

then not light the lamp by contemplation

and action only to put it under a bushel

that lamp I mean which is the

enlightening word of knowledge let us

place it upon the lampstand of Holy

Church on the heights of true

contemplation where it may kindle for

all people the light of divine teaching

that's maximus the confessor and we

could go a step further by saying that

joined to Christ each one of the

baptized and the church as a whole is

not only a lampstand but a light for the

world Jesus declared that not only was

he the light of the world he also told

his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount

that they were the light of the world as

we pray that the pilgrim church may

shine as a light to the nation's we

choose to stay united to Christ the

light and to never separate ourselves

from him by works of darkness