Why Extreme (ie; Carnivore) Diets are a BAD Idea

so today I'm doing something out of my

comfort zone in that I'm challenging

Jordan Peterson's diet I think it's a

bad idea

I think the carnivore diet is a bad idea

and I'm using Jordan Peterson's name in

vain because he's a person of

significant influence that's influencing

a lot of people around this question of

the carnivore diet now I want to start

off by saying first of all is that I

have huge respect and props for Jordan

Peterson we come from the same part of

the world in Alberta and I have a huge

respect for the work that he's doing in

the world I'll tell you some of the

things I love about what he's doing I

love that he is a voice of wisdom for

men stepping into their true masculinity

and resolving and healing their wounds

and I love the wisdom that he brings in

to many topics that have been

misconstrued and really mangled by media

sound bites popular culture and a lack

of critical thinking so when I make this

statement that I think his diet is a bad

idea I want you to know that it comes

with a great deal of reverence for who

the person is and all the work and the

body of work that he's done and the good

that he's doing in the world so I want

to tell you why I think it's a bad idea

and before I tell you why it's that idea

I want to preface that I am NOT an angry

vegan in fact I'm not a beacon and I'm

not a vegetarian I am an omnivore and so

this is not coming about from this

attempt to make him a bad person in any

way how he eats in my opinion does not

make him a bad or good person okay but

one of the things that I think he is is

I actually think he's on the path to

enlightenment I think he has a level

enlightened enlightenment which I want

to appeal to that side to people who are

attracted to his teachings and may be

attracted to trying the carnivore door

diet as a result of being respected

respecting him as a person so the first

thing I want to say about the carnivore


is that people are getting results and

I'll tell you why they're getting

results because they're eating one food

only now if you have a food that is not

triggering autoimmune dysfunction

right and you only eat that food you're

gonna get results you're gonna have

diminishing symptoms from your

autoimmune disease and that's a good

thing now is it sustainable

no but getting back to the one food

thing is that there are many foods that

people can eat that will sustain them

nutritionally that won't trigger

autoimmune dysfunction now one of the

problems with the carnivore diet is is

incredibly hard on the body it's hard on

the kidneys it's hard for your body to

actually process that kind of food and

there are other foods that are actually

easier for the body to not only process

but assimilate the nutrients and deal

with so there's so much more out there

to explore now do I know if Jordan

Peterson has done this one food diet

with anything else I don't know that I'd

be curious to find out but for those of

you who are considering the carnivore

diet because of this I want you to

consider that there are many other foods

that you can be trying this with one of

the biggest dishes I have around this is

that it is entirely environmentally

unsustainable for the population to eat

like this and here's what happens in

nature nature and biodiversity of this

planet depends on us all eating a

different diet for all eating the same

thing our planet's not set up to do that

and what you're gonna find is the people

who are able to do this are usually in a

higher socio-economic bracket right it's

also a certain personality type that it

works with it's usually people who have

had so much pain that comes from their

inflammation and their autoimmune

disease and the dysfunction in their

body that they're so grateful for

something that's not triggering it that

they are they're good at associating the

pain with deviating from that path okay

so there's a certain personality that's

going to this is going to work for but

for the most of the population it's

really a short term solution to

a problem that could be resolved with

something that is much more

environmentally sustainable

we know that the greenhouse gas

emissions and what particularly red meat

which a lot of carnivores are interested

in is creating massive greenhouse gas

emissions on the planet but here's one

of the reasons why the carnivore diet is

so popular

beyond the autoimmune conditions that it

can actually help clear out which again

there are plant foods that can do that

ok meet ty Lee addictive and so you make

it a Russian and a sense of well-being

from the nutrients that are going into

your body from the fat and you know the

iron and all those other things but

you're also getting the rush of highly

addictive substances that happen with me

in a beast particularly a beast of that

size the bigger the Beast the more

addictive it is okay I haven't tried

elephant - you know verify this but if

you look at the hierarchy of nature

which I talk about in the consumption

concept fish chicken lamb beef as you go

up and scale what I find with people is

that when they're given a choice of a

smaller beast over a bigger beast they

tend to choose the bigger beast and it's

not just a matter of flavor it's because

there's more addictive substances the

bigger beasty

think about it naturally-occurring

homework hormones we're not even talking

about pharmaceutical drugs or hormones

that they're injected with but natural

hormones in the body when you actually

eat that as another beast is part of

that blood thirst you know something

that you know actually gives us a bit of

a rush in the body so the socio-economic

factor is is that it's expensive to eat

good quality beef and meats that don't

impact the planet so either you're gonna

be eating a lot less meat based on your

budget or you're gonna be eating a lot

of crappy meat and that's tends to be

more the case is that people they will

start to spend money on meat and realize

