Inside New York City's MOST DANGEROUS HOOD - South Bronx πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

exactly where's that i don't think you

wouldn't want to walk like that

on that side of the area there's benji

yes everybody knows benji

not really a good scene back there

everywhere you go you got a bridge at

the end of the day all right

salute to you a thousand times this is

your home okay it's been really bad

yeah just be careful man so we got a

pork taco


you see my here


hello from new york city this is such a


place with so many different types of

neighborhoods and today we're going to

go into the most dangerous neighborhood

of the city

the south bronx



really really really really

149th and third

don't know the name of this hood at

south bronx

we're gonna go from here down to

mott haven so we're gonna cruise around

walk around this neighborhood check out

what's going on and then

mott haven should be interesting

wait where you from dude i was born in


i lived in ukraine the last four years

california my adult life i just came

back to the states

wow yeah you just i just came back

what's going on there's nothing nothing

there's one word

worse than a year ago yeah well not that


you always be aware look around yeah the

summertime in the summer time

on this block is at least like two three

fights a day

how about the white guy okay yeah you

see no problem

okay cool but walking around like that

yeah i don't know thanks brother i don't

think you wouldn't want to walk like


on that side

bit edgier than i thought it would be to

be honest

got some fruit going on here cookies

department store

of course at mcdonald's

you know what right now in new york

no music in the city at least that's

what i've been told so far in manhattan

nothing no street performances and

that's what that's what makes the city

so amazing

is all that live music and energy i'll

tell you what i feel a lot of energy

right now

definitely a different environment than

i've ever

ever been in oh beautiful church there

what church is that bro you know

little reggae that's nice nice vibe

cuts the edge

where's the good food brother see what

lola's is that yeah

go to two blocks there you're gonna see

a nice big restaurant two blocks down

one forty two they're not the lola's

gonna 148 you're gonna see a nice

restaurant what's it called

i've got neighborhood restaurant but

it's nice it's nice

what's your name peter george all right

george what's up

so uh let's go see what the restaurant

scene is like here


home cooked chicken what's the name of

this place

fresh kitchen that's what i got out of

that uh

okay full transparency guys the

neighborhood is uh

pretty intense out there oh there we go

it's good chicken

neighborhood's pretty intense i sort of

have to

fuel up and figure out my next steps

this one guy warned me it's

it's gone downhill quite a bit

so uh the goal is

meet some cool people learn about the



the bronx is very famous for a few


i'd say the number one thing would be

hip-hop rap music

and then also graffiti

i don't know if it started here but it's

uh it's very famous for its graffiti

so new york right now beginning of


2020 very interesting place

just a kid very interesting place uh

manhattan seems

pretty quiet i mean there's still life


compared to what it's normally like

super quiet

crime across the city

one of the stats i read said homicides

are up 70

this year versus last year

so there's there's a little more edge we

have the pandemic

we have protests a political election


so there is a palpable tension

but then it's also normal life at the

same time

all right what do you got in here


do you have like 15 batteries or




here we go

i just walked past quite an interesting

drug scene over there

uh 20 guys shooting on heroin

you said heroin is the big thing here


white black hispanic everyone was in on

it just right off the street so he said

the heroine is coming super strong no


no longer is it the uh crack but the

heroin and i think there's a lot of it

going on down there

and you can't really put the camera on


addicts i mean you can i guess but they

look really paranoid obviously because

they think uh

they're a police or something just past

that drug scene is allstate insurance

my wellness solutions safe med

so i'm going east here on 149th and is

turning more

latin feeling the music the people

and that's what new york is you just go

through these streets

and the ethnicities change a lot of


all right so i just went into this cell

phone shop met this pakistani guy who's

been here for three years in the bronx

what were you saying bro ron the father

