Why Water Is So Blue In the Caribbean Sea | Travel Tips & Tricks | How 2 Travelers

hey guys it's me Andrea right now I'm on

my balcony here and Grand Turk it's the

capital island of Turks and Caicos but

still very very small this is one of my

favourite islands to visit because the

water I mean just look at it is so

gorgeous it's unbelievable and I don't

know if you guys have ever thought like

what makes the water so blue especially

here in the Caribbean well it's a few

things one when the sun's rays light

waves come from the sky and they hit the

water the blue light is scattered while

the other colors are absorbed so that's

why it's blue but then specifically for

the Caribbean when the reasons why it is

such as brilliant blue colors because

the Caribbean Sea the water is

relatively still so the water is more

clear because there's not as much sand

and stuff being kicked up with all the

waves and everything and therefore the

colors are more vibrant and then you add

on other things like the color of the

sand usually it's a bright white so it

reflects color and that's reflecting the

blue to your eye and in Grand Turk you

can really see how much the sand and sea

floor affects the color here the water

isn't as colourful because of the dark

seaweed and then you can tell where

there's only the white sand and you have

that gorgeous blue green again and then

you also have the coral reefs here the

coral is often mixed in the sand here in

the Caribbean Sea and that also reflects

light differently

another factor giving at this unique

Caribbean blue and finally one of the

more obvious reasons for changes in sea

color is water depth all near the cruise

ship it's much darker and much deeper

obviously because the cruise would be

able to get in otherwise and then you

can see as we go towards the reefs and

the shallow water the color is so

vibrant all those factors contribute to

make it really really really blue and at

all all islands are like this but there

are specific islands that really have

just incredible colors of water and

Grand Turk is one of them so yes check

it out absolutely beautiful I hope you

enjoyed that and I'll be posting a lot

more and make sure to subscribe to

follow me as I cruise and vlog around

the world I think for watching guys bye