that eating meat three plus times a day

and the volumes that some people are

suggesting ends up meaning that they're

eating burgers from fast food places -

the bun and everything else but they're

still eating really substandard kind of

meat and

that's going to not only create problems

and imbalance in the body but it creates

imbalance and problems on the planet so

here's another piece that I'd love to

talk to about the eating of one food and

why it actually makes us feel better so

in nature what happens with plant foods

every plant food produces toxins yes

even your beautiful oranges and your

broccoli has toxins in it the plant

actually creates toxins to keep

predators away which is its way of

actually protecting itself and making it

much more likely for it to survive or

the species to survive so what happened

in nature with humans and was a good

thing is that we started to eat well we

ate with the seasons we ate what was

produced seasonally so the earth

produced some things at some time of the

year and other times it didn't produce

those things and the great thing about

that is that it gave us a variety of not

only nutrients right but it limited our

exposure to any one toxin of one plant

okay the only plant you're meant to eat

365 days a year is the plant that grows

naturally 365 days a year in fact

nowadays with our modern form of

Agriculture and how we grow things it's

difficult to figure out what actually

grows 365 days a year think about it

okay so limiting yourself to one food

increases your likely nasaan exposure to

any one toxin so it's a good reason to

start to eat a variety of plant foods

seasonally locally organic and whole you

know a lot of the carnivore the the move

towards Quito and the carnivore and the

Paleo it's really an overcorrection

because of our love and addiction to

carbs and when I say carbs I want to be

very very responsible in how I use carbs

okay because every single plant on the

planet is a carbohydrate okay so when

people are eliminating carbs most the

time what they're referring to are

starchy carbs and grains so the potatoes

you know white potatoes grains you know


carbohydrates and starches that have

created a lot of problems within the

body and here's why they've created the

problems in nature nature tells us what

to eat and the quantities to eat it in

by how easily it's obtained in nature so

that which is most abundant we're meant

to have the most of think about the

hierarchy nature of the most of air it's

everywhere it's our most primary

nutrient we can't survive without it

and if anyone wants to be a nitpicker

and says there's not a nutrient let me

tell you it a nutrient is defined by

anything required for growth try and

grow something in your body without air

ok so on that point our second most

abundant nutrient on the planet is water

70% of your body in composite is water

70% of the planet is water and this is

something that makes sense we need on a

regular basis and so we tend to live

where we can access water so the third

most abundant source of nutrients that

we get that are energizing nourishing

and protective okay and there's a broad

spectrum spectrum of the protection is

in plant foods there's tens of thousands

of phytochemicals these are the color

flavor and and aroma compounds and foods

that are the most powerful substances on

the planet for protecting us against

disease so thinking about what is most

abundant Nature has a hierarchy

even within vegetation we're meant to be

eating more vegetable species than fruit

because there are more species of fruit

they grow more seasonally so they're

around for more of the seasons fruit

tend to be more specific and usually

more often than not they only produce

fruit once a year okay so there's more

variety of these vegetables then if it's

harder to obtain in nature nature it's

nature's way of saying eat less of this

but what nature does is it gives us

stronger physiological desires to work

hard for that food which is why there's

no obesity in nature we work off the

corresponding amount of energy in

obtaining the food and that works for

balance beautifully in nature but not so

good in the supermarket because now what

happens is we're taking these foods that

were most abundant in nature and even

more of the things that were harder to

obtain a nature specifically sugar salts

and fats which we know we have addictive

responses to

were finding out the nutrients from them

making them even more addictive and now

they're cheap and they're easily

available so what's happening is that

nature tells us what to eat quantity see

didn't buy how easily sent in in nature

and when it's a obtain in nature so that

which is harder to obtain in nature we

have less of and we have to work harder

for it and here's a third category if

you cannot get into nature not only is

it harmful to the body it's harmful to

the planet and this is where most of us

have been eating for the last hundred


okay refined sugars oil salts grains and

chemicals it's what I call the lethal

recipe and in the process of refining it

and putting it into food we've made

something that was hard to obtain in

nature easily obtained only now we're

not getting the natural version of it

we're getting a refined version that has

all the nutrients removed so your body

is eating and then saying feed me more

I'm not getting what I need and more

often than not it has chemicals and

highly refined substances that create

toxicity with the in body within the

body it creates an imbalance within the

body and it creates this addictive

substance that we get hooked on and so

there's no wonder why we're suffering

from autoimmune diseases allergies

there's over one hundred and forty-four

diseases and conditions directly

connected with sugar alone okay so now

put in tens of thousands of chemicals

that are in our food highly refined in

the removal nature's most powerful

substances to nourish energize and

protect us and a lot of people are

