7 Reasons Why Cancer Is The Best Zodiac Sign


seven reasons why cancer is the best

zodiac sign people born between June

22nd and July 22nd are born under the

star sign cancer symbolized by the crab

with a tough protective shell and

something vulnerable and soft inside can

Syrians are tender hearted and they

choose carefully who they let into their

world cancers are also known for being

complicated and moody ruled by the moon

unlike any other signs it is indeed a

sensitive sign but being sensitive isn't

always a bad thing we've selected 10

personality traits who make the cancer

the best sign of the zodiac number one

compassionate being so highly sensitive

cancers have the wonderful ability to

listen compassionately to anyone in

trouble if you're having relationship

problems or facing a challenging

decision that you'd have to make a

cancer will be the perfect friend to

call a cancer will be a compassionate

listener will be patient and attentive

number two dependable can Syrians are

one of the most trustworthy individuals

of the zodiac you will come across they

value loyalty highly so they always

follow through with their commitments

and expect you to do the same they might

have mood swings but their dependability

is consistent cancer born people are

loyal and diligent to those we hold near

and dear

number three creative all cancers are

creative people with an artistic eye be

it writing drawing musical poetry they

thrive when they share their art they

take great pleasure in expressing

themselves creatively and it makes them

happy when they can share their passion

with friends or family this creative

power and innovative ideas often inspire

others number four

home loving a warm and peaceful home is

essential for the cancer they need a

space to retreat to usually can Syrians

don't like spending too much time away

from home as they are very attached to

their homes they cherish close family

and friendships while cancers may not be

swimming in acquaintances they have

several close relationships deep and

lasting bonds are just as important for

them as home number five nurturer

cancers are exceptionally loving and

caring people perhaps even more than any

other astrological sign cancers have

strong maternal instincts and are

empathetic by nature so it is no

surprise that cancer is the sign that

represents motherhood cancer often cares

about others more than they care about

themselves that will out of their way to

meet their friends and family's

emotional needs

number six peace loving peace and

harmony are crucial for the cancers

mental well-being loud arguments and

conflicts are something that sensitive

cancers cannot tolerate

they need to aim for emotional stability

when they achieve it they will discover

their tremendous power and dedication

that lies beneath the surface number

seven protective and caring being a

water sign cancers are sensitive to

other people's feelings they are

compassionate and sympathetic and they

naturally have a high capacity for

affection while the right partner cancer

is extremely loving and devoted since

they are very loyal and demand loyalty

themselves protectiveness comes like

second nature to them