Why is Bugatti so EXPENSIVE?

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taking a look at the supercars that top

pretty much every list when it comes to

luxury speed and you've guessed it price

yes a Luxor's today's video is all about

bugatti for any keen car spotters out

there the number of high-end automobiles

you're likely to come across will vary

depending on where you live typically

Porsches while highly desirable aren't

that rarest site anymore Lamborghinis

and Ferraris are a lot harder to spot

and are bound to turn heads whenever

they come into view but when it comes to

Bugattis many of us are only likely to

come face to face with one if we happen

to be visiting one of the world's top

car shows and with starting prices for

both Bugattis main production models of

Iran and the Chiron starting in seven

figures it's no wonder that these are

the unicorns of the car world in today's

video we'll be asking what makes Bugatti

so expensive

number one the engine let's start with

what Bugatti is really famous for speed

these supercars aren't just fast they're

insanely fast and if you're going to

break records for speed you're going to

need a ridiculously powerful and

expensive engine in the case of the

Chiron we're talking about 1500

horsepower that's around seven times the

horsepower of a typical SUV and double

the lamborghini aventador the Chiron

Super Sport 300 plus is recognized as

the world's fastest street-legal car

with a top speed of 304 miles per hour

that's more than a dozen football fields

per second and it also has the title for

the fastest acceleration as it can go

from 0 to 400 kilometers an hour in just

under 42 seconds this record was set by

Formula One driver Juan Pablo Montoya at

the wheel in the 42 seconds it took him

to get up to the desired speed keep

covered over three kilometers

to say an engine that can do all of this

is going to come at a seriously high

price number two state-of-the-art

engineering all over Bugattis are

phenomenally fast but this raises a

question how do you control that much

speed for starters let's think about the

brakes if you're traveling at 300 miles

per hour a regular set of car brakes

just won't be up for the job you'll need

specially made sets of bugatti brakes

which can withstand heat up to a

mind-boggling 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit

or nine hundred and eighty degrees

Celsius that's slightly hotter than lava

you'll also need ten radiators to cool

the engines super-advanced stability

control and a suspension to keep your

car steady at high speeds and pricey

materials like carbon fiber and a grade

of steel usually found in aircrafts to

top it all off you'll want a set of

custom-made tires specially designed by

Michelin which alone cost seventeen

thousand dollars and they have to be

glued to the ramps and Bugattis have all

of these things and work amazingly well

test drivers have noticed that while

most supercars seem about to break apart

near top speed the Veron and Chiron both

give incredibly smooth rides and with

pretty much every component of a Bugatti

containing cutting-edge engineering way

about the level seen in any other road

vehicle suddenly the 2.4 million dollar

price tag starts to seem reasonable

number 3 limited availability as they

sell its sky-high prices it's clear

there's only going to be a certain

number of units sold

but Bugatti expertly uses this fact to

their advantage as a marketing tool by

making a conscious decision to cap the

number of vehicles they produce Bugatti

ensures that these rare vehicles become

even more desirable and that super-rich

customers are prepared to part with even

more cash to get behind the wheel of one

let's take a look at the numbers Bugatti

have stated they'll only produce 500

Sharon's owning one will place you in

the most elite clubs of consumers on the

planet a club that includes Cristiano

Ronaldo jay-z Floyd Mayweather and

recently post Malone but what if you're

a seriously high spender and the base

model Chiron still is

expensive enough for you you could go

for a limited edition model like a Devo

only 40 of them exist and they're priced

at five million euros each

or how about the chiyan thodi ecchi

they're only ten of these and they'll

set you back a cool eight million

dollars and in case you had your eyes

set on the super sleek level tor Noir

which means the black car in French

we're sorry to say you missed out only

one exists and it snapped up by a

mystery customer in 2019 for eighteen

point six million dollars setting the

record for the most expensive car ever

sold rumors went around that the buyer

of this one-off was none other than

Cristiano Ronaldo although Ronaldo has

himself stated the high spender in

question wasn't him number four top

level luxury looking at the super

