Susanna - The Book of Daniel, Septuagint & Apocrypha

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typically do our scripture reading

podcast on Tuesday and that's since

we've been working through the Book of

Daniel there's a couple of books

actually possibly three that we're going

to do over the next couple of weeks

they're not really books they're just

chapters and you'll see what I mean here

in a minute in the Septuagint Bible

which is kind of like the Hebrew Old

Testament translated into Greek most

people believe Arnall most say most

people many scholars believe that it's

probably the form of the text that the

disciples themselves read and maybe even

Jesus himself it happens to put a couple

of these books as chapter 13 and 14 in

the Book of Daniel now if you want to

read along it's not like this book is

real strange and hard to find you can

actually go to your Bible app on your

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susanna so go to your Bible app

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before I read Susannah I want to read

the introduction to this book as well

and you know we do we do this type of

thing it's just our way of doing more

research studying scriptures and so

that's why on Tuesday I dedicate the

time just to cover you know what's in

the scriptures and a lot of times we

cover some of this extra stuff that

didn't used to be extra but it's extra

today because I believe it has some

value so I hope that it that you guys

enjoy it and that it blesses you I've

thought about maybe going through well

never mind I'm gonna have hassle net for

now I'm trying to decide what I'm gonna

do on Tuesdays moving forward afterward

we finished these last couple of

chapters with Daniel probably just

jumping around from different types of

books in the Bible and and the Apocrypha

so that'll likely be the plan so without

any further ado I'll stop rambling and

then let me read the introduction to

this book so you know what it is where

it comes from and what it's all about

and then it's really short and I'll read

it to you

alright so here's the introduction this

material precedes Daniel 1 in some Greek

manuscripts and follows Daniel 12 in the

Latin Vulgate

where it is numbered Daniel 13 the

history of Susanna the second of the

three additions to the Book of Daniel

was most likely made when the book was

translated from Hebrew into Greek in the

Greek Septuagint Bible Susanna is

located as a single chapter preliminary

to the Book of Daniel in the Latin

Vulgate Bible it is treated as an

appendix chapter and relocated to the

end of Daniel where it is identified as

chapter 13

although the narrative pivots around the

fate of an otherwise unknown woman named

Susannah this book is very much a story

about Daniel a brilliant lawyer who

comes to the rescue of the wrongfully

accused Susannah and thus this

fast-paced courtroom drama has always

been associated with the book of Daniel

the underlying message is aimed at

people experiencing unjust oppression

reminding them that God is just and will

rescue those who are resolutely faithful

even when their faith is severely tested

in this story we encounter a beautiful

young woman Susannah who was newly

married and living in the Jewish

community in Babylon while bathing one

day in a secluded gardens of her home

she is confronted by two lustful elders

judges in the community who had been

hiding and watching her when she rejects

their advances they resort to an age-old

male ploy of defaming and reputation of

the female they wish to victimize while

hiding behind their cloaks of

respectability as judges since them all

warrants conviction on the basis of two

witnesses who agree and since these two

witnesses conspired to accuse her

falsely Susannah is condemned to die for

the adulteress acts they claimed to have

seen her commit but God hears her

prayers and sends Daniel to her rescue

in defending her Daniel makes a

brilliant tactical move of separating

the accusers to check the details of

their stories when their stories do not

Co hear their lives are exposed and they

are convicted instead of Susannah whose

innocence is vindicated it is this scene

of Daniel using his cleverness to find

the truth that gave shapes Shakespeare

his famous phrase a Daniel come to judge

a lot of people probably don't know that

that that's where Shakespeare got his

phrase a Daniel comes to judge is from

this book here and again you know we

live in a time

we could really use some of this hope

and you know this the introduction goes

on to say the underlying message it's

aimed at people experiencing unjust

oppression reminding them that God is

just and he will rescue those who are

resolute resolutely faithful even when

their faith is severely tested so this

book in a lot of the Greek man um this

material says perceives genuine so it

comes first and before Daniel chapter

one in some Greek manuscripts and it

follows Daniel chapter 12 and a lack of

Latin Vulgate and like I said in the

Septuagint it's chapter thirteen so

anyway without further ado looks good

and just read the story of Susannah

again located in your King James Version

with Apocrypha if you're using the Bible

app chapter thirteen if you're using the

Septuagint and it's also somewhere in