getting sick so if we start to go back

and think well what did we eat in nature

one of the things that's really

important and no one talks about is that

the average hunter-gather

eight 11 to 15 plant species to every

animal species they ate and not only

that when they did eat an animal species

they ate it in the hierarchy of that

which is most easily to obtain I talk

about this in the consumption concept if

you had to source your own food for

dinner tonight what would you choose in

a natural environment okay given a

choice between chicken or an omelet for

dinner most people in the Western

culture would actually go for the

chicken unless you're vegetarian

or you have an egg allergy most people

would go for the chicken because it

actually is more addictive okay given

the same choice in nature if you have to

go out and source an egg to make your

omelet or catch kill pluck disembowel

bleed and prepare chicken most people

become vegetarian but even the most

hardened carnivore would think twice

about killing a source of eggs ongoing

okay so if you think about it the

hunter-gatherers and the paleo times

they were eating insects you know they

were eating rodents they reading things

that were smaller in between the times

where they actually had a kill of a

large mammal which was a tribal food

okay it took a tribe to actually break

it down and deal with it

so it didn't actually spoil that you

know if you felt like Phil at steak for

dinner tonight or prime rib you didn't

just go out and kill a cow it just

wasn't sustainable and I'll give you an

example of a young man that I dealt with

a family who had a rather large cattle

business and at 16 he was suffering from

crippling arthritis and autoimmune

conditions he was having I feel at steak

for breakfast lunch and dinner

so although the carnivore diet can

actually create a lot of benefits in the

short term it's only a matter of time

before the long term effects of ketosis

which is not really how the human

species have evolved to actually live we

have evolved or we were designed to live

in harmony with nature and to have this

abundance of plant species the problem

is is that we've really messed it up

with our system like and if this wasn't

going out to the public I'd like to use

a much stronger word for that of how

we've actually messed up our food system

and so now we're no longer eating

natural foods because they've been grown

with chemicals

they've been genetically modified then

they're processed with chemicals and

toxins and heat to remove the macro

micronutrients and then because those

flavor compounds aroma compounds and

color compounds are removed in the

processing and sold off you know to

someone who actually sells those

and their supplements they now put in

colors and flavors and chemicals and

preservatives and more salt and msg and

all these other things into the food

that again creates a whole series of

other problems whereas if we just go

back to organic or biodynamic seasonal

local organic and whole we would solve a

lot of those problems and wouldn't need

to rely on these foods that are

incredibly hard and nature to obtain now

a lot of talk is about the carnivore the

primal you know man getting his needs

met and going right back to nature well

we are species that loves to grow and

evolve and so for those of you who are

considering the carnivore diet or the

Paleo diet I think that was appropriate

for that time in human evolution but I'm

wanting to appeal to your evolved sense

the person in you that wants to grow

okay so you can have a primal diet

that's based on old ways of actually

thinking but if you do that I implore

you to actually research properly how

the primal diet was actually consumed

and that there wasn't just one way and

that they did have leaven eleven to

fifteen plant species to every animal

species that they had and they had their

animal protein in the form of a

hierarchy starting with insects okay so

that's that's primal man but one of the

things I love about Jorden Peterson's

work is that he talks about sacrifice

for the greater good of humanity of

families right he talks about monogamy

being a sacrifice for many men who it

would feel really good to them to have

several partners to be polyamorous or

polygamous right but he has done the

research to show that children thrive

when there is a monogamous relationship

by prime primary relationship so I want

to appeal to that same part of you that

that actually is interested in the

greater good and right now with the

planet as it is with the population and

where we are environmentally

the greater good is to actually consume

in a way that is respectful of nature's

hierarchy and that which is sustainable

and eating meat as your sole form of

nutrition is not sustainable

there are evolved ways for us to

actually observe what happens in nature

and to use our brains with nature

instead of against nature great examples

of this are by dynamics that is using

our brain that's using technology to

actually enhance all the powers of

nature permaculture another example of

it using our brains to work with nature

so as a person who's seeking growth who

actually wants to do something good for

the planet

I implore you to think of beyond what is

good for just your body and ask yourself

the question is there another way that I

can eat that deals with my autoimmune

conditions that deals with my sickness

that deals with my dysfunctional

relationship with food is there a way

that I can eat that's actually healing

not just for me but for the planet for

the greater good of everyone and when

you can answer that question when you

can find the answers for yourself in a

way that is truly altruistic but

ultimately self-serving I think there's

some magic that happens within that not

just for you for your body for your life

but for the planet and that's the

question that I think we need to start



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