Why is the budget speech important?


but that speech is important for all of

us because it gives us a picture of the

health of the country's finances and we

all shareholders in our country's

finances because we pay tax so the

government collects lots of tax from

individuals from businesses and then it

must decide and how to spend or allocate

those taxes the implications for us are

big probably bigger than a lot of us

realize of example interest rates if a

country is healthy and the finances are

healthy we can expect interest rates to

be lower so we can afford it's easier to

afford a house or maybe to buy a car

using finance but if the country is

doing poorly than interest rates are

going to be higher and much more

expensive for us to to earn a home into

my claws afford to other things so it

really gives us a picture as

shareholders in so that we incorporated

is our country's finances are they doing

well or they on track or is there a

problem that we need to maybe try and

see how we can address that