How to fix Dyson Vacuum head - roller not spinning

make sure you guys watch this video all

the way to the end to find out exactly

where this piece of hair was hiding and

how was causing my vacuum cleaner not to

work what's going on guys I'm bill and

welcome to Bill's hair to today I'm

going to show you guys how to fix the

head on a dyson vacuum cleaner when it

no longer spins anymore very very common

problem whether you're using this thick

vacuum or you put the main big unit like

in this case here we've got the syntek

the process is going to be exactly the

same what I mean by the head love

spinning is this little brush here in

the head doesn't spin anymore and when

this doesn't work it doesn't pick up

most of the mess especially on the

carpet so it's a very common problem

with the Dyson vacuum cleaners and other

brands as well so this solution might

also work for your other brands make

sure you stick around let's get straight

into it guys let's do this so the issue

that I'm having is with the bigger unit

with this syntek one here when I turn it

on this one he doesn't actually rotate


so we're still getting plenty of suction

coming up through the top but the actual

brush roller itself doesn't spin this is

supposed to spin nice and freely I'm

gonna show you guys the first most

common problem to cause this and we're

going to test it out on my actual stick

vacuum so this one here is actually

spinning but it's not spinning as free

as it should and you can see exactly why

right there it's absolutely full of hair

that is the biggest problem I'm going to

show you guys how to open this one here

up so as you can tell guys this one here

is absolutely filled with hair the way

that we actually claim is out if we have

a look at the side here there's a little

notch and that's actually a cap to

remove the brush so the easiest way is

to take a spoon we'll take the back end

of it and we'll just turn this one here

over to the left just a little bit

that'll loosen up the cap and you can

push out the roller so if we just put

our fingers in there we can start

sliding that roller back remove that cap

now if your one is as filled up as mine

it's going to be a little bit hard to

remove this roller but same process just

push it out once you've got enough you

can then grab on to the end and you

should be able to pull that section near

out so as you can tell guys this one

here is absolutely filled with here the

easiest way to clean this up is with a

pair of scissors we're gonna simply cut

this hair being very careful not to cut

the red bristles so this one here is a

clean one okay we're gonna cut in

between the red bristles making sure not

to cut these bristles here off so we'll

take our scissors find where our red

bristles are cut them all the way up

and then we can open that section there

up and start peeling that hair back so

once all the hairs been removed we've

got a nice clean roller once again we

can pop that one there back in put our

cap back on the end making sure to lock

that one there back in so turn it to the

right and that will lock it up for you

we can now test the unit once again so

you're gonna find that a lot of the

times that is actually the cause of your

problem just the build-up of hair over

the brush simply stopping that from

spinning now in this case here on the

big unit you can see we've got a nice

clean brush and it still doesn't spin so

I know that's not my issue the next

thing we can do is look at the

electrical connections now depending on

the unit that you have it may or may not

have electrical connections and the

reason for that is this little brush or

the roller down the bottom it rotates

based on either electrical motor or a

turbine so on the big unit here it

rotates based on a turbine but if we

have a look at this small unit right

here which is a little thick vacuum a

few other bigger bigger models also have

the electrical connections this funny

here actually operates on electrical

motor so if we have a look at the head

of the vacuum cleaner here I'll turn it

around to where it connects you can see

the on the bottom here we've got two

little pins that forms part of the

electrical connection that runs all the

way through this so when we plug this

one here in it's supposed to have a

solid claimed connection so it's always

a good idea to have a look make sure you

haven't got any dirt or dust or anything

else built up in there making sure all

the way through you're gonna find those

connections so all anywhere along the

shaft where you can actually disconnect

you'll find there's also another set of

connectors right there so you just want

to run through your whole unit make sure

that's nice and clean a lot of times

it's simply not getting power and that's

the reason why it's not spinning so in

this case here on mystic vacuum cleaner

that could possibly be the issue now

when we look at the main vacuum

cleaner what like I said before it runs

on a turbine so that means we don't have

electrical connections so there's only

one more problem that it could actually

be and I'm going to show you guys how to

fix it so if you've tried both of those

methods and your roller is still not

spinning more than likely this is going

to be the solution for you and it's

simply because it's an area that's

definitely overlooked what we're gonna

do is take our spoon once again we're

going to take off that end cap on the

little head unit here we're going to

remove our brush or roller that should

have already been cleaned and what we're

going to look for is that little section

down the back of the head here so if we

have a look right down the back of the

head unit here you can see that there's

a mechanism this mechanism here actually

allows our roller to turn without this

one here spinning freely it won't

actually work what you'll notice is a

lot of times the hair is actually going

to get caught in there it's going to go

right down to the back and that's going

to prevent it from turning it's going to

be bound up very nice and tight down the

back of there so you might not be able

to remove it with your fingers what

we're gonna do is actually remove this

mechanism here using a screwdriver so

I'm going to show you guys how to do

that so if we have a look at the screws

that are used on the head here you can

see it's a star drive or a torque speed

whichever one you like to call it if you

don't have one of these around you can

use a flathead screwdriver just make

sure that it actually fits inside that

slot so once you've fits in that slot

and you've got a good bite on it you'll

be able to remove those screws what we

need to do is remove the outer plastic

sections here just to give us a bit more

access if you've got nice small hands

you might not have to remove it but in

my case I need to remove these outer


so once those outer guards have been

removed we can then remove the main bulk

of this section here if we have a look

at the top all you want to do is just

simply pull on that just a little bit

and we can wedge that section there out

now we've got full clearance and access

to the little screw that's in the back

here so we can take our screwdriver slot

that all the way in because there's a

screw at the back which needs to be

undone and if we try and turn this one

here you'll notice that the mechanism

also turns with it so what we need to do

is hold on to that mechanism and then

back off our screw being very careful

not to lose this screw just continue to

back that one there off and now we've

got that screw also removed so once the

screws removed we can then hold onto the

mechanism give it a bit of a wiggle and

we should be able to pop this piece here

out and if we have a look at the back

there you can see that little ball of

hair that is actually what was causing

our problems so this little ball of hair

that's been wound up nice and tight

behind the actual mechanism you'd never

be able to get your hands on it you

probably wouldn't even know it's there

and this is the cause of our problem so

now that we've got that out of the way

we can put everything back the way it

was put our mechanism back inside take

our screw put that back on the

screwdriver just a note to everybody out

there if you do have Torx screws or even

the stardrive whichever one you want to

call it it's preferable to use that over

the flathead you don't want to damage

any of those screws once again we're

going to hold on to our little mechanism

here and screw it all back in then we

can return our plastic pieces back on

we can now put our roller back in now

cap making sure locked up on their back

up so now for the moment of truth boys

time for the test


and there we have it guys said that is

how to fix the head on your Dyson vacuum

cleaner hopefully you guys have enjoyed

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