your regular Apocrypha if you have a

physical copy

all right Susannah 13 there dwelt a man

in Babylon called Joachim and he took a

wife whose name was Susanna the daughter

of high Kia a very fair woman and one

that feared the Lord her parents also

were righteous and taught their daughter

according to the law of Moses now

Joachim was a great rich man and had a

fair guard and joining unto his house

and to him resorted the Jews because he

was more honourable than all the others

the same year were appointed two of the

ancients of the people to be judges such

as the Lord but at Lord spake of the

wickedness came from Babylon from

ancient judges whose seemed to govern

the people these kept much at Joachim's

house and all that had any suits in law

came unto them now when the people

depart in a way at noon Susanna went to

her husband's garden to walk and the two

elders saw her going in every day and

walking so that their lust was inflamed

towards her and they perverted their own

mind and turned away their eyes but they

may not that they might not look into


no remember just judgments and alb yet

they both were wounded with her love yet

Durst not one show another his grief for

they were ashamed to declare their lust

and that they desired to have do with

her yet they watched diligently from day

to day to see her and the one said to

the other let us go home for it is

dinner time so when they were gone out

they parted the one from the other

and turning back again they came to the

same place and after they had asked one

another the cause they acknowledged

their lust

then appointed by a time both together

when they might find her alone

and it fell out as they watched a fit

time she went in as before the two maids

only and she was deserts to wash herself

in the garden for was hot and there was

nobody there to save the two elders that

had hid themselves and watched her then

she said her maids bring me oil and

washing balls and shut the garden doors

that I may wash me and they did as she

bade them and shut the garden doors and

went out themselves at privy doors to

fetch the things that she had commanded

them but they saw not the elders because

they were hid now when the maze were

gone forth the two elders rose up and

ran to her saying behold the garden

doors are shut that no man can see us

and we are in love with thee therefore

consent unto us and lie with us if thou

will not we will bear witness against

thee that a young man was with thee and

therefore thou descend away thy maids

from thee then Susanna side and said I

am straightened on every side for if I

do this thing it is death unto me and if

I do it not I cannot escape her hands it

is better for me to fall into your hands

and not do it then to sin and the side

of the Lord

with bass Susana cried with a loud voice

and the two elders cried out against her

then ran the one and opened the garden

door so when the servants of the house

heard the cry in the garden they rushed

in that at the pivi door to see what was

done unto her but when the elders had

declared their matter the servants were

greatly ashamed for there was never such

a report made of Susana

before I continued there's this

something that's stuck out to me

Susanna's response and you know this is

the response of a truly godly a truly

righteous person you know they tell her

you know either you're going to lie with

us or we're gonna bear false witness

against you and we're gonna claim that

you were lying we've caught you with

another young man caught you in adultery

which someone would be put to death for

her for those kinds of acts and Susana

sighed and said I'm straightened on

every side she's realizing that she's in

a bind

because she says if for if I do this

thing it is death unto me and if I do

not do if I do it not I cannot escape

your hands so she's weighing the cost

and she acknowledges he says it is

better for me to fall into your hands

and not do it Bendis in the sight of the


she was really putting God first

she was really putting the Lord first

before her own life even to death she

was willing to follow our God

and I just think that's really really

powerful all right let's continue and

finish yourself and it came to pass the

next day that when the people were

assembled to her husband Joachim the two

others came also full of mischief

imagination against Susana too / her to

death and said before the people sinned

for Susana the daughter of Ikea Jo Kim's

wife and so they sent so she came with

her father and mother her children and

her kindred now Susana was a very

delicate woman and beauteous to behold

and these wicked men commanded to

uncover her face for she was covered

that they might be filled with her

beauty therefore her friends and all the

saw her wept then the two elders stood

up in the midst of the people and laid

their hands upon her head and she

weeping looked up towards heaven for her

art thrusted in the Lord and the elder

said as we walked into the garden alone

this woman came in with two maids and

shut the garden doors and then sent the

maids away then a young man who there

was hid came unto her and they lie with

her and lay with her then that the stood

in the corner of the garden seen this

wickedness ran unto them and we saw them