exclusive clientele that drive Bugattis

did you really think bugatti would make

cars of this caliber without ensuring

the highest level of luxury inside and

out they've spared no expenses here the

seats steering wheel and dashboard are

covered in premium hand-stitched leather

making the interior a true work of art

the bugatti emblem on the front grill of

the Chiron is made out of silver with

five layers of enamel applied by hand

all over the car you'll find touches

that are masterpieces of design like the

C bar around the door which is the

longest illuminated component of the

automobile industry touches like these

aren't going to rival the cost of the

engineering but they are definitely

going to add to the high price point

number five craftsmanship and attention

to detail something else that sets

bugatti apart from pretty much any other

car is they don't roll off factory

production lines you've heard of classy

fashion brands favouring handcrafting

instead of machine production but in the

car industry it's particularly unheard

of that is unless we're talking about

Bugatti for starters the engine is

assembled by hand by two technicians

which takes a week to put together in

the Bugatti workshop in mulch I'm

friends after that a team of twenty

mechanics put the entire vehicle

together tightening each bolt Manuel

this takes two months to finish a single

car before it's driven 300 miles to make

sure everything functions perfectly

after which it's carefully polished in a

process that takes two days this level

of attention to detail on every vehicle

produced is unique in an automobile

production and it ensures that each

Bugatti is a work of art and it goes

without saying that it all adds up to

big Audis production costs and

desirability number six

finally a Lexus if you're one of the few

people lucky enough they can even

consider buying a Bugatti there's one

other cost you should consider and this

time it doesn't even show up on the

price tag maintenance if you're a proud

owner of a Bugatti you'll no doubt want

to keep it in tip-top condition and this

also is going to be pretty expensive

just changing the tires alone will cost

$30,000 maybe you want to replace the

rims - this will push the price up to

one hundred and twenty thousand what if

you just need an oil change luckily no

need to worry there you'll be able to

cover this with a billionaires pocket

change around $20,000 so that brings us

to is a Bugatti worth it there's no

doubt that Bugattis are phenomenally

expensive but are they actually worth it

to answer this let's see what those

world-famous motoring authorities top

gear have to say in 2010 the British

motoring show named the Veyron the car

of the decade for claiming it a feat of

engineering and design on par with

Concorde and while the Top Gear

presenters are known for pushing

supercars to the limit by testing them

against each other when it came to the

Veyron they chose to test it not against

other cars but against planes presumably

because if they put it up against a

retail car it just wouldn't have been a

fair fight however they did race it

against a McLaren f1 and Bugatti came in

first all proving that Bugattis really

are in a class all apart from other

vehicles all of this means if you can

buy a Bugatti you're not just buying one

of the most advanced pieces of

engineering in the world that's on a

totally different level - anything else

on the road you're also buying a

masterclass in design and luxury that's

pretty much incomparable as a status


in other words if you're one of the very

few people out there who can afford one

pen yes

Bugatti really is worth the price

question pay lectures were so curious to

know out of all Bugatti models out there

including the special editions which one

do you think is the most eye-catching

design let us know in the comments and

of course for sticking with us until the

end here's your bonus there is a Bugatti

model that we haven't mentioned yet and

it has bling written all over it the

Bugatti Veyron diamond limited edition

only three of them have been made and

they aren't made out of carbon fiber and

aircraft steel but out of 24 karat gold

platinum and diamonds Hale Xers as you

probably guessed know you can't actually

drive these and they didn't come from

the Bugatti factory and friends instead

from the workshop of a Munich based

jewelry designer amazingly at two

million dollars this scale model of the

V Ron is even more expensive than the

car it's modeled after and even if it

won't get anywhere near the 300 miles

per hour mark and it isn't an official

Bugatti product the fact that somebody

made the effort to make it highlights

Bugattis connection with the furthest

extremes of luxury thank you for

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