Banned Book Talk: Catcher in the Rye

probably my favorite novel of all time

The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger

this is a book you will either love to

love or love to hate

I have very rarely spoken with people

that have a middle ground there so a

little bit about this author JD Salinger

was drafted to fight in World War two

while he was fighting overseas Salinger

began to write The Catcher in the Rye

which was then finally published in 1951

so this is our kind of

middle-of-the-road book as far as our

timeline Salinger did not escape the war

without some trauma and he was

hospitalized afterward for a nervous

breakdown if any of you have ever seen

Saving Private Ryan it shows them

storming the beaches of Normandy

Salinger did not storm the beaches of

Normandy but he did fight in the second

bloodiest battle in World War two which

of course right now I can't remember

what it was called off the top of my

head but we could certainly look it up

if you're interested two years after the

publication of Catcher JD Salinger left

New York City and he retreated to this

secluded farm in New Hampshire Salinger

then did his very best to cut off

contact with the public completely why

was it banned well The Catcher in the

Rye is one of the most controversial

books ever written but it still taught

in many English classes including this

one all around the United States and has

still be loved by many teenagers and

adults because it has some rebellious

characteristics in the 60s it was banned

for its profanity sexual content and

violence by many schools it is still

banned by some schools today there have

also been some interesting conspiracy

theories out there about this book

brainwashing people because the men who

assassinated John Lennon who was the

frontman for the Beatles and former

president JFK as well as the man who

attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan

they all owned copies of this book no

evidence has been found to suggest that

there is any truth to these theories

about brainwashing I've read this book


500 times and I am definitely not

homicidal I would say those people they

all had a screw loose to begin with if

you know what I'm saying

additionally Catcher in the Rye is a

classic and it's probably on a lot of

people's bookshelves along with a lot of

other classic books so I don't know how

much you could string together there but

if you're interested in researching that

you certainly can many schools later

reinstated the book to its list its

reading lists because they recognize its

literary importance it is a book with a

lot of literary merit which we'll get

into in a little bit thirty-five million

copies were sold in total a quarter of a

million copies are sold every year and

Catcher in the Rye

you will meet seventeen-year-old Holden

Caulfield he's got a lot of attitude and

a lot of dated profanity because it's

the 50s and he wants to tell us all

about this madman stuff that happened to

him around last Christmas his story

begins on a December Saturday at Pencey

prep school in Pennsylvania where he's

just been kicked out for failing all of

his classes except of course English the

problem is that he can't go home for a

few more days until Christmas break

starts because he really does not want

have to break it to his parents that he

has been expelled yet again so instead

he decides he's gonna spend the next few

days gallivanting around Manhattan

soul-searching and then eventually

deciding to run away so your protagonist

here Holden is a 17 year old rich white

kid who lives in New York City

he is constantly expelled from school he

wears this weird red hunting cap like

the one you can see in this picture here

all the time he's depressed and angry he

hates people and things that he deems to

be phony or fake which honestly ends up

being almost everyone and everything he

encounters Holden is he's incredibly

idealistic he struggles really hard to

reconcile his view of the way the world

ought to be with its harsh realities and

he's struggling just like ender to kind

of figure out who he is

and where his places in the world he

also really wants to protect innocence

and goodness especially that of his

little sister some of the big ideas that

you'll see in this novel Holden he

perceives childhood and adulthood it's

two very separate realms but are they

truly separate where does Holden fit in

where do you fit in

is it possible to fully separate our

individual identity from our culture our

peers and our family or if it is is it

even desirable to do so Holden has this

unhealthy obsession with faux ninis or

fake like fake people and Ed wickedness

and it leads him to make some

questionable decisions so you have to

wonder how this will affect his psyche

if you're interested in psychology this

is a this is a good book choice for you

Holden is is grieving over the loss of a

loved one throughout the course of this

novel the author was dealing with

post-traumatic stress syndrome from

fighting in world war two when he wrote

it and there's just a lot of

psychological kind of unraveling that's

going on in this book which which I

think makes it very interesting how does

one how do we how do we handle all the

fake people and all of the wickedness

that that exists in this world and is it

possible for anyone to ever be truly

genuine and never ever commit a

hypocritical act some quotes from

Catcher just so you can kind of get a

feel for the writing style one thing

that's interesting here is is the the

narrative style is called stream of

consciousness which basically is the

rambling of someone's brain that's how

the whole book is written it's just

written like the ramblings of set of

what's going on in someone's head all of

their thoughts stream of consciousness

it's exactly what it sounds like and

it's really interesting because of that

and then the style is very unique as

well so here here are some quotes from

the book to kind of give you a feel for

it all morons hate it when you call them

a [ __ ] grand

there's a word I really hate it's a

phony I could puke every time I hear it

it was that kind of a crazy afternoon

terrifically cold and no Sun out or

anything and you felt like you were

disappearing every time you cross the

road I think that one of these days he

said you're going to have to find out

where you want to go and then you've got

to start getting there but immediately

you can't afford to lose a minute

not you so my recommendation here

well people generally either love this

book or loathe it

and it almost always comes down to how

they feel about our dear protagonists

because we're in his head the entire

time Holden Caulfield so I would say to

you yes please come along for the ride

if you relate to Holden's rage toward

hypocrisy and his quest to find his

identity in his place in the world then

you're gonna like this book Catcher in

the Rye is what's called a coming-of-age

novel as are all three of these and so

this entire journey that he goes on from

adolescence to adulthood is something

that you guys are in the middle of going

through and basically he just kind of

deals with the questions and struggles

that naturally arise from that

transition from childhood to adulthood

Holden is angry with the world and he

expresses his anger and this unique

stream of consciousness narration which

I really like it's very easy and fun to

read because of that despite the fact

that it's also kind of dark and he uses

a lot of foul language like it said

under reasons that it was banned

profanity yes lots of profanity f-bombs

gd's like there's a lot of profanity

Holden cusses a lot like a sailor and

then there's also 50 slang which is kind

of funny just because it's different we

don't know about it so um I would say to

you maybe you should fly off and find a

different book if you think Holden

sounds annoying because if he is already

sounding annoying to you and we haven't

even started reading it you're probably

not going to like this book the

narration style reads the whole time

like your hat

conversation with this kid and he may

just come across as a whiny jerk to you

so if that's the case this could be a

really long ride of you just wanting to

punch him in the face the entire time I

will say you would enjoy the multiple

scenes and which Holden does actually

get punched in the face by someone else

so there's that for you but otherwise

you're probably not gonna like it

another thing that would mean you

probably won't like it is if you lack

patience for other people's issues you

might want to steer clear so you don't

have to deal with Holden's because this

kid has a lot of baggage like I said

he's dealing with grief over the loss of

a loved one the author had PTSD all of

this comes across very clearly in the

book and yeah so that's a reason to to

read or not to read depending on how you

feel about psychology you're interested

in psychology and grief and PTSD then

read it and if not yeah

probably look elsewhere