together the man we could not hold for

he was stronger than we and opened the

door and leapt out but having taken this

woman we've asked who the young man was

she would not tell us these things we do

testify then the assembly believed him

and those that were

the elders and judges of the people so

they condemned her to death Vince

Susannah cried out with a loud voice and

said Oh everlasting God that thou

knowest the secrets and knowest all

things before they be they'll know us

that they have borne false witness

against me and behold I must die whereas

I never did such things as these men

have malice ly invented against me and

the Lord heard her voice

therefore when she was led to be put to

death the Lord raised up the holy spirit

of a young youth whose name was Daniel

who cried with a loud voice I am clear

from the blood of this woman then all

the people turned them toward him and

said what mean these words that thou has

spoken so he standing in the midst and

said are ye such fools you sons of

Israel that without examination or

knowledge of the truth ye have condemned

a daughter of Israel you know real quick

guys something I you know there's so

many Christians I feel like and People

of God

who in these times that we're facing

they they don't want to do anything

right they kind of just want to tuck and

hide and you know when there's trouble

when there's work to be done

God rises up graces of godly men to do

it God could have just you know rained

fire down from heaven and annihilated

these guys or something like that right

but instead God hears the prayer of

Susanna and and speaks to the spirit of

a godly man in the area and calls him up

to come to the rescue and so you know be

thinking about that you know as you're

doing your daily walk maybe God's

calling you to do something maybe God's

raising you up to do something God likes

to use his people to get his will done

he could just snap his fingers and it'd

be done but that's not how he works and

I like in this story how he just fills

Daniel with the Holy Spirit and being oh

so she know what this woman's blood snot

gonna be on my hands very interesting

verse 49 return again to the place of

judgment for they have borne false

witness against her where for all the

people turned again in haste and the

elders said unto Him come sit down among

us and show it show at us seeing God

hath given D the honor of an elder then

said Daniel and then put these two aside

one from another and I will examine them

so when they were put asunder one from

another he called one of them and said

unto Him o thou art waxen old wickedness

now thy sins which thou has committed

after time are come delight for thou has

pronounced false judgment and has

condemned the innocent it has to let the

guilty go free I'll be at the Lord

sayeth the innocent and the righteous

thou shall not slay now then if thou has

seen her tell me under what tree saw us

to bow them come

together who answered under a mastic

tree and Daniel said very well

thou hast lied against thine own head

for even now the angel of God hath

received the sentence of God to cut the

into so he put him aside and he

commanded to bring the other and said

unto Him o thou seed of Canaan and not

of Judah beauty hath deceived thee and

lust have perverted thy heart thus ye

thus have you dealt with the daughters

of Israel and they for fear companion

with you but the daughter of Judah would

not abide by her wickedness

now therefore tell me under what shree

did a style take them company together

you answered under a home tree then said

Daniel unto him well da house also lied

against thine own head for the angel of

God waiteth with the sword to cut the

into that he may destroy you with that

all the Assembly cried out with a loud

voice and praised God who saved them and

trust in him and they arose against the

two elders for Daniel had convicted them

a false witness by their own mouth and

according to the law of Moses as they

did unto them in such sort as they MAOIs

li intended to do to their neighbor and

they put them to death thus the innocent

blood was saved the same day therefore

he Kia and his wife praised God for

their daughter Susanna

with Joachim her husband and all the

kindred because there was no dishonesty

found in her from that day forth Daniel

had a great reputation the sight of the

people and that is the story of Susanna

and I'm sure many of you have probably

never heard that story which is

unfortunate because I feel like now that

wouldn't have been the case you know

several hundred years ago wouldn't be

the case of the early church certainly

wasn't the case for the Jews they would

have definitely known about it whatever

reason you know in the 1800s it was

taken out of our King James Bible so but

the good news is is you can read it from

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podcast for this morning I hope that it

bless you in some way I always love to

hear some of these stories and

especially things that we're not really

familiar with and you know for me it

blesses you know that story blesses me I

really like and really respect both

Susanna and Daniel's response to that

issue and again like I said if you want

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