Why Does the Catholic Bible Have More Books? | Made For Glory

why does the Catholic Bible have more

books than other Bibles we'll talk about

that today


it's possible that you went to a wedding

one time and of a Catholic friend and

we're there and then you all of a sudden

heard or reading from a book that you're

like it's that book in the Bible because

I don't remember it maybe the book of

Tobit which has a great reading that's

used at a lot of different Catholic

weddings and you can ask yourself and

maybe do a little research and realize

that the Catholic Old Testament has

seven books more than what we'd call the

Protestant Old Testament and so you can

see why what's what's the difference why

are those books there and why aren't

they in the Protestant version as well

and why the Catholic Church add them

well the question really should be is

why did the protestant church take those

books out because that really began

those books were in the Old Testament

throughout the whole history of

Christianity the early days of the

church up through the Middle Ages

and Martin Luther during the Reformation

decided to remove those seven books he

had different reasons for doing that one

is that the Jewish rabbis no longer had

those and many copies of the Old

Testament and other reasons too was that

some of the things that were brought

forward in these seven books were

doctrines that Luther didn't really

agree with like praying for the dead

which happens in the second book of

Maccabees so the books that are in the

Catholic Old Testament that I've been

removed from the Protestant Old

Testament are Tobit Judith wisdoms serac

Baruch and first and second Maccabees

now if you look at those books that a

lot of times those books were books that

were part of the Jewish Diaspora meaning

they were written in Greek and they had

to do with Jews in exile so there was

always some suspicion when Jewish rabbis

began compiling their versions and there

were many different versions of what we

would call the Old Testament a lot of

times books that were written in Greek

were viewed with some suspicion but

during the time of Jesus all these books

were in use by rabbis were in use by by

Jewish believers in and around the time

of Jesus so I just want to say a

recommendation to you that the church

believes and has believed for believed

especially the first 1500 years but the

Catholic Church continues to believe

that these books are the inspired Word

of God they are part of the Old

Testament canon if you haven't checked

them out before I really recommend that

you do the book of Tobit is an


venture story has some incredible

insights about love and marriage and

family the book of wisdom of course has

great insights for how we are called to

live the book of Sirach as well and then

first and second Maccabees to me are

basically the brave heart of the Bible

to tell tell about the Maccabean revolt

in the centuries before Jesus against

the oppressors of the people of Israel

and how God's people were called to be

faithful to him even when it meant &

Pasta them their very lives

so these extra books are not actually

extra they are part of the Old Testament

that we have received that's part of our

history and part of our patrimony that

helps us to become the people that God

has created us to be