of liar

the bronx is the father of liari

and liari is the um the hardcore


in karachi where there are actually a

lot of rappers and a lot of boxers right

a lot of boxers there

i made a video there and they already

loved it

get my wife one

yes get your white one get my wife one

this is styling it's comfortable too

everyone why don't you guys have one i


up you got to represent the bronx

exactly where's that's what i'm doing

yeah yeah yeah yeah you got time for


i hear you what's going on with the

corona here right now

um what's going on

is it going up or going down well not


going down going up

going up brooklyn's growing up because

they didn't pay attention the first time

they don't pay attention all right

well you know the duke got their own

doors so

they're not wearing masks they still

ain't weird

and they've got one city they got one

town in brooklyn and there was something

with the

middlesex or something yeah that [ __ ] is

37 percent now


oh okay


do you need an appointment or no um just

come in with the id

okay now heading south to mott haven

i believe it's 138th and that's another

busy street

the bronx is a large area it's uh what

is it 42 square

miles so this is the south bronx they're

all different parts of the bronx they're

really nice expensive neighborhoods


are more concentrated neighborhoods like


a little bit of everything the

population in the bronx overall is 1.4

million people

if it was its own city i forget what it

would be but it's

uh it's got the third highest population


in the states i think would be like the

eighth biggest city in america

you see the bars on the windows

obviously showing it's not the safest


but it's got some charm over here garden


things seem to be a little bit better

taken care of

over here vines up the side of the


yeah they would barely abuse animals

well done okay

so they're the rescue dogs yes i have to

be nine years

okay they were barely abused they were

beaten they were starving to death

um and

they cut his testicles off the guy who

owned them and left them to dine a


in brooklyn there's benji yes everybody

knows benji and i and jesus


it just got nice like right around this

area yeah

under the bridge too she don't bite

really she's like

yeah she's a snapper he's like he's my


they're husband and wife they've been

together since they were babies


she's upstairs i'm about to go get her

now good good seeing you honey you too

so you live you've lived in the

neighborhood a long time no i'm only

here 10 years

ah people cool here everyone gets along

i have no problem with nobody i'm the

only white person in my group

all the jews are building uh buying

everything and building it up

here yeah see this was all jews at one

time it was before

yeah yeah and then you know it had

things go by you know time goes by

yeah and then when i moved here 10 years

ago it was still just this night

i never had a problem with nobody i mind

my business you know

yeah i don't want to get involved with

nobody [ __ ] i don't know nobody's [ __ ]

and oh what's he selling always

somebody's always telling something

i saw a bunch of guys shooting up heroin

up there yeah they do that

down here is nicer yeah they they they

shoot up and in my building chill

they'll be in the elevator smoking crack

i don't understand that

how you open the elevator doing this

smoking crack in there they should get

their ass kicked

down the throat you'll slam it down

their throat yeah because the stem

or the glass whatever they call the pipe

because like i said there's children in

the building how are you going to do

that you live here why don't you do it

in your house

that's your [ __ ] do it in your house

don't do it in the elevator where people

got to see you

yeah yeah

they're so cute okay and then two down

and then the other guy is spanish the

puerto rican man owns three of them

he owns three of them because back in

the days they paid thirty five thousand

dollars for now they're worth over a

million dollars

seriously each one of these over a

million yep yep

they're beautiful take care bye-bye

yeah it looks like we're near a police


must be over there that looks vacant up

there look at that one

where is it right there yeah that's

faking and these are the projects

and she said these i don't know i was

the first person i've talked about

she said these some of these apartments

can go up to like fifteen hundred

dollars a pop

but they get free free electricity

what's up guys

hey how's it how's the neighborhood

lately uh

where specifically the whole freaking

like one 149

[ __ ] disaster this whole [ __ ]

