Bucs-Dolphins game postponed due to Hurricane Irma | SportsCenter | ESPN

I'm told by League sources that the

league has made its decision that they

will be postponing this game between the

Dolphins and the Bucks until week 11

when both teams have a scheduled bye so

this allows the teams to now go ahead

and move forward with their plans to

protect themselves from Hurricane terma

certainly there was some groundswell

within this building here in Miami as

well as over in Tampa to try to play

this game on a neutral site to avoid

having to play 16 straight games but the

league ultimately deciding that they

want to put their resources into making

sure that both communities stay prepared

for this hurricane it's not a decision

that the league came to lightly but I am

told that it is an official decision and

that that game will be played week 11 J

okay the other thing you mentioned plans

how are the Dolphins players and staff

preparing for the storm combined with

what's going on with that get with that

game this weekend well this is an

interesting one Jay because literally in

that building they don't know yet that

this game has officially been postponed

but going into this week Adam GaSe the

team's head coach was planning to make

sure that today was actually a Friday

and this is before the storm was even

coming treating this as a Friday workday

because they had that extra time on the

back end of last week so the team felt

like they were going to be prepared

enough whatever came their way

ultimately though they couldn't play the

game on Thursday because the mayor here

in Miami had already put in level one

readiness which means that police

officers were working on 12-hour shift