Plenty of Bills fans fine with no Tuesday game

bouncing bills schedule has many

football fans here in bill's country

certainly talking tonight a lot of you

posting comments about all the changes

on our wkbw

facebook page changes again to both the

chiefs game

and the titans game as well 7 eyewitness

news reporter jeff rusack

gauging fan reaction tonight today is a

fall day that the kids would call

elite but there's definitely something


on this sunday in western new york the

buffalo bills in their 4-0 record were

slated to play this sunday

oh it's great i love seeing the offense

um you know nothing bad

nothing bad right now and i think it's

great for the um you know especially in

these hard times

for people to have that right now no

game meant bills fans had the chance to

take in a perfect fall day at chestnut

ridge park

but not every bills fan is on the same

page when it comes to playing the titans

on tuesday

the game being pushed back due to

positive covet 19 tests

by the bill's opponent i love this team

i'm super excited i think everything's

different everything's changed

and i can't wait to watch them play

tuesday there's a new case today

so i don't think they should play on

tuesday i don't think they should have

had a season i mean i'm glad the bills

are winning

and all if they do have a season but i'm

in the medical field and i don't

think that you know it's too much of a

risk the titans obviously haven't been

being as safe as we should be and

you know that could if people from the

bills get sick then it just

you know snowballs into more delayed

games so i think we should probably play

it safe and not play

an unscheduled sunday off from buffalo

bills football and

plenty of western new yorkers wouldn't

mind if the bills had tuesday night off

as well

jeff rusack 7 eyewitness news