disaster yeah should i i was recording

should i shut this up no absolutely not

okay it's been really bad this whole pre

precinct is a [ __ ] show yeah just be

careful man

you moving in are you living here no i'm

just walking through yeah it's it's a

lot it's

super high in crime lately man it's been

like that since what

probably around the corona when they

started it got really bad moving

you know just what about down here 138th

nothing worse than it's been right my


it's better there than over there right

149. well

one four are you talking about the hub

area yeah where the metro comes out yeah

the subway comes out yeah the k2 and a

lot of drug activity yeah they they were

there was like 20 guys just sitting

shooting up on the sidewalks that's all

the way up 149 i mean

i don't know how far you walked on your

recording if you yeah yeah i walked up

there and all the way down

yeah it's kind of live here no if you

look you've talked with the drugs and

you know that

yeah the dope head and k2 it's all the

way up 149 it looks like

it feels like it's been getting worse

around the globe yeah you know guys i've

been out of the country four years i

just got a month ago i did quarantine

all that [ __ ] but um

thank you it's weird yeah you're you're


they go to uh

you could do that yeah but that's that's


yeah i would just stick over here stick

over here and back up and down 149 if

you want or maybe walk through

like patterson all right so

hey it actually looks nice though it's a

good looking area yeah

it does it's a lot nice too until you

touch it

there's a lot of small pockets all right


thank you you're you're italian though

originally right

you look like my father yes

a little bit of a different vibe more

space on the sidewalks not as many

people still lively

this is the traffic that doesn't seem to

be happening in

manhattan right now

quite a vibrant neighborhood

old woman buying ice cream

a little history for you so the bronx is

named after

jonas bronx he uh he was part of the new

netherlands colony swedish explorer

bought the land from the native

americans they tried to grow things they

didn't grow so well

that's how it started off then it was uh

it was irish americans it was german

americans it was italian americans

then around the 40s a lot of caribbean

nations came a lot of puerto ricans came


and shortly after a lot of african

americans came into

these neighborhoods so the face has

changed dramatically

in quite a short amount of time

and they got great mexican food i always

find the food scenes quite awkward

eating in front of a camera people seem

to love it so we got a pork taco here

tomato cilantro lettuce

very nice very nice that's about as good

as i am with

food shots i don't know what to do say

it's good have you ever seen a food show

where they say the food is terrible


six dollars for a drink and a monster


this place is epic

which is gracious what's the name of

your restaurant santa clarita restaurant

santa clarita restaurant okay

very good mexican food thank you yeah

that place rocks

where'd my man go he took off went he

was like

he went inside okay i didn't have the

power button on when he was talking to


oh well what are you reading um

cool do you like raven do you like ray


yeah he's good huh yeah i'm science

fiction in holland that's what i read

you're living in a different world yeah

yeah escapism yes

take care guys all right bye-bye

all right sometimes that happens guys


i don't hit the record button right but


really cool guy telling some facts about

the neighborhood this is a landmark

neighborhood with these brownstones

so you have really interesting

architecture cool doorways

ornate windowsills

some nice color in here this one needs

to be

redone obviously but look at the top


that's stunning

you guys did this all yourself yes

that's cool

you take halloween seriously all the way

chris we do that every time for the kids

do you have trick or treaters here um


yeah cool i like your style

thank you take care god a lot of cool

people there was another guy back there

uh he was with his girlfriend and

another guy and they were super cool

and awesome they gave me their number

to take me to uh where grand master


grew up and also the the origin of hip


but they didn't want to be on camera but

i'm getting a lot of good

good vibes i mean there is a heaviness

at south bronx

but everyone i've talked to has been

pretty cool so far

hello how are you doing

like that don't be shy

okay watch this what is the purpose of

the reason i love the camera

why are you here the message grandmaster


i love you for the whole purpose of

keeping the culture love

i love you for the spirit from within

self and then also to how do you say

getting it expressed through other


which is another blessing so when i say

express you're going over to other


and you're talking about that topic that

of an individual that was a legacy

which is a blessing and you my friend

are you from the south bronx right here

right here

talk to me about it it's so many

different reflections it's it's all

about the individual

about what they want to bring and what

is the offspring and then how they want

to have

mixture inside of it at the end of the

day so it's all about the individual

when he comes to the south bronx

what his mind frame of thinking is he's

channeling different energies

and once they start channeling different

energies now you're making bridge to all

of those things that you came in contact


and then they're going to give off a

relationship which is going to be a

reflection and from that reflection we


there's a lot of love in the south bronx

you know i'm not going to just say the

south bronx to put myself in one

category okay i'm going to say all

burgers at the end of the day

because my greatest thing was i just

came back from massachusetts

and i would have never thought the love

would be so overwhelming out there the

way it was

it was outstanding and i'm coming from

the bronx

coming from the bronx going away after

massachusetts and receiving the love

that i received hands down ten times

what you put out you get back well i

told you it's the reflection of the

individual at the end of the day what

are you selling here

we got from movies to um oils to

perfumes to headphones

chargers phone cases ladies

anything you guys like you're more than

welcome anytime you got lovely what's

your name brother

my name is sean they call me black the

movie god bless the movie god

y'all got love when you come out here

okay love you for that partner and keep

doing that

um go pro homework and keep not just

experiencing but keep contacting with so

many individuals so

everywhere you go you got a bridge at

the end of the day all right

salute to you a thousand times this is

your home you got love when you come

through okay

i'll see you when you pass again let me

know what's going on from there all


have a good day stop by here again




and then you get that in the south bronx

kelly's fashion optical another mexican


and there's that psycho dude [ __ ] he's

following me

all right let's get into this

see you're making this for the family no

sir looks good


bye bye that's where i

that's go they just got a set up there

outside on the sidewalk a grill going

she had all the condiments it looked

like she was actually selling it

wow look at this bike that looks like

something i have no idea what that is

suzuki all modified out

so you see in the bronx a lot of

beautiful detail

like this a lot of history right

another one let's check this one out

across the street

yeah a lot of little cool detail i mean

it's gritty it's not let's not play


it's pretty but then it's got this stuff

oh that looks similar

how's this pizza man it's really good


how's this pizza man it's good pizza



the best in new york my opinion yeah

good [ __ ] box all right i'm in

i got it

what's the name of this place golden

pizza golden pizza right on

rocks what do you got to say about the

south frogs uh it's

quite a diverse loud place but there's

good people here

yeah try the pizza okay you like it is

this guy over here next to the car

regular everybody the regular here

people hang out here all the time solid

messy and good that's awesome


golden pizza 138th street

and brook ave

highly recommend going here if you're in

new york cool guy that owns it too


this guy is rocking the fashion what's

your name

good job juju dude you need to give me

some tips

bro i'm trying you know what i'm saying

i just i just uh

try to try to combine my colors real

well that's it


that about wraps it up in the south

bronx but i want to

leave you with a few of the lessons i

learned a lot of drugs a lot of crime

there's some edge but i also want to

mention that there's a lot of beauty


there's a lot of human connection there

are a lot of smiles

a lot of people went out of their way to

help talk on camera

and yeah it's in this extreme place for


but it's got something really cool in it

and the food is excellent

also if you want to support this channel

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make this content so thanks for coming

along until the next one

from the south bronx